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  1. Yes. It was. Some young forum fellow didn't like the hats though. Can't remember his/her name now, but, what a moron....
  2. End of first race at Austin (of four),,,Whincup takes it over Lowndes for a Red Bull 1-2. And a Nissan in 6th! Highest finish ever for them. Good race, lots of overtakes, lots of battles all through the field; this track actually works in terms of providing a base for a motor race, which leads me to believe that F1 just sucks in the overtakes department (well, I always knew, but this first race just makes the point) Second race in an hour....
  3. Heres Scotty Pye getting his flight licence:
  4. In the news today: Yet another manufacturer looks set to join V8 Supercars next season, with chairman Mark Skaife expecting an announcement by Christmas. Chrysler is being heavily linked with upgrading its status from supplier of the safety cars to a full-blown entry. As the V8s make their American debut at the Austin 400 in Texas this weekend, buoyed by Nissan's start to life in the category, speculation is rife of talks between an existing team and the US carmaker. Chrysler were also linked with a possible 2013 entry, though it didn't progress beyond the discussion point. That was before the V8s started a five-year deal to race in the US and the addition of Nissan and Mercedes. Both may be game-changers for an American company trying to grow its brand in Australia. Skaife has warned any futureinternational V8 expansion must be sustainable and sensible, not the rent-a-category model which took them to the Middle East amid sparse crowds and general apathy. The five-time V8 champion says going where there are link-ups for sponsors and manufacturers is key to getting expansion right. "If we had a Korean manufacturer, it would make sense to have a race in Korea. I know there's been plenty of discussions with Nissan about having a race in that part of the world. "If you take it to places like Bahrain and Abu Dhabi, and you don't have people there whoappreciate it, then it doesn't do the best thing for the business. Americans will love this sport." After the first day of practice it was the drivers who agreed it's America the beautiful. Holden's Craig Lowndes set the fastest time in practice and the sport's newest venue won rave reviews. Lowndes, who rocketed around the Circuit of the Americas in 1m 32.9042s - the fastest time in the four practice sessions - likened its spectacular elevation changes to Bathurst. Ford driver Will Davison, second fastest for the day, called it a circuit that needed to be driven "balls-out". Holden Racing Team's Garth Tander was third quickest in a Commodore which will soon be sold in the US as a Chevrolet, and emerged from the car convinced the American experiment will prove a great success. "For us, it's a massively worthwhile exercise ... it's a great opportunity for us to showcase Australian racing in America at a fantasticfacility," Tander said. "I was absolutely blown away when I got on the plane just how many Australians were on the plane coming to the race. If that's the measure of how this event has got the potential to grow over the next couple of years, it's going to be a winner."
  5. Nickname Handy, real name, Craig, JP Ain't no Andy...
  6. FIA has said no to the changes, so we race on...good result in my mind as this doesn't favour one team over another, perceived or real.
  7. Happy Birthday Mr Grab ye Thaw and Slay ye Hammer. May ye Hammer find ye Gifts worth Slaying!!
  8. Happy Birthday, Brad. Hope it's a good'un.
  9. Mystery solved....tower is still there. Phew.
  10. Quick update: Pukekohe: They poked my local race track - improvements for them in the guise of "impact absorbing barriers",ie concrete highway median barriers, all around the track, new, reaised curbs and new roof tile curbing elsewhere, has left regular users of the track, like me, having to face lakes around half the track even in the lightest of rain, as somehow, drainage wasn't included in the $6.6m upgrade plan. And whoever thought concrete was ever going to absorb energy when you hit them, should be forced to pay the 12 BMW E30 drivers who have hit the wall (in one ping pong crash), one of which had the car floor try and reach the car roof subsequently squashing the driver inside, as well as the 8 Honda Cup drivers who all slid off into the same stretch of wall during an endurance race, the two F5000's that are literally wirtten off, and quite a few other cars which now have either broken off suspension (open wheelers), or body work that is more crumpled alloy foil than polished car panel. Perth: Scotty Pye proved that you can make a car fly...sideways. A short circuit, and one real passing corner, so a little bit processional, but was reasonable entertainment. Craig Lowndes took the record for most career wins. Austin: Three laps in and Scotty Mac has been knocked off in the first corner, and a few other spins in the first lap. Reasonable crowd, and turn one is looking like a goos banzai overtake corner. That tall tower is missing. Where'd it go? Cars doing 1:32's for full lap. Crowd seems engaged and cheering the action.
