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  1. 2013 24 Hours Of Le Mans

    Eric, I know this is going to sound harsh, but if motorsport is too much for you, then so too should anything be involving a car. More people are going to die going to die driving to work in the next hour than there will be fatalities in motorsport for the whole year. Difference here being is that the schmuck driving to work doesn't expect to be killed in a car smash. He is neither prepared mentally for it, nor does he drive a car offering any form of real surviviability. The race car driver that gets into a race car knows full well that they might not get back out again. It is a risk that they take. It is a risk that their families let them take. When I get into the c#ckpit of my car, I sometimes very briefly think about it, and think about my daughter. But I still strap in, and lock and load 125Hp to my back, quite literally. If NASA had stopped when they had the fire on the launch pad, then you'd have never have had the Space Shuttles. You can't stop doing or liking something becuase someone, somewhere, gets hurt or killed. That's just life. It doesn't make their loss of life meaningless, but don't make what they did meaningless, otherwise you make them meaningless.
  2. The League Table Of Drivers Through Team Mates

    I can't help but think that McLaren have thrown this year out the window from the get go, and have been putting all the eggs in next years car which will be a totally new machine from the wheel hubs up. If RBR / Ferrari etc are busy in the 2013 development race, and not putting too much effort into 2014 until towards the end of the season, then McLaren might get quite a jump on the others.
  3. 2013 24 Hours Of Le Mans

    Me thinks the headlights won't work too well... 1/ A shadow in the center front of the car caused by the nose 2/ It'll light up the c#ckpit causing night blindness for the drivers
  4. The Mercedes/pirelli Tyre Test Saga

    Oh and he needs a fecking haircut
  5. The Mercedes/pirelli Tyre Test Saga

    He is in the simulator, and he did the young driver test last year. Personally I think he is better suited to prototype racing. Hopefully he has a good Le Mans this year.
  6. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    Mitch Evans is also in "the programme". His "programme" being two years in GP2 and then.....
  7. The Mercedes/pirelli Tyre Test Saga

    They also have Hartley
  8. The Mercedes/pirelli Tyre Test Saga

    Did McLaren ever use the plans? Nope. Why? Becuase they were only relevant for that years car, and therefore only any good had they gotten the plans the year before. It was McLarens alleged lying that got them the fine, not the data. I do recall Toyota having some data acquired the same way around the same time. Nought much happened to them. Merc is testing next years tyres...NEXT YEARS TYRES...ie they will be a reality, not as in the case of McLaren where all they really would have gotten from some plans was to see how else they could swing a cat. Merc threrefore would get an adavantage in 2014 having generated baseline data. I think that this would therefore be worse than Spygate.
  9. It was hard work, but someone had to do it
  10. Death Trap

    Oh I thought that this was going to be a competition about who stuffed up the electrics, and then you went and ruined it by providing the answer. My vote was going to go to Brad. You just can't trust South Africans.
  11. Bumpy track - there are other similar tyre marks to the left of Webbers car, albeit a bit fainter. The reason Marks are darker is that he let rip from zero speed (or nearer to it than what you normally would) Case closed, your honour.
  12. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    A quick histoury lesson for the young....(making myself sound old..ewck) Inline turbo fours have history in Aussie Touring Cars - Nissan with the all conquering Skyline (lapped everyone (or nearly everyone) at Bathurst one year), plus the Ford Sierra. Holden was running around with a V8 and could never match them. This became the precursor to getting rid of the 2000cc cars. ************************ Ford Falcon is a dodo in three years. This effectively has no bearing on the V8 supercars, as they are now bespoke chassis with Ford Falcon panels (before the current cars there really did live a production chassis, albeit modified). Holden has also said that they are on the last generation of the Commodore but have not announced it's official demise. If news is floating around about V6's then this could be becuase the Aussie car industry is pretty much on it's knees in terms of producing their own car (they still have manufacturing plants for other marquee). If V6 rules came in, then I would say that the title would revert to Australian Touring Cars, and not V6 (slightly less) Super Cars
  13. I would have thought that he would have left the vrrrm, vrrrm, vrrrm, vrrrm, vrrrm pulse start technique long behind him in Formula First/Vee. I would hope he's doing the vrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMM (drop clutch) go technique. Using the pulse technique, there is a 50/50 chance your revs are dropping when the lights go out. Doing the redline technique means you are at full revs and the engine will only drop off for a second as the clutch bites.
  14. The Obvious, The Predictions, The Drama!

