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  1. Ah its the dog's doodahs - fastest growing soft drink in the world, tastes sweet and fruity but unlike any fruit you would recognise in UK. Contains guaranine a natural form of caffeine which is much better for you. Worth a try if you can find it, but get Antarctica brand as this is the best.

    Are you on commission? tongue.png

    Do you guys have bottled water in England? That's the good stuff.

    I love bottled water! I almost always buy it flavoured with barley malt, hops and yeast

    Here's my thoughts on buying water:

  2. Great to see someone who loves South Park! Welcome. Oh, one more thing, You are a b#####d.


    Welcome Graham!

    Ok, so the thought crossed my mind that, maybe, after writing here every now and then for the last three years, it might be nice to introduce myself as well.

    I'm a Finn, couple of years past 30, theoretical physicist by profession and have been living in Vienna for the past couple of years. I'm married to an American whose knowledge of F1 is restricted to "Ugh, you're watching that damned NASCAR racing again!" -comments every other Sunday ;) We got a couple of dogs; Yoda, a very smart border collie-black lab mix who is just as eager fan of racing as I am (though mostly of racing cats, mice, motorcycles and the like) and a tiny yorkie called Avery, who is too young to have made up his mind about what kind of racing he prefers. Presently, he is trying everything out. Yoda, who we got when we lived in Canada, is a Villeneuve fan, while Avery follows closely everything Red Bull related. On my avatar you can see our hamster Nietzsche, who sadly passed away just a couple of weeks ago :(. As far as my biases go, I'm a big Kimi fan but, as a racing series, F1 comes first, and of the present line-up, I like Lewis' style and Heikki's spirit the most.

    Nice to finally meet you!

  3. Hello everyone.

    My favourite team is Williams.

    This year supporting Vettel due to Kimi leaving, had a little soft spot for him since seeing him at the bmw pit lane park thing at silverstone in 2007. (and obvously Williams drivers)

    And my favourite race is the Belgian GP.


    Hi. I'm George, and I think I love you.

    Welcome, stay out for the summer.

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