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  1. Which Car Is Faster?

  2. It's A Freaky Deaky Day!

    Happy Birthday, ya freak!! Woohoo!! Rah Rah!!
  3. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    They're black, they're round, and everyone has the same ones, so whats the problem? Build a bridge and get over it. Shut up and race.
  4. Which Car Is Faster?

    You have too much time on your hands Eric. The question was between three cars not fifteen...
  5. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    but I don't drink....and perhaps it is the earth that is swelling thus giving the impression that the sky is falling
  6. Vettel Haters

    Jim Clark. No one better, ever, before or since (which is really the meaning of ever)
  7. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    OMG OMG OMG It's the end of the world!!! The sky is falling!!! Someone!! Save meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! (Or at least Andres, but only because he's funny like a mascot)
  8. 2013 Indianapolis Racing League

    Looks like some amateur video channel thing...You Boob or Your Toob or something...never heard of it before in these parts. Lots of crackheads talking monologues about holes in bagels or some such it appears... In other words, it works....
  9. Can Grosjean Control His Crazy Driving

    ...yeah but he learnt those moves off Senna...
  10. Top Five Drivers In Your Opinion

    McQueen didn't win, so you have to put Garner ahead as he won in that Honda :P
  11. 2013 Indianapolis Racing League

    Ohhhh...they could come to Cromwell at the Highlands Motorsport Park...fantastic new track here in NZ: Can't wait to race there next Easter. Hoping like heck that Tony Quinn lets us run on the full 4.8km configuration...I'll be grinning from ear to ear and then some!! Dixon needs to stop starting at the back, the plonker....
  12. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    Bearing....wheelnuts...thrown a tyre weight..steering rack bushes...using steel tyre valves (rubber are best)...it's a Porshe...
  13. So When Will Pirelli Bring Better Tires ?

    Too many long posts to read them all, and my eyes are a bit blurry from driving Pukekohe on the simulator, but, here's my take: I don't care that the tyres last but a handful of laps; it is the same for everyone, and an engineering riddle to overcome to make your car more compliant to them. Watching the 2nd GP2 race, the commentators mentioned that the race was, well, dull...and for the most part, the middle 50% of the race was. All cars were running the hard tyres, so degradation was not really an issue (they are not allowed pitstops in the second race). So what happened was, five laps of guys fighting for a place, and then right up until the last seven laps, it was like watching a re-run of the Trulli Train from the early 00's. Whilst two tyre companies in F1 would be good, it does lead them towards a tyre that will outlast the other, and thus harder and harder compounds are used. The cars get slower. The cars get more squirrelly on the track (hard compound being harder to heat up, rubber doesn't get pliable, tyre skids over the tarmac). Races become follow the leader affairs. The amount of laps that the Pirellis will last is entirely dependent on the race track. The tracks in China, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and any other track that does not have racing on it consistently throughout the year (or summer months, whichever way you want to look at it), will always have more tyre wear than one where there is significant amounts of racing going on to rubber in the track, such as Spa, Nurburgring, Monza etc. Just enjoy the fact that there is disparety in how each car uses its tyres, and how the really good drivers can manage them too. Unless they go to 24" wide rear tyres, then, let em race as they are. I'm enjoying it.
  14. Vettel Haters

    About time this club had its first annual general meeting...been hanging out for this for like, forever. Thanks for starting the club off MTG!! Will you be the president? Or are we taking a vote? What's our chant for at the race tracks going to be? Vettel, Vettel, you're a petal!! Seb, Seb, you drive like Deb!! Better, better, better by far, Kimi is better by far!! Where do we pay our membership subs? Into your account, yeah? Guess that is simples for us...
  15. Top Five Drivers In Your Opinion

