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  1. Poor old Ronnie P had to explain this to his Mum
  2. Will This Year Make Or Break Vettel?

    Well, suddenly he has a car that appears to be mid-field'ish, if it even finishes. However, in saying that, one can not excuse the fact that RBR will turn the car around, and this is just the first week of testing with brand new cars with a whole new design philo...phee...filofos....idea as the starting point. The cooling aspect would be the first to-do for Newey and co, and frankly, the easiest to address. Renault, however, have a few more issues, and if these are not resolved, then it is going to be a long season for anyone with French horses behind their heads, not just Seb. We do not know if the chassis, suspension, and aero is up to snuff on the car, as frankly, they just haven't done any laps yet, thanks mostly to those damn Frenchies. What we do know, is that Newey is the man you'd want right at this juncture; he is the best there ever has been in F1, and probably no other designer will emulate him again (they simply don't have the same grounding as Adrian had as he moved up through the ranks of motorsport). At Leyton House he designed a car that at the start of the season (think from memory it was their second season), that didn't perform as expected. But come mid-season, they were challenging at the front again (will have to find the Motorsport interview again to go over some of the details) becuase Adrian figured it out. And on a next to nothing budget too. So, Seb will get a good car. Eventually. And that "eventually" will depend lagely on Renault, and not the car I feel. Seb (and Danny Bhouy) will need to be patient. And that is about it, for I have a good feeling the chassis itself is not the issue. Seb can't lose. His image won't be bent out of line in the slightest. If the car remains a dog, Renault will get the blame for the most part, and what can a driver do if the engine keeps breaking? If Renault sort the engine, and the chassis isn't half bad, then Seb stands an equal chance of winning the title alongside Hammy, Kimi, Alonso, Nico, and Jenson (not keen on thinking Kev-mate can be consistent enough to warrant him staying in touch with their Jense). I do beleive though, engine failures taken out of the equation, that Danny-Bhouy will have a hard time of hanging onto Seb's coat tails when they both finish a race.
  3. Ross Brawn Retires

    He's just all confused that we down-trou'ed India in the one-dayers, so you'll have to bear with him talking nonsense at the moment.
  4. @Andres: I quite like the 6-wheeler Tyrell. Both aesthetically and the engineering reason behind it. @Kool and the Gang: I agree re the Caterham. I was kinda hoping the little guys might come up with a trick, but....no @Ricardo: I was thinking the same thing today - the rule should state a minimum width for a minimum length from the tip going rearwards, like 150mm or 200mm wide. The old noses wouldn't have been any wider than that at the tips. @The Universe: I was thinking, and maybe hoping, that we would see noses not unlike McLaren had only three years ago when it was low. Obviously that style of nose no longe stacks up in the wind tunnel, but surely it worked back then, so why not now?
  5. RBR? Really? http://www.formula1.com/wi/gi/597x478/2rrk/sutton/2013/dms1428ja42.jpg
  6. Mclaren Mp4-29 Launched

    Does Mrs Thaw know you have that, er, tucked away....??
  7. Ross Brawn Retires

    Yes, a well earned retirement. Though, is it retirement-put-your-feet-up-and-go-fishing thing, or will it just be from F1? Time shall tell, and with a brain like that, he'll want stimulus of some sort of challenge.
  8. Sounds About Engine Noise

    Him and CVC....but whom to replace him with?
  9. Sounds About Engine Noise

    Sorry to disappoint that it wasn't Eddie Irvine as you'd been hoping for
  10. Sounds About Engine Noise

    Maybe Bernie just needs a better hearing aid???
  11. New Cars, Much Slower Says Kimi.

    A mix of free and Sky, but it's worth paying the measly amount of money to Sky when you consider how Sh#te free to air TV is every other hour of the day
  12. Sounds About Engine Noise

    Having heard a few of the engines at Jerez this past week, I still don't think anything is wrong or missing with the sound. Still sound like engines being pushed by the monkey in the c#ckpit.
  13. New Cars, Much Slower Says Kimi.

