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  1. Maybe he wanted to be more like me? Anyway, I'm loving this season so far.
  2. It's my birthday? Oh crap, you're right! I'm so old, I completely forgot!
  3. Nick's gonna take the title. He even says so himself.
  4. Someone reminds me of Hitler, but I'm not sure it's Obama. Good old Dubya isn't as far "north" as I thought he'd be.
  5. So, it's just wider, except for the front wing?
  6. The "form follows function" side of my brain can't stop drooling over this one.
  7. The bottom one, of course. That new BMW hybrid is The rear wing looks like it's on stilts, and the front wing is going to get knocked off at turn 1, lap 1 half the time.
  8. I voted for Alonso, whom I don't really care for much, but he's done a great job with a crap car. Vettel was my other vote, of course, especially after that drive in the wet on slicks in Brazil. Just wow.
  9. I have not been too impressed with Kimi for the last several races It's like he's lost the will to race, only to get it back once there are ten laps left.
  10. It doesn't have anything to do with him nor any other driver. I just don't want to see my favorite tracks neutered and I don't want an F1 where stewards pour over every twitch of the wheel with a fine-tooth comb to scour for infractions that they can penalize in any way, shape, or form.
  11. Heh, I paused the DVR and deleted this race without even watching it through to the end. For some reason, and I have no idea why, I have no desire to even see the rest of the season. Between the BS from the stewards and the threats to "sanitize" spa, I'm starting to find the idea of watching ALMS more appealing. When I watched F1 in the late 80's, it was spectacular. Sparks everywhere, hair-raising circuits... I dunno, for some reason I just can't get into it as much now. They've neutered all my favorite tracks, and I don't find any of the drivers appealing.
  12. I tell people the very same thing!! I dunno... I think there is some truth to every joke. That's what makes them funny.
  13. Hmm, in Canada she might, but I think all her American friends are married or otherwise spoken for.
  14. Me and the wife at a music festival up in Toronto a few weeks ago: This was the bus we rode on: My wife (left) and her friend Kelly.
  15. I live in the US, but my grandparents (on my mom's side) were from Thessaloniki. I've only been back once, but I hope to visit again soon.
  16. German Sheperds are awesome! Hmm, your info on the left says you're in Greece. I'm half Greek!
  17. You always have a girl with you who looks like one of the girls in your sig.
  18. I'm probably old enough to be both your dad. I somehow managed this lovely thing to marry me: Lucky me.
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