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  1. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    You continue to respond with nothing more than biblical and opinionated rhetoric. One last request. Show facts, not testimonials.Show scientific evIedence to substantiate your claim that homosexuality is a disorder and can be cured, not religious fanatisisms. You continue to rant about nonfacts. SHOW THE PROOF FOR THE LAST TIME! PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE!
  2. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    In respect to your first point, everyone does not believe in jesus or the holy ghost. There are Jahovah witnesses who do not, Muslims who do not and Asisians who do not believe in jesus, and because of the differances we can not consider anything to be one. I never said you had to be intelligent and I certainly never said you had no choice. As for what the bible says it doesn't matter except to those who wish to believe. Your statement that homosexuality is a disorder is not based on fact except interputed opinion and again i ask, please give some proven facts that it is indeed a disorder.I'm not asking for biblical crap, I'm asking for proven scientific fact that homosexuality is a disorder and can be cured. In respect to the rest of your opinion it holds no merit just as hotrod's and shumikoen's. If you want to preach the words of the bible It's ok.I never said it wasn't, but what I do say is do not think or imply it's the truth.
  3. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    You're so right. One thing for sure, there will never be a consensus!
  4. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    I believe you called the disorder, ahhh!Oh I remember. Homosexuality.
  5. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Hey! Don't forget about the tooth feiry, and the easter bunny.
  6. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Logic, It's very refreshing!
  7. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Can you offer a website or any other documented sources to provide 1, just 1 fact that it's a disorder and can be cured. Thank you
  8. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    I believe your English ability has improved too quickly to not be a native speaker, and by the increased use of profanity I'd make a hunch this is ctrl.
  9. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Yes to question 1, yes to question 2 as long as you can understand in what i believe, and question 3, no I can not love you sorry. Maybe ask shumikoen. I believe he's on the same page as you.
  10. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Hot rod! Grammatically you have improved alot in the short time you've been here. I think everyone has had their say on this issue. Whatever your beliefs are, homosexuals are a fact of life and we all need to learn to understand the differences in all people. Straight, gay, muslim, american, it does'nt matter.We all have to live together and appreciate the fact that we are different.
  11. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha!! You continue to avoid the issue you posed. You said that homosexuals have been cured of their sexuality. I asked you to provide facts and not opinion or your bible thumping words. Give us the facts you have to support your opinion. We're waiting!
  12. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Again you provide no facts other than your religous retoric, also your comment makes no sense just as your opinion on the topic of homosexuality. Please provide facts to support your opinion and not the bible. Remember the passages you have qouted are based on your opinion in what they mean, just like any other preacher's.
  13. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    I guess you are unable to offer any facts to support your arguement that homosexuals can be turned into heterosexuals. So i would suggest you stop your bible thumping and research the topic before bringing the falsehoods of the bible into these forums. Remember all the scriptures you presented were your interpetations.
  14. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha! You are hilarious. How can you cure somethiing that is natural, and i'd like you to prove that homosexuality is a disorder, illness, or whatever you want to call it. Please use facts that are proven and not opinions.
  15. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    You're certainly a rightous bible thumper.Are'nt you? I wonder if you can be cured!
  16. Pick Your F1 Track

    How much passing do you see on most f1 tracks, and if a champ car can pass on Laguna seca, f1 cars certainly could.
  17. Pick Your F1 Track

    I've been to Laguna Seca a couple of times for Cart races and it's a great race track. It would be a great track for f1 too!
  18. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Totally agree with you here! Glad to see you back.
  19. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    What if it were your brother or sister? Would you not want him/her to be happy? Would your relationship change? I've had a brother come out and I was not disturbed. At first only a little shocked, but it's his life and he is still my brother, and our relationship did not change.
  20. Hp Or Dell

    I recommend the hp. I've used dell in the past and it sucks compared to my hp.
  21. Anyone Going To A Gp This Year?

    Indy is a little harder to choose. For me in all the Cart races i saw, we always sat 100 feet before the hairpin. Why? You get to see them coming in at top speed with heavy braking and a lot of passing. Where ever you are it won't matter I'm sure because of the infield portion of the race. Maybe anywhere along the straight before the big curve. Have a great time!!
  22. Do You Believe In The Concept Of Destiny?

    I was agreeing with you. Thanks
  23. Jenson's Interim Helmet

    Who cares about his head protection.The question is, can he improve, or is he just an average driver. He's still only won 1 race,so big deal! Jenson will never win the championship.
  24. Do You Believe In The Concept Of Destiny?

    We are the authors of our own story in everything we do. We are going to do things even before we decide, so yes, I believe in destiny.