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  1. I'm Not Perfect

    You're so right that no one person is perfect, and they are only fooling themselves to think they are. As you said, this is an international forum and i believe sensitivity is required to understand the many readers of totalf1. I believe that was what cav was trying to say, but through the insensitive remarks directed to him and others he could not let it ride, and through his persistance in what he believed, he was banned which i believe is wrong. You can with the comments, which i'm sure will come, reverse your decision and remember to, as it was so elequently put, put yourself in the shoes of the people that are insulted. Thank you
  2. Anyone Going To A Gp This Year?

    Does anyone know? I now live overseas and do have satellite tv service and can watch the races, but not in English. Are there any internet locations that will allow me to follow the races live in English? I do have a high speed fiber optic service, and have tried to get Five live out of Britian, but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Anyone Going To A Gp This Year?

    I totally agree with you. I've seen open wheel racing and for 7 years I went to Vancouver to watch Champ car racing. Watching live doen't compare to TV viewing. I look forward to my first F1 race in Japan. I can only imagine how great it'll be!
  4. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    More religous rhetoric! BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!!!!
  5. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    [quote name='Wez' post='168711' date='Jan 26 2007, 08:10 AM']You cant say that... You cant judge a religion on a few hypocrite [email protected] in it. As for my earlier point, Im still very against Homosexuals adopting kids though... Just dont think its fair on the kid!1[/quote] Ahhhhh! Wake up Wez, it has certainly been more than a few. What is not fair to a kid? Have you ever thought that a same sex couple may offer a little more insight in respecting people who are different. I had my son crying in front of me a few years back because the kids in his school were bugging him about looking different. I'm married to a woman from an asian country, and i got angry at the lack of respect the teachers showed towards my son, because they could not take the time to explain to the other kids that all people are different. Maybe you can not accept my arguement and that's ok. My main point here is that because same sex couples are considered different than the norm, they may have a little more insight on how to bring up a child without the air of discrimination towards others. I'm in a position where my wife and i have the ability to teach our son that there are differances in people and those differances offer us a chance to learn and become better people ourselves. Please try to enter the 21st century everyone. We have an opprotunity to improve life without the stigma of being this,that or whatever. Learn to respect. Thank you for your time
  6. Where Do We Stand - Iii

    sorry I meant pumpdoc
  7. Where Do We Stand - Iii

    Actually you backed yourself in a corner for your inability to control ctrl, wez, yourself,and how about the comments made reasently by schumiwhatever. You have all made remarks that were a little callous towards peoples opinions and made it personal. There was no reason to ban cav for sticking up for the beliefs of most the people who just want to debate issues that are important to us all.Are going to ban me to pumpdic.
  8. Anyone Going To A Gp This Year?

    Going to Fuji!!!
  9. Hamilton; Realistic And Confident

    HAHAHAHA! It is funny. One thing though. Went clubbing "on" the weekend. Anyways still funny!
  10. Best Qualifying Lap Ever

    Some of the most interesting qualifying laps for me were in 95/96. J.V. could wait and come out near the end of qualifying and do a flying lap and smoke everyone.
  11. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Absolutely! Makes me want to believe in god. NOT!!!!
  12. Where Do We Stand - Iii

    I would also add that a lot of your comments made, seem...SAD,SAD,SAD!
  13. Where Do We Stand - Iii

    Are you serious?
  14. Where Do We Stand - Iii

    I'm surprised "where do you stand 3" is still open. I half expected to see number 4. Keep making your point cav. There are many in agreement with you.
  15. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Why bother J.R. I'm sure his narrow minded misconceptions of life were brought on by his narrow minded bible. Blow him off, and forget it. He probably thinks it's ok that so many priests involved in the abuse of little alter boys, because it was done in the name of god.
  16. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Can you give any significant or scientific evidence it is not natural. I'm not saying your right or wrong, but you seem very sure that homosexuality is unnatural. I'd be very interested in the facts you know about your statement.
  17. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    I'm going to respond to each of yours. First of all, I'm sure in any culture women write differently than men..On your 2nd pointless remark, my point was not about being rich or poor.My point was it does not matter what econimic situation one might be experiencing, there are the same problems. But what i can say is there are families in worse economic situations that offer a happier enviroment than middle to higher income enviroments. I have to ask my next question.The divorce rate is very high in north america, so how can you say and i qoute"on average gay couples splits up more often than straight couples? You are right that a wealthier"couple"might have a better chance, but what about a wealthier homosexual couple?
  18. Ferrari's Renaissance Man

    I got goosebumps everytime Schumucker tried to take someone out. Yah, he's a great driver
  19. Pick Your Rookie

    It's hard to pick anyone really because no one rookie stands out at this time. Maybe I'm being pessimistic but hey! Who knows, only the future will tell.I tell you all right now.I WISH IT WERE MARCH 18TH.
  20. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    For once maybe you and i agree about something. It is so true that over time the world has changed. If we think of the world of yesterday and it's attitude towards interracial relationships or marriage it has now become the norm. Religion and in fact society couldn't stop the evolution of people, but i'll argue your point about about being poor and being gay. There are many hetrosexual relationships that are poor and provide a stable enviroment for children, and there are so many middle to high income families that are unstable.
  21. Where Do We Stand (contd.)

    So true!But his point is very important since this is indeed an international forum. Time to show what true f1 fans believe in, and what is not acceptable.
  22. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    HAHAHAHA! I hear ya, but to each his or her own. It's not a perfect world we live in.
  23. Ferrari's Renaissance Man

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, please stop! I'm splitting a gut. Look, if Schmucher were driving a Minardi,would he have won? I think not. He was good driver who had a great car, and Ferrari gave him that car. Without a great car you're not going to win.