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  1. Where Do We Stand (contd.)

    Maybe it was locked out is because people were asking the moderaters to take the responsibily for the unreasonable remarks that were made. If they chose to take on the responsibility they needed to take action sooner, but they didn't. there were 5 pages and a high percentage of the responses agreed that the intolerable remarks made by ctrl, and some other people were unacceptable. Maybe some action had been taken, but maybe a little too late.
  2. Sexuality; What Are Your Views?

    Do i think sexuality is by choice,no. Do I think gay or lesbiens should be afforded the same rights as male/female couples,yes. Do I think gay or lesbiens should be able to adopt,yes. I am not one to judge nor do I believe i have the right to judge someone's sexuality. This can actually offer a lot of the same comments possibly as the "where do you stand" forum. In that forum the term racism was used and I also used the racism word, but may be it's in the inability for people to recognize that people are different. Whether it be religion, color, sexuality, the list can go on. Homosexuality is a fact of life. Look, the way of the past for a man or woman was to hide their sexuality. In the past homosexuality was hidden, either you got married and hid your secret, or you joined the church. Look at all the religous leaders being convicted for sexual abuse, and I'm sure it's only the tip of the iceburg because of the social stigma of the times. My question is, why can't people accept the differances in people? I believe everyone has the right to lead a life of fullfillment, to live a life that may offer the slightest amount of happiness. It's what we all want! Right?
  3. Your Fantasies!?!?!?!

    It would be an ultimate fantasy to drive an f1 car as fast as i could, and not just 1 lap.
  4. Ferrari's Renaissance Man

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Please stop! That's like saying Wayne Grezsky is the greatest hockey player. I would say it's unbelievable to the extent to which Ferrari went to to "help" him win. Without the team or the car, shumucker was just another driver.
  5. Jenson Button Sucks

    That's a queer thought, and he certainly is over rated. How many races has he been in? Oh and he's only got 1 win. Maybe he's better at sucking! Good luck and i guess enjoy. YUCK!
  6. Where Do We Stand

    An arrogant response, very typical of you! .....nuff said.......
  7. Where Do We Stand

    Cav, you can't fight ignorance, and if the high priests of this forum can not see the light, then we can only think that all comments are acceptable and no one should be banned. Racism has no right to be included in any forum, but it is a fact of life. We can only believe that these people who find it acceptable to write racial slurs as ignorant, and i use the term loosely, human beings. I totally agree with your arguement you have posted.i appluade the common sense you have demonstrated.
  8. Where Do We Stand

    Was that a stab Wez? You are certainly one who has shown that personal attacks are ok, and I guess that's why you mentioned this was a F1 forum. Since christmas I've seen your true colors and look forward to debating any issue you may want to present since you have proven your relatively narrow perspective on world issues, I'm looking forward to talking about the new season, in fact it's less than 2 months before the fun begins. Go Alonso! Thanks
  9. Jacques is already part of racing history. Only a handful of drivers have accomplished what he has. Too bad schumucker didn't, or should i say could'nt.I'm sure there will be some negative comments about this, but who cares, schmucker did'nt and that is certainly in the books. go Jacques!!!
  10. I'm with you here. Jacques has a lot of racing left in him. Too bad it's not in F1. Oh well!
  11. Hi, I'm New.

    Or poor comment. Thanks
  12. Hi, I'm New.

    Becareful of that sticky keyboeard then. By the way. What does btw mean? Sorry for my ignorance
  13. Hi, I'm New.

    Do I/have I live/lived in India? Ahhh, no! (make sense of this if you dare.) I wonder if your 2nd statement might be considered racial profiling. Are you americian?
  14. Hi, I'm New.

    How does an indian write i wonder? Sorry to dissapoint you here, I'm 100% caucacian
  15. Hi, I'm New.

    I do have to wonder about the allegations I'm using another username.I'm just a new guy here trying to offer some input. I spent almost a month reading some of the forums and posts written. I felt compelled to speak up about the personal comments that are written here. If it is neccesary to belittle or degrade someone's opinion, then I'll speak up. F1 is supposed to be about fun but some of the topics tend to become personal beliefs. Lets try to keep it fun as f1 is and leave personal comments to ourselves. Thanks again to those that may agree, and believe me, F1 is fun!!!!
  16. Hi, I'm New.

    Actually my friend is a fan and he is the person who said this was a great site. Not only because of the f1 news but also for its interesting forums. He also said that at times some posts can be rather, humm how can I say, personal. I love a challenge so here I am. Support Ferrari! You must be Wez's comedy writer
  17. Iranian Threat???

    Ahh,a pink flyod fan. If I'm correct the Meddle Album or Umaguma Album, but I think it's Meddle. Either way 2 great albums.
  18. Hi, I'm New.

    My insistence on referring to historic events is through reading some of the forums i thought interesting. I decided to state an opinion based on the where do we stand forum. I spent a lot of time over my christmas break reading some of forums here and thought I would make a few comments of my own that were on the positive side. Think what you want, but a friend told me this was an interesting site to visit, so I decided to come onboard.
  19. Hi, I'm New.

    I'll say again for those who have difficulties with simple English. This site was recommended to me for its opinions that are related to f1. Even though this is an unrelated topic to f1, i feel it is important to express an opinion related to personal insults against someone who enters these forums and makes a comment. Oh! Who is narin_fan?
  20. Hi, I'm New.

    Wez I'm suprised! No humorous response. Wonders never cease! This is I'm sure a first for even you. You are the hahaha! Have a great day
  21. Iranian Threat???

    You're probably right! drinkin a beer is certainly more important I'm sure!
  22. Iranian Threat???

    Would it be god or allah that knows.
  23. Iranian Threat???

    I totally agree!
  24. Where Do We Stand

    Hummm! Experience. It requires experience to understand an insult. Interesting. Thanks for letting me know.
  25. Iranian Threat???

    Whether it be the bible or the Qu-ran, it's all about how someone interpets it to their advantage. They are used to influence someone's belief whether it be for peace or radicalism. I may be wrong but i think it's a point not to be forgotten. Look at Bush and how he uses his faith to influence policy.