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  1. Merry Chistmas, you filfthy animals :)

    1. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      "Flifthy"? Don't you dare calling me flifthy, you flifthy b#####d!

  2. Worst day of my life so far without doubt and I wish that was melodramatic :( Tomorrow will be better.

    1. Quiet One

      Quiet One

      Cheer up my friend. There's nothing wrong with you a reincarnation or two won't cure.

      But, if you need to talk with someone in this life, I'll be glad to help.

    2. Rainmaster


      Thanks :) I had to vent this here because I can't vent it to many other places/people. I think I'll be alright and it'll make me stronger. Either that or it'll destroy me. Ahh well, I'll let you all know when it's done with.

  3. I now have a law degree woohoo! Everybody meet me at the GPT bar, the drinks are on me!

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    2. Angellica


      Congrats to you :-)

    3. LabradoRacer


      Congrats, George! Way to go! Psst, I killed a few people. Can you help me out? Pro bono?

    4. Rainmaster


      Thanks man :) And yes, of course!

  4. I don't like Snapchat or anybody who uses it. There, I said it. And relax.

  5. Really enjoyed Rossi v Marquez. Old master against a young genius! Good to know there's life in the "old" dog yet.

  6. Amazed by Marquez's performance in the 2012 Valencian GP.

  7. Tomorrow I will watch: Pacquiao v Bradley (go Pac); the French Open final (go Nadal); the Canadian GP (go everyone); and probably Spain v Italy too. It's a sports day!

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    2. Massa


      A "sports day" spent on the couch/in a chair watching things. Next thing you know we'll have people "playing" sports on PlayStation...oh wait...

    3. Massa


      And I say all that as someone who really needs to take the old bicycle out for the summer... :P

    4. Rainmaster


      Pah, you think it'll be spent on the couch? What do you take me for? I'll be getting up regularly for snacks.

  8. I advise nobody to ever click the "change theme" option on this forum, as this may result in a long lasting hatred of technology

  9. Happy to see the "Mozart of Snooker" back at the top of the world where he belongs.

    1. LabradoRacer


      You follow Stephen Fry on Twitter?

    2. Rainmaster


      Yes! Although I'd heard O'Sullivan described like that before.

    3. Kopite Girl

      Kopite Girl

      I follow him too! Ta da! I like this status. Was a little bit over-happy when Neil Robbo got knocked out though! Haha!

      Kopite Girl likes your status! :P

  10. still haven't figured out how to update this

  11. It is difficult to play against Einstein's theory

  12. Watching the 1990 San Marino GP, via the magic of Youtube.

  13. Our summers are really long I get like 5 months off! It’s probably to make up for the fact they’re rubbish weather wise… only problem is it means I get too used to doing nothing, but I’ll probably need a summer job this year so it won’t be quite as lazy as usual sadly. I'm not too bad for worrying, but yeah my exams are pretty close, I’ll be all done in a month or so…scary stuff!

  14. Sounds good to me, well except for the working 9-5 bit haha :P I'd like a placement in another country, might try and do something like that next year. And right now I'm just finishing up my second year of Uni, dreading exams but looking forward to a lazy summer!

  15. I was just bored more than anything and it's kind of new 'cos it's so old ;) How're you anyway?

  16. I'm so bored, this essay I'm doing is proving more difficult than having any respect for Felipe Massa as a driver. It's that hard.

  17. Ah, my Facebook & Twitter feeds have been far too annoying today. everybody watches a video but hardly anyone seems to read up (talking about the Joseph Kony campaign). hmm..

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    2. Rainmaster


      Everything needs the Charlie Brooker treatment.

    3. JHS18


      Haha I agree. Did you see his sketch about The Sun's witch-hunt? That was classic.

    4. Rainmaster


      Yep, one of the best things the show has done!

  18. Were you safe in the dance when the thugs dem lurk? Can you say Richard Ashcroft 'the drugs did work'?

  19. spending today in bed, dead, after drinking far too much of at least 5 types of alcohol last night. Student life is hard.

    1. AleHop


      Well... I hope all of those types was ethyl alcohol... O_O Else student life could be very hard. ;-)

  20. Marco Simoncelli :(

    1. dribbler


      I'm sickened, stunned and seriously evaluating my motorbike.

    2. dribbler


      I'm sickened, stunned and seriously evaluating my motorbike.

  21. Lucidity, come back to me...

    1. HandyNZL


      Damnit...wondered where the damned dog had wandered off to.

  22. Almost heaven, West Virginia....

  23. wish I could be like David Watts..

    1. HandyNZL


      Kinky aren't you

  24. Deep down in Louisiana close to New Orleans, way back up in the woods among the evergreens...

  25. not much can make me happier than listening to bad 80's music.

    1. freaky2


      Like! I love late 80s and early 90s pop music, dunno if it's bad or not, but I grew up listening to it XD

    2. Rainmaster


      Yeah 90's stuff as well.. maybe it's bad in a good way! Always reminds me of being in 80's clubs drunk :P

    3. Jenson_Rules


      They still play 80's and 90's stuff in clubs today... though maybe not the kind of clubs you guys would frequent, and they have to be camp retro tracks lol

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