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  1. Im Interested In Attending A Gp But...

    You should budget about
  2. Webber of course will not finish in 2nd place. I am tipping Kimi to be 2nd or even win the race. I like more than half the members on this forum would definitely love to see Kovy outperform Lewis in the race, which would definitely be helped by Kimi sandwiched in between them.
  3. What happened to the Great Brit who by the British media is tipped to beat Schumacher's records?
  4. Driver Of The Day

    How can someone actually vote for Alonso??? I always thought no one in the world could be such an ar*e licker but this proves me wrong.
  5. Hamilton Bashing???

    This makes it clear doesn't it? Lewis will be considered over rated until he becomes a champion.
  6. Hamilton Bashing???

    Well said but one should not forget his choice of women.
  7. Hamilton Bashing???

    I have a feeling this Alan333 is abbas-gear in disguise.
  8. Idiot Of The Race

    Funny how people can not differentiate between hitting a stationary car that has stopped on a red light and hitting a car when yours is out of control at a very high speed. If you have a driver's lisence you'll know that the penalities are different even on the road anywhere around the world. Try hitting a car stopped on a red light in front of you.
  9. Idiot Of The Race

    You are not the only one.
  10. Idiot Of The Race

    I was expecting a poll for this thread
  11. Canadian Gp - Race

    My take three but I still like the theory that he deliberately took Kimi out because it enrages the Hamy worshippers on the forum.
  12. Canadian Gp - Race

    It was absolutely Hamy's fault for dangerous driving in such conditions but his fans won't see it. Every neutral person I talked to said he was too hard on the brakes to try and get an advantage for the restart.
  13. Canadian Gp - Race

    Hamy penalized is something I am desperately waiting for. Poor Vettel was penalized 5 places because of Hamilton's recless driving in Fuji. This one is purely his fault and it should be a 10 place grid penalty in France.
  14. Canadian Gp - Race

    Aren't boobs supposed to be good
  15. Poll: Robert Kubica

  16. Poll: Robert Kubica

    Didn't I say that Kubica is special. People called it rubbish when I said last year that he is better than Heidfeld. There was that bogus comparison between the two on one of the threads that gave each of them points based on qualifying and race positions. Last season was poor luck for him.
  17. Vettel To Ferrari?

    I don't see Alonso alongside Kimi in a Ferrari, so I can be calm for another year. The major reason of course would be the fact that they are the two highest paid drivers on the grid and it would be too tough to pay two drivers more than $40 million each. People who are asking why Kimi should not be continuing beyond his current contract, thats because he has hinted he would be looking a different venture. The most likely option for him is rally because his elder brother is a world famous rally driver and he has time and again praisd the challenge of driving in a rally. I would love to see both Schumacher and Todt to remain advisors at Ferrari for years to come because I have a feeling they will not be in favour of the seat going to Alonso. Schumacher has time and again spoken highlyof Vettel and Vettel is theone I want. But of course who cares what I want.
  18. Poll: Robert Kubica

    I would love to see him win a race this season. He is a special talent considering the fact that he comes from a country whose citizens until recently could not even spell F1. The problem is that he performs when it is his day. He would end up on the podium on a day and not even score point on another. Heidfeld on the other hand is a regular point scorer. But I would still bank on him because he outperforms Heidfeld when its his day and his performance in contrast to Heidfeld seems to have gotten better without traction control.
  19. Vettel To Ferrari?

    I would hate to see Alonso in Red. Its funny how Alonso fans cursed Ferrari all this time and now they want the same team to rescue his career. I would love to see Kimi extend his contract and Vettel come in as the second driver. Masaa is good too but has been performing poorly for some time. Lets wait and see. But as a life long Ferrari fan, no Alonso, please!!!
  20. Driver Of The Day - Australian Gp

    Lewis was unchallenged for the entire race. Rosberg I think was superb in a car clearly not competitve enough to race against McLaren and BMW.
  21. Heikki Is A Macca Man

    Kova I believe would have been better off at Toyota. Their car won't be really good in 2008 but at least he would have been treated fairly. Any driver joining McLaren as Lewis' team mate is committing suicide. Nico was stopped from joining McLaren just because it is way too obvious that even though McLaren insist on driver equality they might not have it.
  22. Driver Of The Day

    Some Hamilton @$$ licker actually voted for him.
  23. Lewis Hamilton - 2007 Wdc

    My @$$!
  24. I was a very old member and left this forum long back because of people simply worshipping their drivers and having no sense of humour. Just recently rejoined and have realised things have changed. Keep up the good work!
  25. You are forgetting Adrian Sutil. He's always below 15 but is a really smart fella and who can deny the fact that with a go kart Honda has managed this season even button is hanging around the Spykers (I have the right to reserve comments on Barrichello's beauty)