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  1. Appeal Date Set...

    If there are any penalties, they should be in WCC points only, not in WDC points. How would you like to be the guy who wins the championship like that? Always an asterisk next to you name.
  2. Human Error After All...

    I think the difference between Kimi's button and Hammy's button is what comes out of the drink tube!
  3. 2007 Brazillian Grand Prix Thread

    Regardless of what that thread says, every single website I check has Kimi confirmed as 2007 WDC.
  4. 2007 Brazillian Grand Prix Thread

    Wow... what a race! I was off on my 2nd anniversary celebration, with no internet access, and I had around a 3.5 hr drive to get home tonight to watch the race on DVR. First, I got p**sed when the NASCAR truck race ran over, and sure enough, the last 30 seconds of Q3 got cut off, so I had to watch the beginning of the race to see how the grid ended up. Buy man oh man, what a nail biter! I'm glad Kimi pulled it out. He deserved it.
  5. Interlagos Practice And Qualifying

    This weekend is my wedding anniv. It'll be quite a chore to avoid F1 news until I can get home and watch the race on tape.
  6. Scoring System

    You beat me to silliest reply in this thread. Damn!!
  7. If Lewis Wins

    I just envisioned a great scenario while on the toilet a few minutes ago. Alonso qualifies on pole, Hamilton second. Ferrari 2nd row. The race starts, and Hamilton pulls a Senna, taking himself and Alonso out at the first corner. Massa wins his home GP. Kimi finishes 2nd to clench the WDC by one point.
  8. Ferrari's Magic Gas!

    Helium! Reduces weight too!
  9. If Lewis Wins

    I'd like Kimi to win, but I have a feeling Lewis will.
  10. The Most Bizarre Day In Nascar

    I had no idea that Toyota was even in NASCAR... That's awesome!!
  11. Pics Of U!

    I live in the US, but my grandparents (on my mom's side) were from Thessaloniki. I've only been back once, but I hope to visit again soon.
  12. Fiarrari Strikes Again! Hamilton Under Investigation

    If I was the fan that shot that video, I'd have 32,768 copies of it up on youtube and every other video service that I could find. It wasn't an in-car cam shot, it was a video a FAN shot. Sheesh! He should be charging the FIA for the use of it!
  13. Pics Of U!

    German Sheperds are awesome! Hmm, your info on the left says you're in Greece. I'm half Greek!
  14. Pics Of U!

    We have kittayz
  15. How F1 Should Be!

    Pity that Bernie has had it pulled already.
  16. Japanese 2007 Race Thread

    Doesn't help if there's a delayed start (like a red flag restart for example).
  17. How F1 Should Be!

    Pretty good battle, especially considering how horribly bad Massa usually is in the rain.
  18. Japanese 2007 Race Thread

    Ugh, my DVR cut off on the penultimate lap. I need to adjust my settings to record 20 min or so past the end of races, in case of rain.
  19. Speeding

    Actually, the whole "school zone" thing was just to get the pubic to accept the cameras without much protest. After all, how could anyone not care about the safety of the children? But once they were approved, the floodgates were open, and since they're mounted in vans, they can be set up anywhere, and they now are. I always ask, "If they want people to slow down, then why do they hide the cameras/police car?" The answer typically being, "Because if people saw them, then they'd slow down" Gotta love the logic behind that answer.
  20. Speeding

    That's by design. We grow up driving on roads where we're encouraged to believe that the speed limit can be "bent". So at any given time, around 85-90% of all drivers are over the posted limit by some amount. So, whenever a local government needs cash, it's just a matter of putting a radar gun anywhere and pick people off. I'm not talking about the crazy 60mph in a 25 zone people, mind you. They need to be caught. But we're at a point where there's no distinction between them and the people who are driving safely, other than the dollar amount of the fine. And when you get caught, they'll say, "You broke the law, now quit whining" when in fact the point of the law was to generate as many violators as possible. Ugh, I said I wasn't going to get into this, and here I go.
  21. Speeding

    Oh no... this is one subject I'm not getting into again. I have a bit of experience in this area due to my job, and it's a very sore subject around the office. Let's just say that as far as speed cameras go in the US, I have yet to see one report about them increasing safety where the data has not been cherry-picked to support any result that allows local governments to keep raking in the cash from the cameras. Our county promised that the cameras would only be in < 30mph school zones. But there's already one in the 40 zone in my town, where there is no school. Why? Because no one was speeding past the school, so the camera made $0. So they had to move it to where it would be able to pay for itself. Does it nab people? Not many, because now people hang a right before they get to it and zoom through my neighborhood. That sure makes things safer... NOT. If ever a kid gets run down by a cut-through driver the sheet is going to hit the fan.
  22. Lewis Vs Alonso: Driving Styles

    It looks to me like they were dead even until they got to the parabolica, then Alonso pulled ahead. I think Alonso had a better entrance to that turn.
  23. Who Would You Like To Replace Alonso?

    Jenson. He's gotten the short end of the stick for too long. The new kids will have their chance.
  24. Happy Birthday, Shampion!

    Happy birthday, one with the cool avatar. And speaking of avatars, Katy... yours looks hot. Best one yet IMO.
  25. My Political Views

    My opinion is that if you were to utilize paragraph breaks, your posts would be easier to read.