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  1. The red and white was purely Marlboro. Williams and Lotus both had Honda power at one stage, and neither turned white. McLaren would presumably stay silver and Vodafone red. Relive the memories:
  2. They're only really interested in small, compact, efficient engines. Always have been. And their engine was the class of F1 back in the last turbo era, so there is no reason to think it wouldn't be again.
  3. Now here is one rumour that would be great to be true. Honda, making a turbo unit for McLaren....I'm getting misty eyed already. Rumours that Honda is already at Woking, beavering away. Rumours that Mercedes is snatching Hamilton and Paddy Lowe. We can't stop with two out of three being true!! It's a risk to take, but the new engine rules are more inline with Honda's capabilities (V8's are not). Go the VTEC Honda McLaren!! zoom zoom!
  4. you have "followers", huh? So that makes you their leader? Is it a cult?
  5. This thread is the highlight of Sutil's life, so how dare we close it down?
  6. Tander actually walked past Coulthards car and knocked off Fabians driverside mirror. Those cheeky drivers. TBH, Tander was throwing his weight around a bit....I'm Mr Big sort of thing. Was trying to muscle Scott McLaughlin and he ended up paying for it big time by rolling the tyre off the rim...nur nur.
  7. From maybe facing a legal challenge, to a stuffed up race start in race one, SvG follows up on Sunday by claiming a second pole for the weekend, and then took it home for the win, leading 51 of the 78 laps. And a cracker last 12 laps after the SC period. Pity that both Kelly brothers got hammered in the same accident, with one Nissan looking more Tida than Ultima... The COTF cars are good - playing field is more open, so I expect a good season (which will be a change from the yawn fests of the last few years - only two teams have won the last thirty odd races.)
  8. Except when Kimi has a hangover and can't test. He's pulled out.
  9. Let me explain: How often have you heard a driver say "it's got understeer on the way in, and oversteer on the way out. The car is useless" Chances are, the driver is useless. If you are travelling too fast as you enter a corner, then you will have understeer as the front tyres are past their slip angle, and have no grip. Thus the car tends to continue in an ever widening arc. The drivers first reaction, as it is for anyone with understeer, is to turn in even more. Of course this exaaggerates the problem, until such time that the car slows enough through the corner for the front tyres to slow enough and gain some grip. And then, because they get get, and the car, with wheels now pointing tighter than one would want, makes the back end lose grip, and the rear of the car steps out. This is oversteer. So, the problem is not actually the car. The problem is the driver. If you enter the corner at the right speed, one that is fast enough to maintain the quickest arc through the corner and maintains the tyres just inside their slip angle, then you will 1) maintain grip 2) have faster exit speed 3) won't have understeer in, and oversteer out and 4) realise it wasn't the car, but you, you noddy driver, you.
  10. Bit of a naff race really. Though a highlight was young Scotty McLoughlin getting 6th. Kid's (at 19) got a future. And Lowndes is now equal first in all time wins on 90 with Mark Skaife. Could move into the lead tomorrow with race 2.
  11. No, no, you were right on your firrst assumption, Eric. BTCC drivers can not drive within the bounds of the track. It is a well documented and proven fact.
  12. I've got something to add to this thread that is actually an addition!!! Brendan Hartley is racing GrandAm. two carry on, and I'll go back to reading...
  13. Gary Anderson stating the obvious in regards to driving in the wet. Perhaps instead of saying understeer, he should say that both drivers are turning in too tight on the corners. Does he forget that drivers induce understeer, especially in the wet (or if it's their natural style)???
  14. From reading between the lines, he had a clause in his release contract (not his race contract) that he would not race in V8 Supercars this year. At the time he said he was going to race in our V8 Supertourers which is what V8 Supercars are moving to this year as their Car of the Future. (we've had 'em for two years, so once again, Aussie is stealing from Kiwi's, just like pavlova, Phar Lap, Lord of the Rings (it was Australasian don't you know), and Russell Crowe) He had just signed for three years with SBR, then virtually less than a month later he want out of the contract. This coincided with the Mercedes deal...SvG said he signed to race Fords not Merc's and the team was changing, so therefore he wanted out. Now he wants back in, albeit with a smaller "family" style of team (and small is a relative term when it is a multi multi millionaire that owns the team and is rich enough to go racing without choice. SvG, by all reports, is not too well liked amongst the drivers in the first instance, so these drama's don't go far in improving that. And to top it off, he got on pole yesterday for the Clipsal 500.
  15. Qualifying for the Clipsal 500 starts this arvo, and the TV deals are falling into place...NZ even gets the races live for the first time in donkey's (used to just be Bathurst and the NZ round that were live). Anyways, Shane van Gisbergen (the d#ck) is being stopped by a possible injunction on racing...this because the silly lad thought last year to not honour his contract with Stone Brothers Racing (the SP tools sponsored team) when they switched to Erebus / Mercedes cars. SvG decides V8's aren't for him and he is going to retire at 23 or 24 years old or however young and rash he is.... ...then just a few weeks before first testing gets underway, he says he's back and racing for Tekno now SBR are saying he is in breach of his contract release and they will oppose him racing. Scandal!
  16. You're just trying to sound like you have heaps of friends (we all know the real truth...hehe)
  17. Hey Braddles....that's my joke you're using...I have IP rights to that you know!! :P Red Bull sucks...nur nur... Vettel sucks...nur nur.... Kimi sucks....nur nur... Vacuums suck...nur nur...
  18. I did it too, with the express intent of wrecking the Bell Curve, thereby answering everything with the FFS and Senna options
  19.'s noisey as, bro...noise emmissions up the wazoo...
  20. Which one of the idiots in the comments section is you, Eric Not a good way to end your day at the races. But it is a fact of motorsport, that it is dangerous, and you'll never make it 100% safe for driver or spectator. Just look at the big crash that prompted Mercedes to quit Formula 1 back in the 50's that killed 95 people, or whatever it was. And I think at the same Imola race that Senna died in, at the start Nannini (or was it Larinni???) stalled and got hit from behind on the grid with a tyre going flying into the grandstand. I remember here in NZ I was at a speedway race and a group of midgets crashed with one ending up hanging in the catch fence. Unfortunately, and as Murphy would have it, part of his muffler (from memory) flew off and into the crowd, hitting unbelievelably the drivers wife....she died. You couldn't make this stuff up. This would have been very early 1980's. We actually had a death in historic racing here too, just this past week in the Formula 5000's. During practise for the Teretonga race in Invercargill, a very nice bloke by the name of Stan Redmond (65yo) was going very fast and came up on another car going slow, a Lola T140 which is a 1968/9 (i think) F5000, so a high wing, cigar shape car. Stan was in a much newer (relatively speaking) Lola T332, with over 600HP under his right foot. Anyway, he hit Eric Haga in the rear (I don't know the specifics of how they touched, but they did), and Stan's car flipped. He ended up landing on his noggin or something as he sustained serious head injuries. He survived a week, induced coma and all that, but succumbed on Thursday just gone. I feel for Eric as he is a nice guy too, and he'll be beyond counsel at the moment. Anyway...enough of the bad stuff!
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