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  1. Omg!

    That didn't take long either!
  2. Happy Birthday

    Wolves! (non-petable) More here And here's a video I shot of the racket the dogs make!
  3. Happy Birthday

    Petting zoo! sloth! goats! Ack! Bison Bunnies! Leopard Gecko!
  4. Happy Birthday

    Ok, got some pics uploaded. Here are some pics of the dogsled ride: This is the rig they use when the snow is not deep enough for the sled: Doggies!
  5. Happy Birthday

    Thanks everyone. Just got home a few hours ago. My wife came up with a great surprise, which I was totally in the dark about, literally until the last minute. She told me to pack warm clothes, and after loading up the car, she punched the destination into the GPS and I just started driving. It wasn't until the last few miles that I could tell where we were headed. We went to this place, where we had massages, a hut tub, a swim in the pool, followed by some great food. This morning I had to get up early to do some dog sledding, then we got to to check out their indoor zoo, which was fun because we both love animals. Pics to follow, once we get unpacked.
  6. I thought Irvine won that race.
  7. Super Bowl

    While I feel bad for Eric that his team lost, I thought it was a great game. A real nail-biter. I like close games, and this one was just that. It was anyone's game right up until the very end. I saw it at a friend's house, and one of the guys there was a serious NY fan. When they caught the first TD pass, he jumped out of his chair so fast that he pulled a muscle in his leg, and he was almost down for the count! Both teams fought hard though. They both deserved to win, but there can be only one I suppose.
  8. Conjugal Harmony

    rofl... Stabberella
  9. Conjugal Harmony

    Somehow that seems like it might be NSFW. I'll check from home tonight.
  10. For God's Sake Take Off That Helmet!

    Back in those days, you could see the drivers' faces peering through their open-face helmets. When the helmets/cars/etc hide the driver, it's nice to be able to tell one from his team mate at a glance, without having to look for the number on the car (assuming you can see the number in the camera shot) and remember which number belonged to whom. Personalized helmets are one of my favorite parts of F1. It's like a driver's signature. The design should reflect some part of his personality. Changing it based on sponsors kind of ruins the whole idea.
  11. For God's Sake Take Off That Helmet!

    [quote name='Autumnpuma' post='237617' date='Jan 28 2008, 06:54 PM']A driver's helmet should be the livery and personal standard of the driver; a design to be kept throughout the driver's career regardless of team or sponsor.[/quote] I could not agree more. I think I complained along these lines in the thread containing nando's new helmet pic
  12. Boy, Talk About Dumb.

    Evan Rachel Wood. She's freakin' gorgeous.
  13. Boy, Talk About Dumb.

    If so, it doesn't seem to affect his love life. Look at what he successfully banged: Heh, we should all be so lucky.
  14. Ah, Romance....

    U2 - All I Want is You
  15. Forced Exam

  16. Finally Official... Alonso To Renault

    I hate the way that drivers change their helmets to match the color schemes of whatever car they drive. I remember back in the days... Senna's helmet was Senna's helmet, no matter what team he drove for.
  17. Boy, Talk About Dumb.

  18. Boy, Talk About Dumb.

    The guy must have been half nuts to try something like that in the first place.
  19. Super Test Driver

    That's some funky livery
  20. Favorite Type Of Crisps?

    None of the above. I don't eat that stuff.
  21. I'm Buying A Bmx

    I have a few mountain bikes, but no BMX for me. I like my bones unbroken
  22. New Weird Nose Cone Proposition/solution ?!

    Interesting, but seems easy for other teams to copy. But maybe the point is just to get more downforce within the current rules, rather than to have a one-up on the other teams.
  23. 16-0 Er..............18-1

    I'm American and I don't know what he's talking about either.
  24. Mclarens Problems Hamilton's Fault?

    No and No. Heh.
  25. Do You Play Any Instrument?

    Does skinflute count?