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  1. New Weird Nose Cone Proposition/solution ?!

    No slicks yet...least not till lap 23....slicks maybe next year...you can go back to snoozing now, worry free
  2. Super Bowl

    Giants to win 31 to 28...yes...missed field goal by the Pats, and then it will be perfect-season-what? But then the Pats have got Welker and Moss..... Maybe 31 - 28 to the Pats then... No...wait.....31 - 28 Giants... Ah farck it....they'll be some hooping and some hollering and some rubbing of the pig skin...oo er....
  3. Trulli: Rivals May Have Electronic Start Systems

    So if Trulli knows this, then surely he must have undertaken some form of spying, be it looking, listening, or reading some tech dossier - so is Mosley a man of his word and he's going to expell Toyota now? What is the definition of "spying"?
  4. Trulli: Rivals May Have Electronic Start Systems

    You mean something like this? I know it's old footage....but still farcking cool...
  5. F1 Videos

    We should all be glad that this sort of stuff never happens anymore in F1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRYPbiyhPLs Only David Purley tried to help Roger Williamson who was still alive but trapped. Purley was an ex British Forces Para. None of the other drivers even slow down....
  6. New Weird Nose Cone Proposition/solution ?!

    Bruce McLaren first discovered how good a hole in the bonnet was testing an M7 canam car when the fuel filler cap came off at speed. After getting back to the pits they replaced the cap but left the hole in the bonnet, only to have Bruce return and enlarge the hole as it was allowing the air that was travelling under the car to escape rather than lift the car and thus reduce downforce over the front axle. This idea is not new, but it does work - certainly on bigger cars. The question would be does it add enough extra downforce on a narrow nose of an F1 car? For high downforce tracks like Monaco it may help keep the nose going in the right direction. I'd say Colin Chapman was onto a better idea having the hole in the main body of the car as there is more lift being generated there, but with the advances of aero and computational fluid analysis the engineers have these days, they'd more than likely make it work better than Chapman ever did. His idea was probably more miss than hit. That and it was in a more neutral area of the car - you need the most amount of downforce over or near as damn it to the axles...not under the drivers bottom...
  7. Official Pre-season Testing Thread

    Do you think Honda dropped a Civic engine in the back of that car by mistake? Surely, surely, they can't be this bad...again?
  8. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Firstly, what's a hip boot? Secondly, who told you about my sheep? Support Macca, of course, being Kiwi and all...had Bruce survived, Ferrari would have about a million championships less than they have now... As for drivers, I support Lewis and Nico, and that Vettel fella is quite the driver too. Used to like Freddy, but he went down a few notches after this year...heres hoping PK Jnr gives him a good run for the moolah... Been watching these cars on the idiot box since PK Snr was tearing it up, and now, all these years later, finally going to a race live at Melbourne! Yay!
  9. Trulli: Rivals May Have Electronic Start Systems

    He probably means that he's seen Honda use a tow truck to get them going....
  10. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Hello everyone...howzit? Bumped into this forum the other week - hope I didn't spill anyones drinks.... From lil ol Kiwiland, New Zealand - so g'day!
  11. 2008 Prediction Thread

    WDC 1 Lewis 2 Kimi 3 Fellipe 4 Nico 5 Heikki WCC 1 Ferrari 2 McLaren 3 Williams 4 BMW 5 RBR Left on the grid for being so sh*t - Honda