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  1. PC nitwits...sick of 'em. So what if the crowd cheered when Vettel missed Q1? It's called...wait for it...passion! You go to a footy match, and there is always boo's, and cheer's etc, yet no one gives a Sh#t because you're all there having fun. Kev's doing OK. The kid has a good head on his shoulders and will hopefully have a good season. I still can't understand how Kyvatt is out there. A couple years ago, he was here in NZ getting down-troued by pretty much everyone in the TRS series, including by kids like Mitch Evans. I foresee a revolving door policy at STR over the next few seasons and would not be surprised if Vergne is gone at the end of the season and Kyvatt too, likely replaced by Sainz Jr and someone else with a bit of cash. Looking forward to the race. Haven't watched winged motocross bikes racing before....
  2. How Many Finishers In Melbourne

    Everyone will finish...only some will go the full distance.
  3. Is F1 Over Regulated?

    I've been watching some YouTwitTubeFace videos on YouTube of 1980's races, namely because I just finished reading a book on Gilles Villeneuve and it had some Tube links. But anyways, apart from the quite sexist (for our time) footage of all the laaaaay-dees, F1 of that era is so totally not what today's sport is. Club racing today is more organised than back then. So have rules been good or bad? Some have been. Bernie's push for more professionalism is not a bad thing, although the paying punter is locked out of most things. Car regs are a different matter, but could F1 be sustainable with today's costs if the rule book was open slather? I highly doubt it. Most teams are barely existing now without dreaming up fanciful ways of making downforce and ever larger V100 engines. It is what it is. Which is a competition between cars made to a formula. It is not cars from 1990 racing cars from 1970 racing cars from 2013. It is still an engineering formula whereby designers have to eek the most they can out of what the rules allow, including pushing into the boundaries of those rules. Just like in the past. I'm lucky I get to go historic racing and work on cars and drive cars and watch cars and all the rest that comes from it. I can appreciate what things were in the past, and I can appreciate what things are today. I am no less enthralled by standing on the pitwall as an F5000 goes past, as I am when a Can-Am snakes around some esses, as I am tuning on a 1000cc screamer F3 engine, as I am driving my Formula Ford, as I am standing at a hairpin watching F1 cars go past, as I am going to a modern day F1 race or watching it on the TV. If you can find a way in yourself to remove the negativity and concentrate on what it is that makes motorsport what it is, then who gives a flying about what the rules say this year, last year or next? The goal is still the same as it ever was, and that is to finish first.
  4. Sounds About Engine Noise

    There is no issue in that they sound different. Of course they do. A Ford Focus sounds different to a F5000 V8 engine. But will a turbo be boring? No. Of course not. They still scream. They're still loud. It's just a different pitch. Why engines have to sound the same today as they did thirty years ago, I will never know...
  5. Redbull Looking At Other Engines.

    Can't do jack about it this year. Contracts aside, they have a car chassis designed around it. It's (the engine) is part of the structure, being a stressed member and what not. If they were to change engine then they have to make a whole new car.
  6. What's Your Biggest F1-Related 'boast'?

    I drove this: .....out of the pit garage and into the trailer (about ten metres). Only stalled it twice....
  7. Heikki's Two Races In 2013 Cost Him Seat.

    Appreciate that, but by saying he'll stay out of the way or watch out for him, is being respectful....and mindful Pastor has a tendency to knock corners off.
  8. Teams To Meet To Discuss Qualifying Tweaks

    So it's more beneficial not to make it into Q3, becuase you get an extra pair of softs for the race over those that make it into Q3. Scrub them in in Q2 by doing one flyer, then you have a spanking new set for the race, and a three lap old set on hand too, which is no different to how the tyres were for the top ten drivers last year (except they didn't have another set of green tyres). Duh...
  9. Heikki's Two Races In 2013 Cost Him Seat.

    So he's never watched the tele then? Never read an Autosport or a Motorsport? Hmmmm....
  10. Heikki's Two Races In 2013 Cost Him Seat.

    Where's the idiocy in that statement? Maldonaldo does has his fair share of "racing incidents" (of which he seems to never admit to being his fault, something Nigel Roebuck has said). I too would be trying to stay out of the way, especially as the Marussia is "likely" to be lapped by the Maldy-one, and he hasn't shown too much patience in the past in terms of trying to overtake.
  11. The Fia And Williams Are Cowards.