    Top Five (in alphabetical order) Fernando Alonso Craig Baird Dario Franchitti Lewis Hamilton Sebastian Vettel Four names you will know, and one you will not....Bairdo is the 2nd most winning active driver in the world today (only beaten out by Donny Schatz whom races in little circles aka Outlaws (Sprint Cars for the rest of the speedway world)), and given the right car he can down trou any driver out there. His win total is 184. Mike the Schu...a measely 112. Some idolised guy from Brasil, killed in '94...90 wins. Some French dude with a funny nose...83 wins. So, in terms of answering the question "who could be if he were in the right car", then Bairdo is on my list. FYI go to driverdb.com for all the stats and figures
  16. Top Five Drivers In Your Opinion

    That's six...ya cheat :P
  17. History has been made, and there is a new man to watch out for in the 2014 Formula One Preview Guides. That man? Why, me, of course!! Took my first win yesterday, and I'd just like to thank those that spun off the track, aqua planing and/or applying too much throttle off the corners to allow yours truly to showcase my immense talent in the rain, by staying on track, and taking the win. It wouldn't have happened in the dry, but, to finish first, first you must finish!! Still, I would have preferred to finish third in my previous race. Took a flyer at the start, P8 to P3 by the first corner, could have been P2 but I gave Gerald room rather than lock our wheels. Then on the last corner into lap five of eight, it was I whom over stretched on a damp circuit and got on the power too much out of the sweeper and around she went; though fighting the spin and almost catching it, alas I soon was facing the wrong way and sliding towards the grass before continuing my 360-deg sojourn, ending up fully on the grass and no engine noise, damnit! Foot was on the clutch, and I had changed down into first as I was turning, but alas a little slow on the clutch so the engine stalled. Hit the starter button, right foot on the floor, engine fired just as there was a blur of cars in the corner of my eye, dropped the clutch and lit up the rears and back onto the track, but alas, back in P8... Ah well. Better luck next time they say. Though I think it was my old man thinking I was getting too big for my boots, and enacting a little revenge on me for showing the sequence of him spinning the Cooper in the same spot at his funeral last week. Strange the thoughts that go through your head as you spin at 120km/h....
  18. I'll Take That Victory, Thanks!!

    I didn't win no cake (yes I know it's a double negative...sue me ) That's Dave...he has a real nice PRS Formula Ford, and it's pretty fast too....he won the other two races this past weekend.
  19. I'll Take That Victory, Thanks!!

    It was a chocolate cake, and it is in the shape of a wheel and tyre as our sponsor is Avon. Twas my design. Next year it's going to be a helmet, and as the winner is normally known about a race out, then it will be done in their helmet design / colours etc
  20. I'll Take That Victory, Thanks!!

    Oh and there are no cups...just cake...
  21. I'll Take That Victory, Thanks!!

    Alas it was only a Minor Series Championship race, which means you get points equal to your finishing place, so I got....1 point. Had I finished tenth then I would have gotten 10 points, and thus be higher up the table. We have two championships you see....one, over eight rounds where you get points for every race, starting with 140 points for first place, and then the total race points are added up, and you get a weekend placing position, and get your championship points based off that. It's all very complex, and I think I've got it all worked out and know how it works. Which is just as well, since I made up the system being that I run the division And the other series is more for those at the back and midfield for a chance to claim some fame, and the front runners become also rans. You get points for improving your times over the weekend, or bettering a lap time for the track, or points taken off if you DNF or don't make the lap time. It's even more confusing, but not as confusing as it used to be when you had points deducted for spins, or wheels falling off and stuff like that. Thankfully Mr Microsoft made Excel....
  22. Today In F1

    Oh no...not a Kimi-fanboy, defending his actions over and over and over again....the evidence is all there!! He's a raving lunatic that needs to be restrained at all drivers briefings for ever and ever and ever!! It's always you fan boys that can never see this!!! Next you'll be trying to tell us that Michael Schumacher won seven titles.... FFS Senna
  23. Today In F1

    That Kimi is such an angry man and the person that removed the icecream from his gob needs to be shot and icecream duly reinserted in Kimi's mouth so as he can never speak during briefing ever again!!!! FFS Senna !!!!
  24. Mad World Of Motorsport

    I'd say it was James May or Jeremy Clarkson that did it...