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  1. What's happened Eric? We got golf and rugby playing here on our four sports channels (though Superbike World Champs is on later...)
  2. Will be cooling for KERS or something like that. McLaren has a similar idea, but on the sidepods (above the main ports). With turbo coming back next year, then you will see new sidepod design so that it can accommodate cooling for intake to the radiators, and an intake to the turbo. In the last turbo era, this was simply a division vertically in the intake area of the sidepod, but with all the whiz bang computer power they have now, expect something completely different as the teams will not want to go back to big sidepods. (McLarens idea, hint, hint)
  3. Oh come on...that's a bit harsh...just because a Schumacher is there, doesn't mean that the team will tank...or have more success fielding a tank....
  4. Perez on top by a little margin of 0.35secs over Vettel, then Kimi, then Hamilton, then Alonso. From watching the time improvements, these five were actually pushing it against each other. Either that or they were just doing similar testing procedures Perez is the NEW World Champion!!! Go Perez Hamilton...yeah you go boy..hmmmm hmmmm...
  5.'s Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Richard Aoyade's ball thing from The Watch I kid you not....see:
  6. Senna!!! No, no, wait...I agree with that, so need the anti-Senna....ummm... Prost!!! I think that a wee little trip to France would be very much worth it for you lad...and hang out on the coat tails of some journo's, buddy
  7. Oh farty poops: http://www.gptoday.c...hausts_illegal/ Why does innovation always have to be stamped on? They allow a flexinose on the RBR, but disallow hot air on other cars....poo poo poo poop. And typical that Lotus are calling foul, just beacuse their backwards exhaust didn't work (like never saw that one coming)... ...hang on...isn't it always Ferrari calling foul? I call foul on them not calling foul!! FFS!!! Senna!! This article has better shots of the exhausts Which leads me to the question, that if reingestion of exhaust gases is not allowed, are they not allowed mufflers? What happens when thre is a 95dBa noise limit at a race track? Oh no, sorry, wait, that's just at decades old established racetracks that people have bought houses next to, knowing full well there is a race track there, and then they complain to the local council that those hooligans in their automobiles are being a tad noisey and they can't hear their Chopin playing on their radios, or their triple shot mocha latte flat white's at the local cafe are disturbed by the noise. Puhlease....FFS!! Senna!!!
  8. Has to be Sutil. He runs like a little girl, and stabs like an old lady.
  9. Yessss!!!! Rosberg wins the Championship!!! Woohoo!!! Go Keke!!!!
  10. And fastor again...another 0.9 off his time. He's the go fastor Pastor!!
  11. Pastor goes fastor... Takes nearly a second off his time in his second stint of the day. Well, it appears that the Williams is certainly heading in the right direction. 10-seconds up on the rest! OMG!! Shock!! Egads!!!
  12. Maldonaldo takes the FW35 to the top of the leaderboard - 1:29 and change. So far so good for the new car
  13. Alonso sets fastest time of the day so far... small feat when it's just him and Danny Riccardo on the board....and Danny was pushing his car to save on carbon emissions
  14. Charles Pic first out on track, and thus, clearly, will be the new World Champion!! Go Charles!! Woohoo!!
  15. Yeah, I got lost, so thought that I would abbreviate it, knowing full well everyone knew what I meant.
  16. Oh, and how could I forget? Williams will have their new car at the test for the first time too. Woohoo!! This is how they used to do it... [media=][/media] Can you imagine that this was 32 years ago!!!! Crikey!
  17. Testing fires up again in a few hours. Maybe I will be awake to watch live timing, maybe I won't. But this thread will have been started.... Alonso testing the F145783202 today. Pat Fry is defending it, saying "no, it ain't Sh#te.....again...." Bianchi and Sutil are having a face off. No bottling allowed. Hamster and Nico get to drive their car again, and of course are hoping that (a) the brakes work, and ( b ) the car doesn't catch fire...again. Lotus looks to look fast, McLaren looks to look faster, and Red Bull look to put a bandage over that ugly zit on the nose of their car. So for now...vrrroooom vrrroooom...
  18. ...well, we won't mention Kimi, either then, eh?....
  19. Psst....don't mention the war....
  20. I support this, especially if it means some one loans Caterham a flexi-curve and a compass... Caterham team principal Cyril Abiteboul has called for a change to the rules that outline what a constructor is. At present Formula One does not allow customer cars, meaning there are certain aspects to each car that each individual team have to create themselves. Those range from the monocoque to the front and rear suspension to the floor and fuel cell. Abiteboul, though, reckons the rules should be softened to make it easier for small teams on tighter budgets. "We need to have a fresh look at that and see whether these parts contribute to the show or if it makes a fundamental contribution to the performance," Abiteboul told Autosport. "If the answer is no, or not really, then we should be open to more exchanges between the teams. "Obviously, you need to look at the details in F1 because you always try to find ways to go around what is written in black-and-white and there is no spirit of the regulations. "We have to make sure that it is extremely clear for everyone." He added: "There is a discussion in Concorde about what exactly is a constructor. "Personally, I do believe that it is offering a nice avenue without going into the extreme of complete customer cars. "Even if the pure definition of competition is that you should not be collaborating, there is still some stuff [we can do]. "We are in a tough economic climate and a good way to mitigate everyone's exposure and cost is to ease the things that are not altering the fundamental principle of the show."
  21. Will they have yellow tracks too? Or is that just a NASCAR thing (which I presume is because the rednecks now have colour TVs)
  22. Yeah??? At which club? Is it a Las Vegas one, or one in LA or something? Will there be an online video feed? I always figured she'd be a good dancer
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