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  1. Where Do We Stand

    I like the comment about written rules at the bottom of your page. So true!
  2. Where Do We Stand

    Thanks! I hope you're right, but I believe if someone makes a comment that shows little respect towards one's opinion [ right or wrong ] it is unacceptable to belittle them for it. Are we not adults here?
  3. Where Do We Stand

    No. Just someone who has been reading these forums since christmas. A friend I work with recommended this site because of its racing content.
  4. Where Do We Stand

    May I ask you a question? Are you one of the administraters? I can only think so by this comment. If I'm wrong, I apoligize. Also, I'm sorry but one does not need to gain more days here to know what is acceptable. Thank you
  5. Where Do We Stand

    Are Wez, pumpdoc, and Autoracer fast approaching the red square as well. It would be interesting to know. Comments they have made towards a couple of commentors i have read [abbas gear, a fan, and i could go on] have gone beyond what is acceptable. Who are the administraters that police these forums and why do they not ban these 3? Fair is fair!
  6. Where Do We Stand

    One thing for sure is that what is good for one is good for all. Everyone should be banned for comments that go beyond what is acceptable. Why is it that some people can make personal comments or may i say attacks towards others and not be banned. There is a need for equality. I personally feel there is. Thank you for listening
  7. Where Do We Stand

    [quote name='Jenson_Rules!!!' post='167327' date='Jan 19 2007, 08:29 PM']Personally, I disike Cav too but honestly, ctrl has gone way too far with those comments tht the links are for. I'm quite disgusted by his comments and I'm very shocked he has not yet been banned.[/quote] There are a lot of comments that get personal towards people who enter these forums. Three perfect example are Wez, Autoracer5, and pumpdoc.I have yet to see these 3 people get banned for their personal attacks made on other people who simply try to express an opinion whether it be right or wrong. It certainly proves there is bias directed towards some people. Thank you
  8. Hi, I'm New.

    Ahh, finally! A comment with humor. A ferrari fan [ hahaha ] You've hired a writer. Thanks for the chuckle.
  9. Hi, I'm New.

    It's a secret.
  10. Hi, I'm New.

    Over one miilion comedians out of a job, yet you still try! You probably laugh at your own jokes.HUH??? Keep trying Wez!
  11. Iranian Threat???

    Why would anyone think that the Isrealis would use any kind of nuclear device? It would be suicide! Yes they probably posess these weapons, but it would be foolish to think they would use them as a 1st strike weapon. Just as they do now,nuclear weapons have technically been used as a deterent. If anyone believes Iran is securing nuclear energy as a power supply, then i suggest you buy Enron stock.
  12. Hi, I'm New.

    Welcome aboard! Please beaware of some comments that can be a little harsh, but called a sense of humor. Wez is a perfect example of humorless comments. So have a great time! Cheers