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  1. Nzfmr 2013

    Nah..not since he jumped ship from Woking anyways....you not notice the colour of my car? Macca Orange dude!
  2. Nzfmr 2013

    Actually there is one shot of me hard at work floating around on the internet: http://clmintiepix.photoshelter.com/gallery-image/Festival-of-Motor-Racing-13/G00004.3RmyfcEoQ/I0000.zNQcJ8hRS4 The black Lola is my daughters car...or so she reckons. She knows that once she can touch the pedals she will be allowed to drive it....have been telling her that since she was about 3. So I tell her on the weekend that if she can touch the pedals AND see over the windscreen, then she can drive the car. Little smarty pants that she is, she slides forward in the c#ckpit so her chest is up against the steering wheel, head looking over the windscreen and feet on the pedals.....duh!
  3. Today In F1

    There were actually three Villeneuves...two by the same name, one the Uncle, one the Nephew...Jacques and Jacques...Uncle Jacques raced F5000's.
  4. Should Force India Hire Adrian Sutil Again?

    I didn't know Eric was from Iran...
  5. Nzfmr 2013

    Some random pics...that I hardly had time ot take since I spent most of the first weekend covered in oil and brake fluid... (Our 1974 Lola T340, the old man driving) The crew chief giving orders on setup for the Cooper Some of the cars I race against My car front and center, a 1973 Lola T340 (#5) BBQ'd T342...the result of the top half of a carb coming free and fuel getting on the distributor
  6. Nzfmr 2013

    OK, so as promised...the mysterious McLaren M18 Info I have dug up about this car so far is as follows: The car was "born" in 1971...basically from spare McLaren parts, and followed an un-built McLaren design. It was used in Tasman Goldstar events, and also ran as an F5000. In 2003 the car was brought to NZ by one of the two men that own Hampton Downs racetrack and local race shop Race FX have restored it to the original M18 drawing board design....including ground effects skirts.
  7. Today In F1

    Could be Borat having eaten all that good American apple pie and all that jazz.... ....or....this guy?
  8. Today In F1

    Yeah, totally Mark's fault the alternator....he's a bloody number two auto electrician, I'll grant you that Mr Marko... Penalty Flag please....
  9. Customer Cars

    I've said it once, and I'll say it again...customer cars are OK with me. What F1 really needs is more cars than grid spots. The 107% rule is a complete joke...enforced only in Q3 when the top cars are running on the harder (slower) tyre. It's a wishy washy target for the back teams - they never know what it is until the end of Q3, so where is the impetus to really improve? Now, increase the entrants by 10 or so cars, by means of customer cars and/or third cars (perhaps under a rule of "each team is allowed to enter a third car at three races in a season), and the guys at the back must then really pull their pants up so as to qualify for 8 grid spots less than there are cars. But Bernie doesn't like that - prefers 20 cars only. He'd rather have sprinklers and short cuts than a competition at the back of the field...which only makes the mid field and top of the field ever mindful of their backs. Other than that, I agree with 99% of what Eric said
  10. Should Force India Hire Adrian Sutil Again?

    Not your best shot, no...
  11. Merry Xmas 2012

    Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope all those celebrating today have a nice one and that the gift under the tree / in a Santa Sack at the end of the bed / parading at the end of the bed in lingerie is everything you had ever hoped for in your whole entire life. If not; there is always next year!
  12. Merry Xmas 2012

    Yes, it puts a spring in your step
  13. Today In F1

    I always thought Jaguar was pronounced "Sh#te British Made Car"....
  14. Where Can I Find Old F1 Races?

    It's Christmas...woohoo... I'm sure that statement is apt for this thread....no?
  15. Sports Car Racing Thread

    Nah...competition breeds advances. If you just had a car aimlessly driving around in circles, what is the point? Just a race-day-test. Having a goal, in this case, a little plastic trophy (or whatever), and competition between a few teams means that the advances in the technology will move along faster than if it was one team, and a bunch of drivers thinking "man, I coulda been racing in that car...". They will still prove whether or not the car can out perform the "old" cars, and if they prove successful, then others will want to join them. If they don't, then the teams will leave the "experiment".
  16. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Why does he have a mini-you? Surely he'd much prefer a mini-him?
  17. 2013 Preseason Predictions

  18. Should Force India Hire Adrian Sutil Again?

    .....or Senna....or Kovi....or Heidfeld.....
  19. The Lucky Championship?

    So what you really mean is that Alonso was very very lucky to finish second.
  20. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    OMG it's Katiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Ok that you supported Vettel...we know it's a bit shameful and he has a hard job matching up to the other two....
  21. 2014 Car Designs?

    That mock up accentuates the ugly equal sized wheels...ewwyuck. I think that the airbox will be retained in some manner for aero purposes...if not for sponsors...
  22. Ecclestone

    Thank the universe for that then...I was getting really worried there....
  23. Vettel Passing Str Under Yellow Flags

    Well then, perhaps they would like to be referred to page 18, Clause (3), paragraph ©, of the FIA ratified Motorsport NZ Manual here You'll find the same rules with MSA, CAMS, etc etc... Re the bold bit, even a legally insane person knows what he's talking about pretty well. All in all though, build a bridge, and enjoy your festive season, and count down the weeks until winter testing, yeah?