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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Happy Birthday

    It's my birthday? Oh crap, you're right! I'm so old, I completely forgot!
  3. 2009 Prediction Thread

    Nick's gonna take the title. He even says so himself.
  4. Obama's Inauguration

    Someone reminds me of Hitler, but I'm not sure it's Obama. Good old Dubya isn't as far "north" as I thought he'd be.
  5. How The 2009 Cars Should Have Looked Like Imo

    So, it's just wider, except for the front wing?
  6. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    The "form follows function" side of my brain can't stop drooling over this one.
  7. The Most Beautiful Cars!

    That reminds me of a DBR9.
  8. Bmwtf??

    The bottom one, of course. That new BMW hybrid is The rear wing looks like it's on stilts, and the front wing is going to get knocked off at turn 1, lap 1 half the time.
  9. New And The Best Kimi R

  10. Driver Of The Season - 2008

    I voted for Alonso, whom I don't really care for much, but he's done a great job with a crap car. Vettel was my other vote, of course, especially after that drive in the wet on slicks in Brazil. Just wow.
  11. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    I have not been too impressed with Kimi for the last several races It's like he's lost the will to race, only to get it back once there are ten laps left.
  12. Driver Of The Day-italian Gp

    My favorite race of the year so far.
  13. Why Bother

    It doesn't have anything to do with him nor any other driver. I just don't want to see my favorite tracks neutered and I don't want an F1 where stewards pour over every twitch of the wheel with a fine-tooth comb to scour for infractions that they can penalize in any way, shape, or form.
  14. Why Bother

    Heh, I paused the DVR and deleted this race without even watching it through to the end. For some reason, and I have no idea why, I have no desire to even see the rest of the season. Between the BS from the stewards and the threats to "sanitize" spa, I'm starting to find the idea of watching ALMS more appealing. When I watched F1 in the late 80's, it was spectacular. Sparks everywhere, hair-raising circuits... I dunno, for some reason I just can't get into it as much now. They've neutered all my favorite tracks, and I don't find any of the drivers appealing.
  15. A Sad Day For All The Racing World

    R.I.P. Phil.
  16. F1: Turbo Era Car Versus 2007 V8 Winglets Era Car

    Sometimes I can tell who started a thread just by reading the topic. This was one of those times.
  17. Gtr Beaten!!!!

    Maybe the safety equipment was nitrous oxide injection and a gutted interior.
  18. Lewis Blows 400 K On Plates

    Dinner plates?
  19. Cav Would Love This...

    I think maybe Kimi didn't see the red light until the last second and had to swerve to the left to avoid hitting Kubi. Perhaps if he had stopped behind Kubi, Hamilton would have had an "escape route". The Hammy would've run the red light and had to do a penalty. Who knows.
  20. Goodbye

    Don't worry. No one who posts a "goodbye" thread really wants to leave. If they wanted to leave, they'd just stop posting and not return. The point of a goodbye thread is to get talked out of it, and to stir sympathy. I have yet to see anyone on any forum who posted a goodbye thread actually leave. Sometimes they leave for a week, but they always come back after "thinking about it".
  21. Bmw M1 Concept

    Yeah I like that too, but I'd prefer it all one color. They had an all-white one on a TV show the other night, and it was really nice looking.
  22. Bmw M1 Concept

    Just placed my order.
  23. Bmw M1 Concept

    Not crazy about the wheels on the M1 concept. If Spiderman had a car, this would be it. All it needs is the red/blue paint scheme and some black webbing.
  24. Who Will D C Crash Into?

    I would vote, but there doesn't seem to be a selection for "all of the above".
  25. Massa Speaks

    I like him better than Ralf...