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  1. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    More soccer-mums get in on the action, whilst the coach has set out the cones for dribble practise...
  2. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Rosberg gets in a fender bender with a soccermum-mobile...
  3. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Nice pic of the brick
  4. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Button ran over a shopping trolley... (look at his right hand sidepod)
  5. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Britney looks out of scale to the car....looks like his head has been shrunk....
  6. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Almost midnight...time to leave the little boys driving around in circles and hit the hay....
  7. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    After two hours of going around in circles, the times are: 1: ROS1.20.846 2: MAL1.21.215 3: RIC1.21.316 4: HUL1.21.533 5: MAS1.21.598 6: WEB1.22.959 7: GAR1.24.994 8: CHI1.25.176 9: BUT 10: DIR 11: PER 12: GROundefined
  8. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Chilton and his super smooth race car are now turning sub 90-sec laps...lets see how far he progresses...still just under 5-seconds slower than Webber who is the man just ahead of him.
  9. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Appears Button had a fuel pump issue. Wonder if that means it was the pump on the car, or the pump in the pits? Either way, he wasn't getting no gas. Doing his bit to save the world that lad.
  10. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Report is that he has stopped with a small amount of smoke coming from the car....maybe it was his Dad driving and he's stopped for a fag?
  11. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Oh bloody heck...I just lost all me pesos on Rosberg...he just stopped out on track...oh why oh why did I trust in the first hours testing form???? I feel like such a newbie....
  12. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Chilton slots in a 1:33...I like the car, and Sam had big props out of the UK media during the GP2 season (not that I saw what they saw), but I will be genuinely interested in seeing Marussia progress this year...actually, with Force India possibly having no money, I can see both Marussia and Caterham overtaking Force India...
  13. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Britney's backside (kind of) sorry...I meant the car.....
  14. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    WDC runner up....MASSA!!!
  15. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    So after one hours running it looks like Rosberg will be world champ (Merc WCChamps), Massa as the bridesmaid (Ferrari first loser in the WCChampionship), Maldonaldo third, the Hulk fourth with his super snazzy slimline sidepods (how do you like my alliteration, huh, huh?), Webber in fifth showing that RBR are going to fall massively from grace, and Greedo....er I mean Guido van der Garde in sixth...not bad for a green alie...er, I mean rookie driver in his first season... I'm so glad that pre-season testing shows me acurately the strengths and weaknesses of the cars and who is gonna clean up (Rosberg!!)...I'm off to the betting shop to lay a bet on him now....I'm thinking 2-million pesos...
  16. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Rosberg now topping the times with a 1:20.8...looks like HE'LL be word champ...oh it's so confusing and hard to keep up with all these possible world champions!!!
  17. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    Stupid stupid stupid....Button stops on track...way to go Macca...
  18. 2013 First Test (No, Not Cricket...)

    No, wait....a 1:22 and change by Maldonaldo....he'll be word champ with that sublime pace!
  19. Today In F1

    All those guys making it in to a race seat, makes you wonder what the point is in winning GP2...other than to guarnatee you can't ever race in GP2 ever again.... Seems to me, it's better to finish in P2 in GP2 so your options are open...try for an F1 seat, or at worst, do GP2 for another season. Win the thing and then not get picked up by an F1 team and you're left twiddling your thumbs on the sidelines, out of sight, out of mind.
  20. Today In F1

    And now van der Garde has a race seat too. Valsechi really should fire his manager.
  21. Today In F1

    Luis Razia in at Marussia? Looks like the GP2 runner up will get a full time drive, whereas the winner, Valsechi, is stuck doing sim runs for Lotus. Sure Lotus is the bigger of the two teams, but ain't nothing better than being on the track. Never warmed to Valsechi myself...alwyas appeared arrogant on the podiums, but then, hey, he might well be a lovely guy.... All the best to Razia if he actually does get confirmed for the drive. And in future news....Mitch Evans takes over the number two seat at RBR when Webber retires....(I wish)...was actually watching him today in the Formula Toyota's at Hampton Downs (he was twice champion in this series in 09 and 10 before racing GP3)...was looking very tidy too...much better than the others out there, which includes 3 other Kiwi's and 9 overseas drivers, many of whom are hoping to get into GP3...but I digress...
  22. Today In F1

