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  1. Picture Of Horrific F1 Accident

    The key to this f1 accident was button of course!!!
  2. Villeneuve Confirmed For Bmw-sauber 2006

    Why is this even here!!! Ahhhh!! Jacques is going to replace Kubica!! BMW-SAUBER have finally seen the light! Finally. Go jacques go!!
  3. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    You have certainly proved you don't practise your parents ideas concerning morals and values!! Are you saying you disagree with freedom of oppression?? I wonder how you would feel if you were living in North Korea, or China ,or the many other countries that oppress their citizens? Are you saying that someone who believes in democratic values such as freedom of oppression, freedom of speech,freedom from ignorance as you have proved to pocess is wrong? I can only hope that your children don't hold your values!! Oh yes. Before i forget!! Heil kenneth!!! You bigot!! As proven here you stand alone with your principles. sick ba####d!
  4. Ode To The Humble Lewis Hamilton

    Are you for real? I have never heard so much B.S. You definitly need to seek some professional help!!! Not only are you a racist but you are also mentally impaired. All countries have an immagration policy that enables people from all over the world to immagrate to countries that hold the idea of freedom from oppression. Your comments towards people with disabilities is also very demeaning, but not to the people you're talking about, but to yourself. To express yourself in this manner shows not only are you ignorant but also truly flawed in your thinking process. Your parents must be very proud of the ignorant son they have raised. I wish you luck in your very shallow life, and god help us if you ever have children!! What a loser!!!
  5. Jackie Stewart V Max Mosley

    Only sheer ignorance by Ferrari fans will say that the FIA and Mosley have not been biased towards other teams and the enforcement of rules. Mosley has been an insult to F1 for years and it's time he left. Maybe Ferrari can offer him a job in the front office. Jackie Stewart has acomplished a lot to improve safety in the sport. Name one good thing Mosley has done for the sport. Mosley's only acomplishment to the sport is to make it more political and to take the fun away from the fans and drivers. His days are numbered and i hope Jackie continues being himself even though he may dress funny!!!
  6. Your Favorite Laugh So Far This Season

    Max Mosley!!!! His time has come and gone!!!! Please, someone save F1!!!
  7. All-time Most Unsporting F1 Champion

    The all time unsporting driver that was so blatant to see was Schmucker, Schmuker,Schmucker, Schmucker, Schmucker, Schmucher, Schmucker!!!i believe that's all!!! Sooooo happy he's history lets move on!!!
  8. Behaviour Here

    sk you don't have to put up with $hit!!!you have the right to sign in here and read what people have to say!!you also have the right not to if you feel offended!!get over yourself!!!hahaha!!
  9. Behaviour Here

    maybe someone should create a site were people who are worried about sexual inuendo or everyday swear words aren't used. it could be called total f1,the politically correct site for those who are looking for clean debate!!! this forum is nothing but .....nothing!!!
  10. what a load of crap!!!there is no evidence yet to prove your allegation,and ferrari has a hope in hell of winning either of the championships.keep living the memory of the schmucker!!!
  11. Hamilton is a wmd! He is slowly bringing down team spirit with his arrogance that continues to show each and every race. Alonso may just give him enough rope to hang himself!! Alonso is smart enough not to seek revenge but get even!!
  12. So true. Just another automaton which describes Mclaren's team philosophy!!
  13. I totally agree with a lot of what you have said from what i've read. In my opinion Hamilton's helmet has been getting a little bigger looking in the car and believes he's the favorite of the team. He does have to remember he is there for the team as much as they are there for him. Since Monaco he has caused a lot of the controversy that has occured in the press and on the team. Maybe i'm wrong, but to go against a team stategy that has been set out shows his lack of team respect and a whole lot of immaturity.
  14. It's interesting to note that through the comments made by the team principle in relation to this weekends fiasco, Alonso seems to be more of a team player than Hamilton, and let me also say, if someone does not follow the rules set out in his/her emplyment, they will be reprimanded just as Hamilton was through the media by the teams principle. Hamilton showed his true colors this weekend and it's no wonder as quoted by Alonso, nobody on the team is talking to Hamilton. Also for Hamilton to tell the team principle not to do that f**king again to him continues to show the growing arogance he has in himself[another schmuker,god help us].
  15. Hakkinnen Says Shumi Could Return!

    Yah! In his own mind. Glad he's gone The best thing to happen to F1
  16. Bahrain Saturday Practice And Qualifying

    thanks cav!!!!!tv...did have f1 on star sports in english.
  17. Bahrein Quali Live On Eurosport Fr

    hey there!it was suggested to use ...cast for f1 but i have yet to find anything to help
  18. Bahrein Quali Live On Eurosport Fr

    if i were in canada it would be get ,but i'm not. i'm in japan and took someones advice about ...cast but unsure of were to go from there.any help would be great
  19. Bahrein Quali Live On Eurosport Fr

    I was wondering if it's broadcasted in english? If not any suggestions?
  20. If you could send to me as well,i'd appreciate it. Thanks
  21. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    HaHaHaHa! I don't think so! Bush may be stupid, but he's not that stupid.
  22. Where On Earth Did You Come From?

  23. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    I couldn't agree more! Great post!
  24. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    I checked it out, and they are being held by the U.S. military.