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  1. It's not Eric, I can sense (smell) Eric a mile off. Hint: the other guy isn't Senna either. Maybe.
  2. Hi. I'm George, and I think I love you. Welcome, stay out for the summer.
  3. It works a treat, doesn't it!? You are a man of fine taste, sir. Next time I have some cider (it can't be long wait, surely) I'll raise a glass in your honour!

  4. You will fit right in then. Welcome.
  5. thanks, received and appreciated! :)

  6. Welcome to any and all newbies. Have fun and good luck.
  7. Welcome. Be warned, only the strong survive here.
  8. Welcome to the forum, it's good here. Your avatar is gay.
  9. Actually, that was just a con to lure you back. Don't get me wrong, I'll be taking the pictures, just for personal use.
  10. Thank you for thanking me, I'm such an understanding guy, I really am! But I am also forgiving and merciful (like all powerful beings should be), so, you are forgiven (as explained in the pm). Now I want everybody to have a group hug.
  11. Welcome Barack, Eric... You have been pm'd. I'll be sure to get those pictures ready too.
  12. No no, I'm being serious for once. Well anyway, who cares?! But if it is Eric, then I order him to come back. I don't know who else could get my email address, or who else would email me!
  13. [quote name='freaky2' post='284480' date='Mar 16 2009, 08:30 PM']I don't really think so... maybe he's just a bit SuperAntiMcLaren? Nah, he just doesn't know us, give him time (to flee )[/quote] Maybe...but I just got an email off an ex TF1 member (anonymous email) saying that Craner Curves was SuperKimi and that "I assume everyone knows why I don't post anymore?". Erico? Are you out there? I don't know who else would email me... Okay okay, I am sorry for whoever sent me that email because you didn't want me to say, but anyway...just start posting again whoever you are Or send me another email because it feels cool to get information from an unknown source
  14. Welcome once again Craner, I see you're already getting on well with Dribs
  15. Hi McGrubbin Glad to see you have excellent taste in drivers! FOTA have said they want the NA race back as soon as possible and it's a priority for them for obvious reasons, so lets hope it happens soon.
  16. Welcome to our quiet little forum Nilesh!
  17. Hey there Patrick, nice to 'meet' you. I hope you are also a fan of semen jokes too, we get a lot of those around here. Seriously though, make sure you post, this forum needs more members like F1 needs more teams.
  18. I just hope when he does he's had a good day at school (oooh now I'm using his own lines against him). Well, he knows I don't mean any of that stuff, apart from some of it, well most of it, but not the McCain but, or the McDonald's bit, I mean those were just wrong.
  19. So we need someone who is the opposite of me to join? We need someone who is ugly, dumb, fat, doesn't rate Vettel that highly even after he won at Monza, doesn't like F1, does eat at McDonald's regularly and is a McCain fan. Oh wait, that's Eric Guess we really are screwed......
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