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  1. Rfactor

    I'm a little short on video hardware, but I could get by on my Win2k partition otherwise. I wonder if it'll run on Wine in Linux.
  2. Rfactor

    Two questions: 1) Is this a PC game or do you need a console like xbox or something? 2) If it's a PC game, I suppose you have to run Windows, so does anyone know which version it needs minimum?
  3. Alonso-renault, Rosberg-mclaren, Fisi-williams?

    Yay for the silly season!
  4. Lewis Trained At The Same School As George Bush?

    They should just back pat him right back then.
  5. Senna. He might try to run someone off the road.
  6. Hypothetical Question : If Alonso Departs From Mclaren...

    I dunno about that. I still think he has the best shot, especially since he's pee'd off.
  7. Who Should Be My Favorite Driver??

    Sorry man, but I'm spoken for,
  8. Who Should Be My Favorite Driver??

    My wife thinks Mark Webber's pretty hot (though what she sees in me is anyone's guess)
  9. Calm Down!!

    Another McLaren thread?!?!?!
  10. Who Is This F1 Driver?

    dead link
  11. Bravo To Af For Getting Even With Lh

    btw, in the past 20 years the qualifying rules have probably changed a dozen times. You can easily have been watching F1 for a long time and not be 100% clear on all the rules. That said, I rather like the current qualifying format. It's quite entertaining.
  12. A Few Questions...not Flippant.

    Your finishing position still counts, even if you're out of the points. If you finish 12th every race, you're listed higher up than someone who finishes 15th every race.
  13. Car Or Driver

    Of course if both cars are equal the better driver will prevail, but stick Alonso in a Spyker and Fisi in a McLaren and see how that goes.
  14. Car Or Driver

    It does seem to be a bit more about the car this year, doesn't it? I think maybe when the difference between the best and worst car on the grid is very small, a great driver can still shine. But if there's a huge difference, like between Spyker and McLaren, then you get what's happening between Lewis and Adrian.
  15. What Made You An F1 Fan?

    I have no idea what exactly got me into it, but at the time I worked construction, and all of my coworkers were pretty serious rednecks who were really into either NASCAR or drag racing. I couldn't get into the ovals, and since I loved driving my car fast on the twisties, I was more interested in road racing. Somehow I found F1 on TV, and started taping it. This was right when Senna joined McLaren, so this was a great time to get into the sport.
  16. Imagine You Were Bernie...

    As long as Spa, Monza, and Monaco are in there, I'm happy.
  17. Happy Birthday Katy H.

    Happy Birthday!
  18. Three Truths, One Lie

    Correct! 3 is the lie.
  19. Three Truths, One Lie

    I'll go. 1) I've been to 9 countries in Europe. 2) I met my wife on the Internet. 3) I was 22 before I ever had a girlfriend 4) I'm over 40 and have never been drunk
  20. Pics Of U!

    You kinda look like Nick Heidfeld.
  21. Flooding

    How old are you?
  22. Flooding

    Sorry about your floods. We could use some of the water where I live. My back yard is brown and crunchy to walk on, and my front yard is even worse. No good rains since we moved in over a month ago.
  23. Flooding

    There's another problem with Ethanol. Disclaimer: This is all a vague recollection from a seminar I attended, so don't quote me on it 100%, but it conveys the general idea. As Ethanol use increases, more land is needed to grow the corn used to make it. Apparently, this is now causing less sweet corn (the kind we eat) to be grown, and more field corn (the kind they make Ethanol out of) to be grown. As this trend continues, the prices of food that contain corn (and LOTS of things contain corn) goes up, while the availability of said foods declines. (Even if you make Ethanol out of sweet corn, that's still corn taken from the food supply). If it comes to a fight between food and fuel, fuel will always win, because people who drive cars ultimately have more money than people who are starving to death. IMO, electric cars are the future, because there are many ways to generate electricity. And electric cars can still be fast, without really producing emissions on their own. Sure you make pollution to build the car, but you do that with any car. You make pollution when you create the electricity, but not of you do it using solar, wind, hydro, etc. If the cars are zero emissions, then you only have to find a clean way to generate the power, which is less work than cleaning up the power AND the cars.
  24. Flooding

    And centuries ago, they thought that the earth was flat. So, since they were wrong then, we must be wrong now, because science never progresses.