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  1. T Minus 1 Month

    Team Poochie????? HA! I say very loudly at you, good Sir. HA! It's going to be McLaren for the WCC. And if not them, then it will be RBR. And if not them, then I have it on very good authority, that it will be Mercedes. And if not them, then a little birdie told me it will be Ferrari. And if not them, then a recently released government report has stated that it will be Williams And if not them, then an old gypsy said to me the other day that it will be Sauber. And if not them, then a horoscope I read on my fish and chips wrapper said it was going to be Force India. And if not them, then this destitue guy that lives down the block and under a bridge told me that it will most certainly be Toro Rosso. And if not them, then a message from on high (like the tenth story of an apartment block) has declared that Caterham will do it. And if not them, then a recently discovered message in a bottle has said that it will be Marussia. And if not them, then a news article in the Huffington Post declared that Hispania Race Team will take the honours for 2013. And if not them, then maybe, just maybe, with a very slim chance, and a bit of lady luck, then Team Poochie will finish second. (No correspondence shall be entered into, because, lets face it, the above can't ever be disputed)
  2. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    They have their own body shapes, and it's just coincidence that they look the same(ish). Sometimes it's hard on the road these days to pick the difference between a Holden and a Ford Falcon from a distance when you're driving, but once they are within a few hundy metres you can tell them apart with a glance pretty much. The SV8's of course have a few body panels that are control, like the the front splitter and rear diffuser panel, but after that, it's all up to the manufacturer. Cars are just similar as they all have the same design goal at the end of the day...form follows function and all that.
  3. Today In F1

    All comes down to the surface area of the radiators...which as far as we know might feature some fancy shape, or are long and slim.
  4. Happy Birthday Ecap!!

    Who? What are you talking about? Where? When? Huh huh huh? Kimberly? Who?
  5. T Minus 1 Month

    Gee gawd damn it....there is still another test yet...how can you possibly predict anything without first predicting your predictions based off the predicted possible performance parameters from watching the predictably predetated pre-season performance tests? Pee-oww
  6. Happy Birthday Ecap!!

    Yoursefl? You're kidding yourself.....Perez is going to win it...or maybe it's DC's turn...I forget.... But Happy Birthday to Eduardo...may the extra wrinkles not shine so brightly....
  7. European Touring Car Championships

    Always thought those rear wings were weird...mounting under the pillars like that...physics and leverage suggests that the wing moves down, pulling the high end of the pillars down, and in turn lifting the pillar attachment end,and thus creating lift on the car.... ...but what do I know?
  8. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    Concept Art only...but what the hey...
  9. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    There is not actually any manufacturer involvement in the sense as in F1 or WTC etc, Jim. Ford has pulled the plug on it's so called factory team, leaving Holden with the HSV team as the only "factory" team. Every other team has always been a privateer, so Nissan and MErc being run that way is of no surprise, nor consequence. The only d#cky thing about the Merc deal is that the engines have to go back to Germany for service. It will be interesting to see if the Nissan and Merc injection can get this series moving again - it is practically stagnant, if not dropping in viewership here in Oz and NZ...they have yet (AFAIK) to even land a TV deal in Australia for the upcoming deason...this may mean that there is very little coverage of the racing this year, unless something can be sorted. The normal channel that ran SV8's in NZ has not renewed their contract, so it could be a case of only Bathurst being shown live here in NZ, and every other race as a half hour highlights package two weeks after the event. All this is some of the reasons Tony Cochrane was told to step down as the ring leader for the series.
  10. Yeah, the 1980's...Spandau Ballet etc...
  11. See...now he even mentions other people more than us, Jim....in fact, he doesn't even mention us anymore....
  12. Hey...that's what I said 4848 post's ago....
  13. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Ohhh..a surprise???? Wow! Betcha it will be KITT.....
  14. Today In F1

    Why is it illegal? Is it becuase you can't have nice smelling people owning assault weapons? Re McLaren engine...of course I know it races in GT. However, that is just a test bed. To make a V8 twin turbo into a V6 single turbo is a matter of de-tuning and thus increased reliability. McLaren had the M12C under wraps for nearly five years. Dennis is playing the long game, and no matter the engine reg's in F1 at the time that he decides to make it McLaren powered by McLaren, they will do it, and they will have decided to have done it many years in advance...ie. now. .
  15. Today In F1

    I still say that Macca will have Macca engines...maybe not next year, but before 2020. You don't develop an engine just for a road car if you're primary business is racing.
  16. Well, they are going vroom vroom like a Mazda at Jerez....and leading the way as I type this, Massa, setting a 1:36 and change. Future World Champ that lad.... More times to come when they, er, complete some laps....
  17. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    No, really....not one news report about Sahara has been, er, reported. To be honest, I have no idea what they do. Indian news doesn't usually get a word in on international newsfeeds. We all know Mallya is in trouble.
  18. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    I did not know that about Sahara....shame on you Jay for not keeping us heathens all in the loop!
  19. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Spain: Where filling every hole is a big job...
  20. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Who/what is RLY? You young whipper snappers and your acronyms...it's too confusing for me.....FFS (I so wish I knew what that meant too, but I see it is popular around here to finish off your post that way)
  21. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Lol....Guiterrez just ran out of fuel out on track... Mechanic: Alright Este...we're going to check your fuel consumption on this run...OK? EG: Hokey dokey!! I go out now? Ce? Mechanic: Yes Este...just sequence 7 on the engine map, OK...will keep the car at 7000rpm....do two laps and come in, OK? EG: Sure sure Senor...we go now? Mechanic: Yes EG: Wheeee....bye bye senor.... Mechanic watches him drive off and turns to fuel transfer technician.... Mech: So, you put one and a half laps of fuel in? FTT: Yup...sure did... Mech: Great...that'll leave him out on track for at least twenty minutes...getting so damn sick of his sterotypical damn Mexican gardener routine... FTT: Me too...would you believe he was looking at the transporter the other day asking me how many people we could fit in the back, and how the suspension was if it had to go off road....along a river or two....maybe crash through a fence....and if it could out run a Chevy Blazer....
  22. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    DLR: Hola! It'sa warma ina there...ce...what what.... Extinguisher Dude: Bloody journey man...doesn't know if he's English, Italian or Spanish....