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  1. Vettel To Ferrari?

    I'd love to see Vettel in a Ferrari. Alonso, not so much.
  2. Hamilton's Helmet

    Well someone better write in to Speed, because they've been repeating the "So dad could see me story" quite often. But either way, it's not like Senna's still driving and we're going to get them confused. At least he sticks with a helmet design and doesn't change it every time the wind changes direction.
  3. Schumacher Weighs In On Safety Car Rule

    I'm not crazy about the rule either. So what if the drivers speed around to grab a pit stop - they're speeding anyway! Just keep a local yellow near any crash site and let the drivers pit if they need to.
  4. They Finally Arrived!

    Thanks. I've gotten a lot more done. I need to take more pics, but I'll wait til I get all the billboards up. Plus, I need to get more track! My order STILL is not in yet!
  5. They Finally Arrived!

    Now I just have to build my circuit! 18,000 RPM of fun! I'm still undecided on my track layout, but I want something with both fast and slow sections. Maybe this one: Or this one: I can't decide! I will however collect more F1 cars. I think a Williams is next, then maybe a BMW. We'll see.
  6. They Finally Arrived!

    Ok, got my track table built, but I'm still waiting for more track pieces to arrive in the post. But I've put down a temp track using the pieces I have, and although boring (short tracks always are) I've gotten to run most of my cars on it. The Ferrari is FAST, especially with the silicon tires out back. I also managed to get my under/overpass built.
  7. Yet Another B* All Time List Of Gp Drivers.

    I think a "who are your favorite drivers" list would be more entertaining.
  8. They Finally Arrived!

  9. They Finally Arrived!

    Thanks David. I have a track layout program on my home PC that actually uses the exact pieces that are available to build the track with. You can punch in your existing track inventory, and when you finish your layout it'll tell you exactly how many of your pieces you used, and what additional ones you need to buy. Very useful!
  10. They Finally Arrived!

    That exists! Though my buddy is wanting to get it (that and the Honda - obviously he's not current with the 07 results!) Hah! And I don't even like guns! The track shape is kind of dictated by my available space. Especially now that I've mounted the urethane tires. They aren't the same car though. Flip them over and they look completely different, probably so the body can match up properly. I'm just glad I got the "Kimi" Mclaren and not the "Juan" one. Never did like that guy, heh.
  11. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Alain Prost-the Maestro

  13. Another Type Of Racing

    My buddy recently got re-interested in a hobby from years gone by - SLOT CARS! He has the large 1/32 scale ones that are very detailed, and I recently bought one to go race with him on his track at home. These things FLY! And last night we took some pics. (The Cytomax Jaguar is mine, the rest are his) And yes, they do have F1 cars, and I'll be ordering a pair soon (they have Renaults, Ferraris, McLarens, Hondas, Red Bulls, STRs, and a bunch of vintage F1 models. Now I have to build a track in my basement so we can have an alternate circuit for when his wife kicks us out.
  14. Another Type Of Racing

    They do have layouts for many different F1 circuits, thought they're not always very exact. Here's one of the Suzukas I found: But you can get a lot more track packed into your available real estate by doing your own layout on the track layout program. It even gives you a printable "shopping list" of track parts. Here are a few circuits I made:
  15. Paul Frere

    Damn... I used to love his columns in Road & Track.
  16. Another Type Of Racing

    Holy crap. We went to a race tonight - just got home. The guy's place was AMAZING! There were around 16 people there, and he had 3 HO scale tracks and a HUGE 1/32 track. The main straight was close to 30 feet in length. Four lanes. We had a few hours of racing and I DID NOT come in dead last! I need serious upgrades though. My car lacks straight line speed, and I need silicone tires. Too much fun!!
  17. James Allen Of Itv Commentary

    This thread makes me thankful that we get Bob Varsha and David Hobbs here in the states.
  18. A "bug" In The New Ecu?

    So now this begs the question, now that the "bug" has been found, will they remove it, or just hide it better? I want in-car cams pointed at the McLaren drivers' steering wheels so we can see what buttons they're pushing during launch.
  19. A "bug" In The New Ecu?

    I think you mean, "get rid of drive by wire".
  20. Who Cares About Lewis When You Can Oogle This...

    Eh, she doesn't do it for me. I mean, those are good pics and all (as photo-retouched as they may be) but I think I'm fine with her just being a driver, if that makes any sense.
  21. Dennis Splits With Wife...

    I think maybe yours will be the only one
  22. A "bug" In The New Ecu?

    This is a perfect example of the open source vs proprietary argument. When you have a closed source system with only one company working on it (like Windows), you have a limited set of "eyes" that can check for "bugs", and such bugs are easily snuck into the code. When you have an open source system, everyone is free to examine the code (like Linux), and "bugs" are much easier to find and fix, because you have many more sets of "eyes" looking things over. Now the question is, will this "bug" be removed, or will it just be hidden better?
  23. This Environmental Thing

  24. Feliz Cumplea

    Happy belated!
  25. Ott?

    They sure used the most unflattering pic of Ron Dennis that they could find!