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  1. Welcome to anyone & everyone who has joined while I have been on my break, I hope you are all acceptable human beings, we need some balance around here.
  2. s##t. I shudve put that you had to pay it.

  3. Eric owes me a $10,000

  4. Hello and welcome DPR! So if James Hunt was your first hero, are you now a fan of Kimi?
  5. Welcome Varda and anyone else I've missed
  6. Hi Milly and welcome to the forum, you came to the right place
  7. I like you already, and that's important cos what I say goes round here. Hi Wojtek I need my pills.
  8. Welcome Fernando Enjoy your stay here!
  9. Welcome back James, we all have our bad days I suppose:)
  10. i agree with the comment below.

  11. Since when did that make any difference?
  12. Hi Erico Glad to have another Kimi fan onboard
  13. Don't scare him away Dave. Pads are for faggots and oval racing sucks (to use an American term). That's all
  14. Hi, let me be the first to welcome you I'm Rainmaster aka George (maybe that should be the other way round?).
  15. Haha you should definately post your erotic poetry, besides it takes more than some naughty poems to get banned from this forum, erotic pictures on the other hand...
  16. I could quote you now and say that if you didn't reply you were gay, but I won't do that I didn't even use your name in this post, see (or a question mark there). So you can retire in peace.
  17. Oh yeah I forgot about him, what's his name again? Oh I can't remember, all I know is that he's gay.
  18. Well welcome, I won't bother asking for your favourite driver and team!
  19. Damn, I was hoping you'd say 'Sebastien Bourdais' and that I'd make you look like a fool! Anyway I want Power to win it (just cos' I like his name). Oh yeah, nice prediction about F1
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