    How is that any different to knowing a drivers contracted term? Tis not like he has spelt out every nuance of the contract....
  23. Today In F1

    That's note a 7...it's just a red swish.....FFS
  24. Nzfmr 2013

    Well I've just finished up two, three day weekends of motorsport...two car campaign last weekend with me pitcrewing under the watchful gaze of my 5-yo daughter, er, I mean crew chief....and racing this weekend. Previous weekend was spent sorting two cars that had only just been put back together during the week before...I installed the gearbox on theCooper Formula 3 on the Wednesday night to make that one work, and the last bolts went into Lola 23 on the Thursday night, with frist practise on the Friday morning. Cooper went OK on Friday but some shoddy work by the firm that overhauled the rear brakes on the Lola meant I spent the day on my back on the pit garage floor repairing them (over machined pistons and incorrect seals do not a happy brake, make). But once I got the Lola going for the Saturday, the old man was on the button...such a nice wee car is our #23...until the top link bolt shears that is and the right rear goes wibble wobble... But what's motorsport without a bit of getting your hands dirty? Anyways, fast forward to this weekend (mainly because I've had like six hours sleep in the last three days and the words a blurry...), and we are a three car team for the weekend with me in my Lola (#5), Pop's in the F3 Cooper and the other FFord Lola #23.... ...so out we go for practise on the Friday morning...my 'box swiftly begins to pack up on me, especially second gear, which is just not wanting to go in no matter what I do...blipping, double clutching, quick 1st, 2nd shift...so I'm trying to keep outta the way, and sitting just off the race line, and boom...clobbered up the jacksy by a Crossle from Ireland thinking that overtaking on the outside in a second gear hairpin is a good thing to do when there is three car widths to the right of me, and half a width to the left...passing side to the right...suicide to the left... ...we pick up the action with me heading towards the hairpin.... End of the day I ended up with the rear left castor knocked out of whack (he hit my left rear), and the gearbox in a worse state than what it started off in...hence it stalling when I drive past him and then having to hoof it out in third gear all lights (wheels) a-blazing, like. The next day one of our races a four car pile up started by an Italian leaving the island and then jettisoning straight across the track, collecting three cars on the way...and today, the guy that hit me, ran off at turn one and straight into the tyre barrier, ripping off his front left corner....AND then, to top it off, one of the cars in the final race caught fire going down one of the short straights when it's carb came adrift, had a back fire, and then...whooooosh...about three guys stopped and jumped to assist, a la David Purley. Once I get my pics down / uploaded, I'll post some up Have some shots of a very rare McLaren...as in, it only got half off the drawing board...that is until some kiwis decided to finish it off...
  25. Nzfmr 2013

    This is my mate Alan driving in a Lola T140...1968 (?) F5000...it's the oldest car in the field, and he is the youngest driver (21). He has raised a few eyebrows as this car should not be anywhere near the front, yet Al has taken a 3rd place at the Lady Wigram Trophy (big, long standing (since like the 60's) race here in NZ, with many famous winners over the years), and just recently took 2nd over in Australia. This vid is a year old, and since the end of last season they have taken 40kg out of the car, 3kg of which was straight off the engine, and increased the horsepower from 490 max to 520'ish now. But they are still 50-60 horses less than the newer cars (Lola T332's, McRae GM1's etc)....and their budget is much much less too...Al uses one set of tyres for two events, whereas others are using one set of tyres for every two sessions on the track. At last years festival, F5000 qualifying was in the wet...everyone went out on wet tyres to set their times....Al went out on slicks, as that was all they had....and set 8th fastest time in a field of 22 or so. I still don't think they have wets.....