    Nah...it's just your driving JP
  15. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    The rumour has it, is that they will be Cadillacs...currently the safety car is one. So a Caddy body, Chev engine. And another GM.
  16. The essence of TC, which is indeed banned these days (as should be power steering and flappy paddles), is that you just put your foot down and the torque and wheel slip is monitored so as to ensure no wheel spin which 1) gets you nowhere fast and 2) brings the back end around to say hello to the front. That's a pretty basic overview, because the drivers wouldn't actually just plant their right foot; they will still be feathering in the corners when accelerating as this is what they have learnt in all grades of open wheelers on the way up the ladder. The TC just "fixes" any over exuberance. TC tries to equal out the torque at the wheel from side to side. Higher torque on one wheel over the other will generate more force (traction), thus begin the car spinning. TC matches torque and corner balance (cross weight transference) to prevent one wheel getting more force (traction) on the ground than the other. Without TC, you can do burn outs (in the olden days (a few years ago) you would hear every race from Martin Brundle how the drivers would be turning off the TC as the formed up on the grid so they can spin the wheels and put some rubber down). Without TC, the back end will wiggle a bit, which can be seen on the skid marks, but it will generally be just one sustained arc. Because one wheel is travelling on a longer arc (the outer one), and because there is more weight transfer on the outer wheel, you will get a darker outer skid mark. You can try this experiment at home...it's fun With TC, the wheels, in theory, should not put down any rubber. If Webber peeled off without laying rubber, then maybe he just has a better right foot, or was pointing straighter (or at least the front wheels were). If he laid rubber, then this would be an indication that he didn't have TC at all, or if he did, it failed miserably. The engine note would not necessarily change if you had or did not have TC. TC works on the torque at the wheel, not torque at the engine. All the magic is done in the 'box. McLaren still supplies all the ECU's. One would imagine that it will be harvesting data all the time in respect to engine torque, wheel torque, yaw, and wheel speed. From that data you would be able to map left and right hand side wheel torques to see if they were being maintained equally which would indicate TC. No driver can do that. Or should I say, do that consistently. A team could still put in a piggy back system of their own to run TC, but the ECU measurements of the above would still occur, and you would be found out. The fact that Webber always seems to bog down off the line might actually indicate that he prefers to run a high 1st gear. A high 1st gear will prevent wheel spin, but this is offset with the car getting up to speed quickly. I have a high 1st gear in my car, comparative to everyone else on the grid. I can hold 1st gear normally for 200m if I really wanted to (I don't though, as if I did that then I'd be well back). The bonus for me is that I do not wheel spin (TC in a 40-yr old non-TC Formula Ford), and if the guy infront does, then I have the good chance of passing him off the line; at least that is the theory. However, it really does help in wet and damp conditions, where you go from 8th to 3rd in 100m on a quite damp track. If his 1st gear was higher than wasshisface, then chances are, that his skiddies would look different on the track. Or perhaps it was just something to do with green aliens.
  17. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    Sainz. You heard it here first....
  18. The Obvious, The Predictions, The Drama!

    I would just like to pick a few bones: Pirelli F1 tyres are black. So too are their road tyres. Pirelli F1 tyres are round. So too are their road tyres. Pirelli F1 tyres are filled with nitrogen. So too can your road tyres if you ask nicely at the tyre shop (the ones that do nitro fills). Pirelli F1 intermediate and wet tyres have treads. So too do their road tyres. Pirelli F1 tyres transmit the engine torque to the ground. So too do their road tyres. Pirelli F1 tyres will go flat if driven over nails. So too will their road tyres. I could go on. But I am sure you will see that it is just not their name on the sidewall that makes them similar to road tyres. And so endeth the sermon. Oh, and Kimi sucks. The last bit of ice cream off the stick.
  19. V8 Supercars / Supertourers

    So he'll be at the back, and if he doesn't start the race, may not even get a go. Pye has not been having a good season. Nissan is still way off pace. Merc made some in-roads this past weekend. Volvo gig was known at last weekends race too. Chevvy may join...
  20. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    I heard it was because he had finally learned that Pavlova was a New Zealand dessert, not an Aussie one. And Phar Lap wasn't Aussie either. He's had quite a week of serious and harsh news, I tell you.
  21. What If Schumi Stayed?

    Ha! Basketball is not a sport. It's just a game. Like tiddlywinks.
  22. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    Well, he wouldn't go anywhere in Champcars, as that series ceased to exist some years ago. I think he would do reasonably well in V8's - the field is pretty open really - afer today's race, six points separate 2nd overall to 6th overall (or was it third to sixth????) Anyways, Australia needs another good Aussie in there before Scotty Mac, the Giz and Fabio take over for NZ and put Ockerland in it's place. (It is about time you lot realised that you are the West Island afterall ) In Indycar I think he would be mid pack to top five sort of material for the first year - so much technology is not in those cars that it will take a bit to unthink it all and drive with your backside again like in Formula Ford. If he did two or more years he would become more dominant. Had Rubes stuck out another year, then I think he would have been up the front. Rubes is definately a better driver than Ryan Hunter-Reey-Reey
  23. What If Schumi Stayed?

    Nah. Hamilton, Nico, Seb, and Freddy are just plain better than Schuie. Schuie just lucked into a peachy period of less competition, sort of like a big fish in a little pond scenario. His closest competition was Mika through his dominant years. He had more competition in his Benetton years but who knows if they cheated or not back then, and frankly, I don't care if they did or didn't - his name is in the record books. If he was ten years younger he would have been on par with the other four, but he wasn't ten years younger. He was ten years slower. Ten years less hungry. Ten years with his mind more on other things. Ten years worse in his eyesight. Ten years worse in his reactions. (Although in saying that, in thirty years from now, his reactions and race craft will be better than what mine is today!! )
  24. Where Will Webber Go In 2014?

    No reason to believe he won't win a race this year. At least one. To do WEC he'd be having to be paid a Sh#tload, otherwise, why go there? He's been and done it. Nothing against all the very good drivers that are doing it now, and I think that there is going to be a real classy field at Le Mans, but it just doesn't seem suited to me for Mark. As a sports person you always look for the next challenge, and he hasn't done Bathurst nor Indy 500...if I was in his shoes, then I'd be thinking along trying my hand at either of those two series. And there is nothing holding him back from doing a Le Mans AND race V8 Supercars (one of the current grid is doing it this year)
  25. The League Table Of Drivers Through Team Mates

    1 plus 1 is 6. And that is all you need to know.