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  1. Nbc Picks Up F1 Coverage In The Us For 2013

    Ooohh...sounds a bit risky. Maybe they meant 10 minutes before the race..?
  2. Nbc Picks Up F1 Coverage In The Us For 2013

    Aww gee, sure does beat coverage here in Kiwiland. We only get FP1, FP2, FP3, Qually and the Race, and all live too. Oh, no wait. I stuffed that up didn't I? Sure are benefits living in a land of 4-million...
  3. Today In F1

    It scares me that you followed the link, George
  4. Today In F1

    Better news is that Marmite will be back on our shelves next week after two long years of waiting since the Christchurch earthquake broke the factory...you wouldn't believe how long I made my 300gm jar last these past two years...I think there is still two more slices worth in the jar.
  5. Gary Anderson

    Him neither.
  6. Today In F1

    I know!! I'm devastated...what is the world coming to when things like this happen?
  7. Gary Anderson

    There's no defending your Gary :P
  8. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Wish we got coverage of Brendan Hartly coming from 28th to first (and then crashing) at Texas. He's pretty good in them there prototypical vehicles. And looks like young Richie Stanaway is going to race in the fifth Aston Martin at Le Mans (they've moved the car into the Pro class). So not only has he secured a Porshce SuperCup ride, but also looks likely a Le Mans seat too. Not bad for a kid that damn near broke his back last year.
  9. Mc Laren Honda.... Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

    If you build it, they will come.... If Honda is there, then other teams will want Honda. They have a track record in F1 Turbo engines. Force India would certainly go for Honda (remember that they have Merc's by virtue of McLaren). And likely Caterham. That's my bet. And, I don't think Honda would need all that time to be honest. As Eric rightly pointed out, they already have two turbo engines out there racing. There is enoug cross-over, and we are talking about McLaren whom just so happen to have a few Mules aka P1 cars to test engines in rather, er, swiftly.
  10. Gary Anderson

    Ain't no thang. (Well, y'all tell I'm white...)
  11. Gary Anderson

    The bible: http://scarbsf1.com
  12. A Little Help Needed In Formula 1 Survey For Thesis

    So, you've been beaten by a page? Crikey....that must be demoralising
  13. Mc Laren Honda.... Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

    Prost's kid is pretty good. Though I'm more keen to see young Sainz make it.
  14. Mc Laren Honda.... Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

    Nope. He's patting his doggy woggy, Roscoe
  15. Mc Laren Honda.... Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

    The red and white was purely Marlboro. Williams and Lotus both had Honda power at one stage, and neither turned white. McLaren would presumably stay silver and Vodafone red. Relive the memories: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4FDlc8Wyc0
  16. Mc Laren Honda.... Has A Nice Ring To It, No?

    They're only really interested in small, compact, efficient engines. Always have been. And their engine was the class of F1 back in the last turbo era, so there is no reason to think it wouldn't be again.
  17. A Little Help Needed In Formula 1 Survey For Thesis

    OH...so you have "followers", huh? So that makes you their leader? Is it a cult?
  18. Today In F1

    I thought Nicole already had her paddock pass?
  19. Should Force India Hire Adrian Sutil Again?

    This thread is the highlight of Sutil's life, so how dare we close it down?
  20. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    Tander actually walked past Coulthards car and knocked off Fabians driverside mirror. Those cheeky drivers. TBH, Tander was throwing his weight around a bit....I'm Mr Big sort of thing. Was trying to muscle Scott McLaughlin and he ended up paying for it big time by rolling the tyre off the rim...nur nur.
  21. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    From maybe facing a legal challenge, to a stuffed up race start in race one, SvG follows up on Sunday by claiming a second pole for the weekend, and then took it home for the win, leading 51 of the 78 laps. And a cracker last 12 laps after the SC period. Pity that both Kelly brothers got hammered in the same accident, with one Nissan looking more Tida than Ultima... The COTF cars are good - playing field is more open, so I expect a good season (which will be a change from the yawn fests of the last few years - only two teams have won the last thirty odd races.)
  22. The Third And Final Test (Yes, It's Still Not Cricket)

    Except when Kimi has a hangover and can't test. He's pulled out.
  23. The Third And Final Test (Yes, It's Still Not Cricket)

    Let me explain: How often have you heard a driver say "it's got understeer on the way in, and oversteer on the way out. The car is useless" Chances are, the driver is useless. If you are travelling too fast as you enter a corner, then you will have understeer as the front tyres are past their slip angle, and have no grip. Thus the car tends to continue in an ever widening arc. The drivers first reaction, as it is for anyone with understeer, is to turn in even more. Of course this exaaggerates the problem, until such time that the car slows enough through the corner for the front tyres to slow enough and gain some grip. And then, because they get get, and the car, with wheels now pointing tighter than one would want, makes the back end lose grip, and the rear of the car steps out. This is oversteer. So, the problem is not actually the car. The problem is the driver. If you enter the corner at the right speed, one that is fast enough to maintain the quickest arc through the corner and maintains the tyres just inside their slip angle, then you will 1) maintain grip 2) have faster exit speed 3) won't have understeer in, and oversteer out and 4) realise it wasn't the car, but you, you noddy driver, you.
  24. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    Bit of a naff race really. Though a highlight was young Scotty McLoughlin getting 6th. Kid's (at 19) got a future. And Lowndes is now equal first in all time wins on 90 with Mark Skaife. Could move into the lead tomorrow with race 2.
  25. Generic Btcc Thread

    No, no, you were right on your firrst assumption, Eric. BTCC drivers can not drive within the bounds of the track. It is a well documented and proven fact.