    Hope those are FIA approved fire retardant skirts then
  12. The Fia And Williams Are Cowards.

    Where was the FIA on that, aye? Shocking I tell you! A travesty of justice!! Next you'll be telling me the men wore skirts too!!!
  13. Mercedes W05

    Saw some of Josh's races when he came here to do the Toyota Race Series last season (or was it the one before? Been working too hard, missed too much of life...haha). He was capable, but was not close to (or looked like getting close to) the guys up the front. A couple of them have made it to F Ren3.5 etc since. Perhaps for him it was a case of too young, too early. Perhaps we'll see him back in something when he is a bit older.
  14. Mercedes W05

    But I wear a poncho!
  15. Will This Year Make Or Break Vettel?

    Newey Champions: Nigel Mansell Alain Prost (kinda) Damon Hill (I say "kinda" as Adrian jumped ship and was on gardening leave when Hill won, but it was Newey's car) Mika Hakkinen (2 in a row) Seb Vet (4 in a row) And he fixed the suspension on the Amon F1 car after looking at it for 10-minutes at an Historic Race. Freak.
  16. Mercedes W05

    Good feedback...wasn't going to mention Jan and Kev-mate yet, since Kev-mate hasn't done diddly yet to be allowed to say he is good, bad, or indifferent. Soooo.... Mario and Michael: An amazing driver, could drive anything, and was a very personable and well like fellow, and he triumphed in more than one category of racing, and in F1, in more than one team. Mick, on the other hand, thought he could just fly over every race weekend, get in the car, and drive having expected the team to have set the car up for him. Wasn't helped by the crappy engines McLaren had at the time, but his whole work ethic sucked, and trying to live on the other side of the Atlantic was never going to work in the early 90's. Pappy managed it, because back then, you raced every weekend, in pretty much anything you could get you hands on. Mario the Great, Michael the Small. The Nakijima's: Can't say I can say much off the top of my head for these two likely sushi conniseurs (like me ). Daddy, Satoru drove the lovely Camel Lotus'. The Camel Lotus was the first car I ever really paid attention to in Formula One. I think up until that stage, F1 was only highlights on TV in NZ bundled together at the end of the month (though not far off getting full race coverage which started in 1990), and fit around the All Blacks trouncing the Wallabies in the Bledisloe Cup. Up till then, I was more interested in going to watch Formula Pacifics race around Pukekohe than being an avid follower of F1 (wasn't too much to follow, obviously). Junior, otherwise known as Kazuki, made a go of it with Williams. That's about all I can remember of him, as he was that influential on the racing. Final scores, Senior amassed 16 points (when points were very hard to get), and had a single fastest lap. Junior scored 9 points, when points were much easier to get, and didn't get any fastest laps (or anywhere near if we are being honest).
  17. Mercedes W05

    Of course
  18. Haha...those sneaky Italians with a cunning plan... Welcome to the forum by the way.
  19. Sounds About Engine Noise

    But he would talk, eventually.
  20. Mercedes W05

    Of second gen drivers, Nico is still missing that WDC thing... Graham and Damon Hill; both WDC Gilles and Jacques Newtown; should have won in 76 (??), got damn close anyways, and rebel junior clinched it (got damn close to losing it - some sort of symmetry there with Pop's) Keke and Nico Rosberg; smoker, moustachioed and drove round Pukekohe raceway like a demon in a Ralt Atlantic, went on to win the WDC. Junior, whilst I rate highly doesn't seem to have that certain edge as Pappy had. What other Dad and Son combo's were there? Ralf was Michaels son wasn't he???
  21. It's a 1979 Ensign N179...Mo Nunn's team. You have a choice of drivers; Derek Daly, Patrick Gaillard, or Marc Surer. The correct answer, for those playing at home, is Derek Daly.
  22. And this...I don't know where to even start....other than it intrigues me, and I now want to know more about it. Must send this pic off to a friend that is an egghead on such things. The Die Hard sticker suggests US based, so perhaps a turbine Indy car???
  23. Somehow Gilles agreed to drive this strangely winged Ferrari...perhaps they were trying to cure his tendency to oversteer when driving on the straights, as he was want to do?
  24. This is what it looks like with the beer goggles removed....sheesh...
  25. Strangely when this car was all white it looked butch ugly, but with a splash of paint you might go a lap or two with her (proving as with women, so too are race cars...it's all in the dressing)