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  1. disappointed I didn't apply to "United States of Florida University." If only aaa135139 had been around in October.

  2. tomorrow seems like a great day for BANNING MARK WEBBER.

  3. I hate that awful feeling you get when you look at the clock and realize you're looking at 6 hours of sleep. Again.

  4. did you know that MARK WEBBER likes sitting alone in his room listening to Wham! and reading blogs about Juicy bags?

  5. did you know that MARK WEBBER clubs young children with uncooked slabs of veal?

    1. JHS


      And he's not bad for a number two driver either. Apparently.

    2. Eric


      Meh. Chris Knight's going to help me BAN MARK WEBBER.

    3. JHS


      Wow. Why couldn't David Cameron have made an advert like that and make a dubious link with light-sabering the national debt or something? Would've got far more support.

  6. discovered that cycling > running. Very refreshing.

    1. HandyNZL


      Running sux arse big time. What ya riding?

    2. Eric


      Well, the weather was a bit nippy today, so I rode the stationary bike in the basement. Those crazy liberal English major types could find a lot of symbolism in going 30 mph and going 0 mph at the same time. :P

      I'll have to check and see what the real bike is. It's old and I just took it out of storage, so I don't know at the moment.

  7. finished the essay and I'm now done with uni apps. Genuinely excited. :D

  8. can't wait for next week, because at least it won't be this one.

    1. HandyNZL


      Next week sucks balls dude. You should wait for the next one...I hear it's going to be O for awesome!

    2. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      Nah, I'm just coming from there. It sucks, too. Going back to last week.

  9. finishing uni apps. almost there...

  10. really needs a 25th hour in this day.

  11. really doesn't need a 3-day weekend

    1. HandyNZL


      Then go to school on your own

    2. freaky2


      EVERYONE needs a 3 day weekend. I actually turned mine into a week-long weekend, it's THAT good :P

  12. gave in and got a smartphone.

    1. JHS


      I've still not given in and have not owned one phone to this day. People managed with out mobiles in the good old days, and people can manage now.

    2. Eric


      To each one's own. I find having a mobile extremely useful, and I know my parents wouldn't let me go out to parties and such if they didn't know I had my phone with me in case something happened. And, moving out next year, likely into the city, it becomes even more important for me. No one had F1 forums back in DOF's days, but hey, we use them now. ;)

    3. HandyNZL


      They did too Eric! Just you needed a chisel and slab of stone, and it took quite a while to get your message done

  13. RIP Motorola KRZR K1m. It was a good four years.

  14. has returned.

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    2. HandyNZL


      Who the feck are you and why would we care? You're just some shadow of a person masquerading as a valued member whom goes by the name of puckythewhale and other great handles....come to think of it, his name was Eric. Eric? Is that you????????

    3. Eric
    4. HandyNZL


      ello ello ello Eric :P

  15. Happy birthday!


  17. Eric

    Nothing but insightful posts.

    Remember to visit, by the way.

  18. I agree with the above comment.

  19. What ever happened to you?


  21. Happy birthday,mate. Hope you had a good one.

  22. Thanks! Yeah, I think we do. Keep up the good work!

  23. Eric

    Mmmm....what a yummy picture of Fernando!! Mild Seven Blue is just too sexy...:);)

  24. Yes, yes, come back. Or at last just come back to set your gender!!

    Happy birthday!

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