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  1. The Lesser Known... :d

    Nick has good taste in cars!!
  2. Briatore Is To Wed.

    To quote pabloh20 (specifically, the comment he made when I posted pics of me and my wife), "There's hope for all men".
  3. Days Of Downforce And Aero Efficiency

    I love the look of that Williams FW07! Very clean lines!
  4. Fia's Veredict In Full

    The important part:
  5. The Hydroptere - France's Flying Yacht

    That thing is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Don't You Just Hate Heathrow Airport!!!!

    I don't hate any particular airport, but I do have a bit of a disdain for Air Canada. Since my wife is Canadian and I'm American, I've had to use them many times, and have mostly resorted to either taking another airline to Buffalo, then renting a car for the rest of the trip, or just driving the whole 9.5 hour thing from here. Anything but AC. My worst airport experience: My first time flying to Toronto to meet my wife (who was yet to be my wife at that time), I booked an AC flight from Baltimore. When booking the flight online, I asked what form of ID I would need. I was told, a photo ID, and either a passport or a copy of my birth certificate. I said, "A COPY, not the original?" and she said, "Yes, that will do". So I arrive at the airport, and - you guessed it - they would not let me board with a "copy". So I phoned Air Canada over the phone to complain, and of course they said, "No one here would have ever told you that!" So I asked if they could put me on the next flight the following morning... "Sure, there are ten seats open" the agent said. "Good" I said. "I'll take one." I said. "Ok, you're booked. And that'll go on the same credit card?" "Ummmm, yeah. Out of curiosity, how much extra is it?" I asked. Keep in mind, this was a $200 flight each way. After some *clickety click* on his keyboard, he finally responded. "Twelve hundred and fifty dollars" "Ummmm, WHAT? $1250 dollars?!?!?! But it's a $200 flight!!" "Sorry, short notice" So I explain to him, "Look, you have ten empty seats. It's 9pm. You aren't going to sell ten seats for $1250 a pop by tomorrow morning. If you charge me, say, $50 extra, I'll probably take it, and you'll fill a seat. If not, I'm just going to take a credit for the seat and you're not going to make any extra money at all" "Sorry, no can do" Needless to say, I refused. So I walked over to the Southwest desk, and put myself on standby for the next flight to Buffalo, where I planned to rent a car and drive to Toronto. "The flight is booked, but there's always a chance" the agent said. So I took it. When I got to the gate, the attendant told me that they were missing 8 people, so I had a good chance of making it, because there was apparently a huge jam on the highway, and they didn't plan on holding the plane. Then, just as we were about to board, there was a security alert, and they evacuated the entire A, B, and C concourse of the airport and made us go back through security again. This took another 45 minutes, so that allowed some people to make it, and thus I missed the flight by ONE seat. So I went back to the Southwest gate to get my bag, and... I couldn't. Apparently if you go standby, they send your bag off whether you board the plane or not (HUGE security hole there). Since my bag contained my car keys (I've lost keys on planes and in terminals before), I was stuck at BWI, so had to sleep there til my flight the next morning - right under a loudspeaker that made an announcement about parking and taxis every 60 seconds. So I got around 2 hrs of sleep, then had to fly to Buffalo, drive to Toronto, and be up til 3am the next morning at a music show. Boy was I BEAT! That was my worse airport experience ever.
  7. Top Gear - Richard Hammond Drives A Renault R25 F1

    I would have quit after the Formula Renault car.
  8. Will He Come Back???

  9. This Is Just Wrong, Now More Insanity

    Great, and they're coming to my state next week to attend a "peace conference". I expect protesters.
  10. 2,000 Members!!

    Don't wish for too many! I'm a member of two other forums, one with over 50,000 members, and the other with over 90,000, and it gets to be a real shemozzle. You can make a post, and 20 minutes later it's on page 2. You click "View new posts" and you get three pages of new posts to sort through. I like a tf1-size forum much better.
  11. Pics Of U!

    I tell people the very same thing!! I dunno... I think there is some truth to every joke. That's what makes them funny.
  12. Pics Of U!

    Hmm, in Canada she might, but I think all her American friends are married or otherwise spoken for.
  13. Pics Of U!

    Me and the wife at a music festival up in Toronto a few weeks ago: This was the bus we rode on: My wife (left) and her friend Kelly.
  14. Marriage And Relationships

    Are you Married/ have you been married? Yes, I'm married. Are you happily married? Most certainly. Ever regretted it? Not for a minute. Did you look for someone to marry, or did you find the man/ woman of your dreams? Met her by chance. Or did you just settle for something, when you thought you were onto a good thing? Nah... I waited til I was 40. Would have waited forever if I hadn't found the right person.
  15. Michael Schumacher Sets The Pace Straight Away

    Errr, I've forgotten now... Oh yeah! I was talking about MS. Some of those pics make him look... well, whatever the reverse of cross-eyed is. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  16. Michael Schumacher Sets The Pace Straight Away

    Not like that! Eyes are supposed to focus on the object at which you're looking. Unless, of course, one is blind (or the person has taken too many blows to the head).
  17. Michael Schumacher Sets The Pace Straight Away

    On a side note, does anyone else find it spooky the way his eyes sort of point in 2 different directions?
  18. Michael Schumacher In F2007

    Maybe Michael will come out of retirement and challenge Kimi at Ferrari.
  19. Funny F1 Pictures

    lol, they looked like someone ripped one.
  20. Funny F1 Pictures

    What's wrong with an aussie accent? I think they're hot on women. I think my favorite accent on a woman is maybe Scottish or Irish, followed by British and aussie. Yum!
  21. Lewis On Top Gear This Weekend.

    I loved the episode where Button drove the RPC. "I've never driven a car where it feels like the back end is not connected to the front".
  22. Rating F1 Drivers

    Heh, I tried to add alternating row colors, but it wasn't too keen on that.
  23. Rating F1 Drivers

    Lemme give it a try... Driver 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 Alonso 22.8 37.8 33.6 14.8 14 2 Barrichello 2 -2 -1.4 13.8 10 11.4 1.2 Button -0.8 19.2 16.4 24 6.4 0.8 -6.6 Coulthard 0.8 1.8 9.8 0.8 3.2 8.2 19 Fisichella 1.2 3.4 4.6 12.4 3.4 4.4 8.6 Heidfeld 14.2 6.6 5.6 4.6 2.2 2.4 3.4 M Schumacher 31.2 21.4 38.6 21.6 32.8 34.6 Massa 13.8 9 8.2 -5.6 Montoya 4.2 14 15.6 17.4 14 8.2 R Schumacher 2 6 7 4.8 11.6 4.4 7.8 Raikkonen 27 17 21.4 13 25.2 4.8 0.8 Sato 5.8 4 -8.8 -0.2 -0.4 -2.6 Trulli 0.6 1 10.6 10.2 3.6 3.8 3.4 Villeneuve -1.6 -4.2 -2 -0.8 0.8 5.4 Webber 4 5.4 8.2 8.4 8.4 4.4 How'd I do?
  24. Schumacher Shines In Motogp Test

    Good to see he's having some fun.
  25. Kimis New Bike

    Awesome looking bike, but I can't imagine riding in that position!