  11. Monaco is a high downforce, "slow" track, which means the tyres are loaded heavily through aerodynamic means, and they also need to be soft so as to warm up and "perform". This might mean that some teams might try two stints on the softest compound - which will be interesting to say the least. You can pass at Monaco, but it requires the assistance of the car you are passing. Just ask Lewis or Massa about this Canada is just a rough horrible track surface, and the teams don't have enough tyres by that stage of the weekend to do seven stops, so that just isn't going to happen. (Tyres get taken away at the end of the P sessions even if they are unused) Canada could well be won by the car that punctures last. So Merc is out, and Marussia has a flippin good chance...
  12. Well it all depends, JP, if that is the quickest strategy on the day. I don't think you can just blithely make a statement like that until you take into account all the variables, like grid position, how hot the track is, how much the tyres degrade....wait
  13. Mitch Evans? Daniel Riccardo? Jerome Ambrosioyoyo? Mark Webber? Kimi Raikkonen when he rallies? Scott Speed? Nup...I don't think anyonme around here will guess Judging by your first few posts you know your stuff, so enjoy the site...we're all thick Richard Craniums, so it will be nice having someone smart around here...lordy knows its been hard with Andres, the balding one, with the most smarts...
  14. Just doing my weekly public service, Angelica (and welcome aboard)
  15. Well to answer this I think you must consider the geo-political landscape and the quasi-economical divestments currently in play in the realm of Formula Ooon Firstly, RBR is on a roll. A roll not too unlike that of Ferrari in 2000-2005. And what happened through that period for non-Ferrari/Schumacher fans? Well, we got bored. Bored, bored, bored. We got sick of the procession, sick of knowing the winner...this wasn't motorsport was it? Now RBR is scaryingly close to repeating the Ferrari days. So what do you do if you are Bernie and CVC can see that viewers will again switch off if the winner is a fait a complait? Well, you do something that might slow them down, or at least give others a better shot at usurping them. The RBR has for a long time not been the quickest in a straight line. But they win races, basically by being the fastest over a lap (or sixty). So the only other place on a track after the straights are the windy bits, the corners. And the RBR flies through these. How does it do that? Superior downforce and suspension setup. So, Bernie cooks up a plan...can't be losing billions you see in his last few years on the planet. Make the tyres just a little bit different, so that when all this extra downforce is applied, they overheat the tyres...just enough to make RBR throttle off a touch. And in so doing, because the tyres switch on earlier (get to operating temp) then the cars that didn't have as much downforce nor the mechanical suspension setups can now, too, get the tyres to work, and thus, the car is competitive. Or at least, that could be a theory
  16. Lets try: You will need to sell your mothers car to afford a ticket You will be deafened by the noise You will have to sit outside, in the rain, with no cover, for over six hours You will be strip searched each time you enter the circuit The queues for the strip search will stretch out to Manhatten, whereby you will get arrested for loitering, and then strip searched at the cop shop Once you do get in you will find that your very expensive seat that you were assigned is a/ made of plastic and b/ is cracked so that it pinches your backside all day long You will be squeezed between two obese people, leaving you only 12" in which to comfortably sit....sideways The person in front will insist on wearing one of those umbrella hats, meaning that you can only see the outside of the corner that you "grand" stand is other words, you will take glee in watching tyre marbles form and have their own race towards the outside of the race track Being a street race, you can only see 200m (1/8th mile) of the race track - the rest of the race can only be viewed via a big screen...of which you can only see a sliver of; the bit that only half the LED's are working on, and of course with no commentary You will be mugged whilst walking home Anything putting you off yet?
  17. Eric is right - it's not the tyres, but the distance, that is the real difference between F1 and GP2, as are the levels of downforce between F1 and GP2...the tyres last longer in GP2 as there is less load on them, and then they don't have to make as many corners. It's like comparing apples and oranges. Both fruits, both reasonably spherical in shape, but entirely different otherwise.
  18. Not sure about that. But are you really you? Can you prove it? To yourself?
  19. I never pushed that button. I didn't sell nothing to no-one. (Yes, I know that is a double negative, but I am just being all street talking jivey and that, yo, word.) I is the devil.
  20. Wouldn't a simpler solution be to lessen the amount of laps? Then no one is handicapped for designing a car to be mechaincally soft, and those that haven't done this, increase their survivability rate? Eliminate 10 laps and you effectively eliminate the "soft" tyre issue. Also, eliminate the rule that the top ten have to start on the tyres they ran in qualifying...OR...make everyone do it. Then everyone is on equal footing. It is mainly this rule that is creating the preservation racing and/or not running in Q3, not the actual tyres themselves.
  21. They're black, they're round, and everyone has the same ones, so whats the problem? Build a bridge and get over it. Shut up and race.
  22. Happy Birthday, ya freak!! Woohoo!! Rah Rah!!
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