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  1. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    Hey you may be correct yourself! I understood it as the Americans holding them.
  2. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    You can't even send in the A-team if you don't know where they're being held
  3. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    How can there be an exchange? Britain isn't holding any Iranian prisoners. Britian has to have something to trade. It is the U.S. that has the 5 Iranians in custody. Do you believe the U.S. would trade their prisoners for the British prisoners? Doubtful under the American premise of not negotiating with terrorists.
  4. Iran Captures 15 British Sailors

    Random House Webster's Dictionary ISBN O-345-38337-0 Now I quote "generalization"
  5. The Jv-bar, Jv-bmw Effect...

    Is your head in the sand?J.V. has helped to develope all the teams he's been with,except Renault. He only had three races with them and he was only just getting back into a car. As for BMW, he helped the team a lot throughout testing and most of the season. JV has a great talent when it comes to getting the most out of a car, and he can't be held responsible for the manufactured weaknesses of a ride. JV proved himself as a competent driver for BMW and was faster more often compared to his team mate. All I can say inrespect to JV's relationship with Mario Frikin Theissen, Jacq never had a chance. He was out before he was in!!
  6. New F1s Vs Indy/champ Car

    I'm so glad to hear that. gIRL should never be talked about in any forum except gIRL forums, not here.
  7. Ctrl300????

    I would say you need to review the facts. As i mentioned earlier, read Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward. It's a very interesting read.
  8. Ctrl300????

    Because your knowledge is limited to the facts of G.W.'s war and what strength the congress has,I would say that your comments have no merit. It would be an interesting read for you to hear what all the principles view points were at the time before and just after the war on Iraq began, so before you make an opinion it is best you know what you're talking about. You are also wrong about the abilities of what congress can do, the congress as a whole has much more strength than the president has, and i hope that through further investigations that G.W. is impeached for his abuse of power, and my arguement is all about how the moderators use their power, not G.W.'s.
  9. Ctrl300????

    This was by no means a police action. This was in G.W.'s mind a war on terrorism. G.W. through his speech to congress, Cheny's speech to the Veterans Association, and Powell's speech to the United Nations tried to link Iraq and Al-qeada. This is a war. G.W. stated in his debates in 2000 that the United States doesn't do policing.He also said it is not the responsibility of the U.S. to police other countries or their policies. He also said when the U.S. goes into war, it goes into war to win and that it's the responsibility of the United Nations to do the policing. I suggest you read Plan Of Attack by Bob Woodward to understand the facts of G.W.'s mind set leading up to his little war. Congress can also limit the forces that the president can send and congress also said that they would never attempt to put their forces in jeopardy by reducing funding required to protect them.
  10. Ctrl300????

    I know you were only using G.W as an example, but he used deception and half truths to manipulate the U.S. congress as well as the United Nations. So having the power to do what one wants, the moderators were correct in how it handled the ctrl issue, but at the same time they have also shown bias towards others who have been banned. As it stands now the congress is trying to revoke it's authorization it gave G.W to go to war in Iraq
  11. Ms Offered A Nascar Test

    schmucker may have gotten away with his driving ethics in f1, but he may be just a schumk in nascar. Nascar drivers would use every opprotunity to use their agressive driving skills they posess to schmuk the schmucker. Good riddens schmucker! Oh, and by the way, there were only 3 truly good drivers that were able to take the title away from the chin. JV, Hakkinen, and Alonso.
  12. Ctrl300????

    Cav! I've totally respected your claims as well as supported your arguements. The holier than moderators are never going to answer your questions, nor are they going to give you any kind of satisfaction, so it's kind of like kicking a dead horse. There are many of us that you have seen through other forums that support you. It's the best you're going to get my friend. It's your victory not theirs!
  13. I've Extended The Olive Branch

    I think this will be another forum that will allow cav to continue venting. In the beginning I supported his arguement, but his relentless pursuit of his opinion bored me. He made some great arguements and maybe a lot of us could understand, so i hope this doesn't become more of the same.
  14. Ctrl300????

    Thank you for understanding my opinion
  15. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    Hahahaha! A comedian. When Kimi or the over rated Button win the championship i'll agree with you.Maybe! But until then Kimi nor Button are in the same class as the F1 championship winner JV.
  16. Ctrl300????

    I never mentioned religious view points, but I would say that it was kind of funny that during the ctrl debate and his being banned, and all of a sudden we have a new member whose english ability was questionable. I may be totally wrong but the comments seemed consistant with ctrl's and also it seemed interesting how hotrod's communicative ability improved over a matter of just a few days. If not ctrl, who?
  17. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    At least someone has a personality when they talk about F1. What does the mumbler kimi have to say that is understandable? What does the over rated button have to say? What do most of the yes men have to say? So !!!!
  18. Ctrl300????

    I think we all know he's back under a new name. I believe i mentioned "hotrod" may possibly be an alias. By the way hotrod, how's your english coming along?
  19. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    It's incredibable how often people say the driver needs a car. I have said time and time again that it was the same problem for JV, but all of a sudden everyone has condradicted themselves when it comes to other drivers. Poor kimi, poor button. How can anyone win if they don't have the ride, so for all the negative JV people ! He did what he could with what he had, just like all the others! P.S. Kimi's not going to win the championship ever. Sorry to say!
  20. The Political Compass

    Economic l/r -1.38 Social libertarian / Authoritarian -1.79 A select grow who see life as it should be, and being part of this select group we are the true leaders of the world.
  21. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    In the case of the over rated honda driver,JV has been mostly right. Massa, hummm, he's been doing better, and I think we'll probably see that this year. He's matured a lot and has continuously improved as a driver. I'm happy for him!!
  22. Women In F1

    There are some pretty crappy drivers in f1 such as Crash Sato, Speed, Klien, etc, so i'd say that a Danica Patrick could give them a run for there money. Who cares if it's a male or female driver as long as it creates some excitement to the sport. That's why we watch!
  23. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    I have no doubt this is as much as you can offer. Not very insightful, and I would also like to add, your name doen't live up to the quality of the comments you've posted. Try just a little harder please!
  24. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    JV got into f1 because of his ability to win.He won the CART championship and the Indy500. Williams lost renault engines and were trying to develope a totally new ride and JV did what he could with what he had to drive. It's the same thing when he went to BAR. Get your facts right before spouting off about something you no doubt know little about. You're going to compare the f2002/4 to the ride he had. I think not. to the F1 FANatic. I think it's a wanna be F1 FANatic
  25. Jacques Has An Attack Of The Verbals.....

    What a load of bunk! J.V. has done something a lot of the current drivers haven't done and that's win the championship. As faith had it, when he joined BAR, they were developing the car and it wasn't performing the way they hoped. Not his fault, he did his best with what he had. Like i've always said and believe, if M.S. were driving a minardi he would not have been champion. As for him saying it the way it is, at least someone does. It's better than the company frontmen who believe they deserve to win, but can't perform.