    See, you may have all the themeparks there in the GC, we in lil ol Kiwiland get GP3, GP2, F1 (all sessions including practice), WRC, DTM, MotoGP, Indy, NASCAR...in fact about the only thing we don't get is 24hrs of Le Mans. And there is also a substantial amount of coverage of national racing such as the TRS series (Toyota Racing Series) which is our version of cars that are not too unlike GP3, hence guys like Josh Hill and Piquet the youngest coming to race here in our summer over five consecutive weekends (three races a weekend). The young British lad Jann Mardenborough, whom won the PS3 Gran Tursimo sim thing two years ago is currently in second on the points table this year, having also raced here last year (finished mid-table if I recall...he was a bit like Malonaldo and seemed to be spend more time with a wing hanging off or mounted up the gearbox of the guy infront last year, but this year he has settled down and is going lickity split in the wet). Back to the speed of the F1 cars, I imagine that they will be quicker in Bahrain; this test will have only been breaking in the cars, whereas Bahrain will see race simulation, and as such, they have to give it 10 tenths. GP2 engines will change when the current chassis is retired, which is in about two years. The current chassis has been going for two seasons (at least). GP3 was upgraded this past season, so their engine will remain the same for another four or five seasons. Remember that there is going to be a horsepower race this year, as the engines are not yet frozen like they were for the past five seasons. We have an interesting year ahead of us, and to be frank, times are irrelevant if the racing aspect is there...you can watch a bunch of BMW E30's hacking it out, overtaking and such, and even though they're lapping upwards of 10-seconds slower than even me in my Formula Ford, they still do put on a good race (even if it is between shopping trollies with stickers on the doors). And F1 has been getting slower in the past decade anyway, not that you have ever voiced concern over it before...lets take Monza....Montoya did 53 laps (and won) in 2001, and completed those 53 laps, 1 minute and 40 seconds faster than Vettel did the same 53 laps last year. Likewise, JPM pole that year was 1.22.216...Vettels in 2013 was 1.23.795. Of course Monty had a V10 3-litre engine....Vettel a V8 2.4-litre engine.... GP2 currently has a V8 4-litre engine...practically a dinosaur even in road car terms. As for Leimer, he had some good races, but as with any young guy coming up through the ranks, there were some real dumb moments from him too. Valsechi in 2012 on the other hand, I didn't think much of him, and apparently, neither did Lotus, to which he got all sour about for some reason.....
  14. Sounds About Engine Noise

    The engines will sound fine, and, gee, not all too different to the 1990's
  15. Are Williams A Spent Force In F1

    Not much money = not much chance. If they could secure a deal like they had with Bimmer, then maybe they will have a chance again. But to be at the level of McLaren, Ferrari and RBR takes a lot of money.
  16. Maria De Villota Passes Away.

    Bit of a bummer, as they say.
  17. Tought It Was F1

    Ric...there are five of us in all corners of the globe. I just signed on having just worked 40-hours straight...yes you read right, 6am yesterday to 10pm tonight. I'm ever so sorry I, or Eric, etc weren't at your beck and call. Take a chill pill. We're not like other forums whereby we all pretty much know each other on a personal level. Crack a joke and carry on. Craig
  18. Here ya go James....Aussie V8 Supercars and NZ V8 Supertourers thread!! You can do the WTCC one...and maybe a DTM one?
  19. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    It appears that the teams that had the blowouts had their tyres on the wrong rims. The tyres were never designed to be on that side of the car, a bit like directional road tyres, only with less margin of safety (being that they are race tyres). You can't lay the entire blame on Pirelli, and this is why the teams are keeping pretty quiet. They fooked up, not Pirelli.
  20. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    Well, still inline
  21. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    A full head of hair...now THAT was good....
  22. Pure dumb luck. You shouldn't read so much into the situation. Mark was probably at his peak in 09/10, but Vettel is only now hitting his straps. It has nothing to do with the car and everything to do with the drivers, sorry to say for your favourite.
  23. The League Table Of Drivers Through Team Mates

    Macca have far better systems in place than Merc. Just because it has Merc on the side of the car, doesn't change the fact it's still BAR. Merc make road cars and engines.