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  1. Death Penalty, Right Or Wrong? Your Views

    It's unfortunate that it doesn't work that way. If it did, places that had a death penalty would have a great reduction in crimes that were punishable by death, and they don't. But then there's this guy, who didn't commit a crime at all, yet he's sentenced to death. Yeah... really fair to execute a person who didn't commit the crime he's being executed for. I'm sure that's a great deterrent - for something.
  2. Pics Of U!

    You always have a girl with you who looks like one of the girls in your sig.
  3. The Great Family Teams In F1

    The Schumachers, lol. You mean the Schumacher.
  4. Spyker Shows B-spec Car

    I'm looking forward to seeing it in action. It can't be any worse than the current Spyker.
  5. Ralf S Rings Torro Rosso

    +1, otherwise he may face the embarrassment of being outpaced by yet another team mate. Poor Ralf. His brother got all the good driving genes, and there was nothing left for him.
  6. What Would F1 Cars Be Like If...

    Then it would turn into a programming/hacking contest.
  7. What Would F1 Cars Be Like If...

    I often find myself wondering what F1 cars would be like, and how fast they'd be, if there were no limitations. Well, maybe not no limitations, because then you might end up with low-flying aircraft, or remote-control cars or something. But say back in the early 80's, when the turbo cars were popular, rather than banning them or trying to make the cars slower, they only changed rules concerning the construction of the car to protect the driver. So ground effects, turbos, everything else, was still legal. How fast would modern F1 cars be using rules that were in place in 1980, and adding the past 27 years of technical development?
  8. Your F1 Car

    For me the question should be, "What F1 car would you wreck if you were given the chance?" I guess maybe I'd pick something like a Minardi, so I could blame my inevitable lack of pace on the car.
  9. Car Or Driver

    I'm sure this must have been asked before, but a search turned up nothing, so I'll give it a go. We've all seen great or promising drivers (Alesi, Sutil, even Senna) languish in uncompetitive cars, but we've also seen great drivers (Alesi and Senna again) do great things in lethargic cars. So, will a great driver pull out a fantastic performance in a slow car, or will a mediocre driver repeatedly pull podiums out of the best car on the grid?
  10. Death Penalty, Right Or Wrong? Your Views

    It's an interesting subject. I guess in my personal opinion, I think it would be better off abolished. I don't think it's much of a deterrent at all, and I think its primary function is to exact a sort of revenge on the criminal to whom it's administered. Regardless of how many appeals there are, there's still a chance that an innocent person will be executed. In my country (the US) the death penalty is also applied unevenly with regards to race. That is, if you're a black person, you have a much higher chance of getting the death penalty than a white person who committed the same crime. I've read that it's also expensive to implement. If it were an effective deterrent, then maybe I could see the use in it, but since it's not, I don't think having a revenge-based punishment is a good thing for a society.
  11. Kubi Is Not Too Happy!

    I half agree with Kubi. Take the TC away, but put the V-10s and slicks back. That would make up for the difference.
  12. Most Popular Drivers According To Yahoo

    Fins are very tech savy, thus they've figured out how to vote twice for their guy.
  13. Army Vehicles [pics + Film]

    Sometimes I think about having advanced military equipment like that, and then going back in time to like, WWII or even WWI, and "surprising" the bad guys when they try to invade someone.
  14. Pics Of U!

  15. Some More Good News!

    In order for people to think you had a "new" girlfriend, it supposes that you had an old girlfriend at one time. Congrats on the university.
  16. Coulthard Said Penalty Inconsistent

    Maybe because the Ferrari shemozzle was an accident, while McLaren's was on purpose.
  17. Pics Of U!

    I'm probably old enough to be both your dad. I somehow managed this lovely thing to marry me: Lucky me.
  18. Low Profile Tyres

    Good question rodders! It's something I never really though of before now.
  19. Pics Of U!

    Not a bad pic at all.
  20. Old Car Lovers

    Not exactly.
  21. I think the old gf was cuter.
  22. Favorite Type Of Cheese?

    Cheddar - the sharper the better.
  23. Rule Clarification

    It's team orders for sure, but illegal? I dunno, I thought that was only during the race that they cared.
  24. Ayrton Senna

    My eyes... MY EYES!!!
  25. Noob Senna Question......

    Please don't let my quoted post from Puma's post above mislead you into thinking I'm a huge Senna fan. The quote was part of a larger post.