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  1. Webber will go balls out now, and not give two hoots about Seb. That, has to be a positive.
  2. Still, he'd do it better than you with one hand tied behind his back....
  3. I do love how's vote on who will win this weekends race has Inoue as firm favourite hehehe
  4. FYI Shane van Gisbergen won race three of the V8 Yes, that wet stuff is still in Melbourne
  5. Oh and I'd just like to add a boo-hoo to eveyone that is a little sad that they had to get up early and didn't see any action and are complainging about decent times to run F1 on their television. Let me just go rummage around for the worlds smallest violin....
  6. Likely still raining today. There has been a cyclone off the coast of Aussie that even we here in NZ are getting remnants of.
  7. Nope. This is it. If you can't win the first race, quit. I'm sure that's what they learn you in school these days.
  8. It's not "hungry"'s "horny"
  9. It's too hard to think, and you don't need the fastest car to win a race.
  10. Oh but the eightes were thirty years ago...and Honda small block engines are the bee's knees now...not so much then....although that said the engine in my 86 Prelude went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went and went... Sadly the same could not be said for the super sticky Michelins that were on it when I bought it. They lasted six months, but boy oh boy, did that car go around 35kph corners at 100kph or what? Vrrrrrrrooooooommmmmm!!! They essentially wouldn't be a year behind, as if the rumours are true, they are already testing. They will have a year on the sidelines, yes, but that is a year to iron out the bugs where no-one can see the failures, and then they hit 2015 with a strong and reliable unit, plus their homologation will be a year later than the rest, and as such, be able to take the time to extract more power and torque from areas that the rest won't be able to as they get blueprinted and stuck as is. And at the end of the day, there have been several engines over the years that just came out firing on all cylinders from day one; the Cosworth double four valve being the most well known in that regard. And then McLaren today is vastly different to McLaren in the mid-80's too. It's no longer just a race team. They are car manufacturers. They are one of the most technically astute teams in F1. If you were going to pick a team to match up with, you'd aim for them first, and it looks as though this is what Honda has done. Of course, you are also basing your argument on the fact that everyone else's engines are going to be good, great, or better. Who is to say that the other engines will not be pudding next year? The Renault might be useless...or the Mercedes...or the Ferrari (I'm thinking most likely them). Then it will be them catching up.... Anyways, proof will, as always, be in the pudding.
  11. Ferrari will live without supplying six engines a race. They get more than the engine sales in special F1 funds anyways.
  12. I get letters from "lawayers" on almost a daily basis delivered to my email inbox proclaiming me the benificiary of some dead long lost cousin, or offering a share of profits from a financial transaction. I hit delete. So bring it! I have a nicely labeled DEL key for you and your lawayer
  13. Ooohh...sounds a bit risky. Maybe they meant 10 minutes before the race..?
  14. In a little under a week the hills will be alive with the sound of music Melbourne residents will be complaining about the noise of the Formula 1 cars. Well boo bloody boo hoo to them, I say. Instead of moaning and groaning they should go and attend the race; it's the cheapest ticketed venue of them all. And if they don't want to do that, then maybe they should take themselves and their sheila off to Tasmania. And stay there. So a quick recap on last years race, and some comments for this years. 1/ HRT only just made it. Heres hoping for a vast improvement from them this year. 2/ Grosjean crashed. Heres hoping he won't this year. (Like hoping will change anything...) 3/ Kimi looked good in his first race back. Now it's not (his first). So this means he has to win. 4/ McLaren was fast last year, book ending the podium with Jense in 1st and Lewis in third. Some German kid was second. I have a funny feeling the podium is likely to be the same. But then again, no feeling I have ever had has turned out to be true, except, that one band camp... 5/ Apparantly the Ferrari was a dog last year, and no one expected them to finish anywhere near the points. Apparantly the car is 200 times better this year (on good authority from one Mr F Alonso. Not sure who he is, but he sounded authorative - he has a "Mr" infront of his name). This would then mean that by the time the rest finish on Sunday, the Ferrari cars will be crossing the line in Canada. 6/ Last year, tyres played a large part...well, they fell apart. Expect the same this year, with all the cars falling off a cliff at lap 50. I've been to Melbourne and I never saw a cliff. So either someone in the commentary box is lying, or I missed a rather large geological feature at Albert Park. So, lets get excited people!! Sutil is back!!
  15. Aww gee, sure does beat coverage here in Kiwiland. We only get FP1, FP2, FP3, Qually and the Race, and all live too. Oh, no wait. I stuffed that up didn't I? Sure are benefits living in a land of 4-million...
  16. There's no defending your Gary :P
  17. Wish we got coverage of Brendan Hartly coming from 28th to first (and then crashing) at Texas. He's pretty good in them there prototypical vehicles. And looks like young Richie Stanaway is going to race in the fifth Aston Martin at Le Mans (they've moved the car into the Pro class). So not only has he secured a Porshce SuperCup ride, but also looks likely a Le Mans seat too. Not bad for a kid that damn near broke his back last year.
  18. If you build it, they will come.... If Honda is there, then other teams will want Honda. They have a track record in F1 Turbo engines. Force India would certainly go for Honda (remember that they have Merc's by virtue of McLaren). And likely Caterham. That's my bet. And, I don't think Honda would need all that time to be honest. As Eric rightly pointed out, they already have two turbo engines out there racing. There is enoug cross-over, and we are talking about McLaren whom just so happen to have a few Mules aka P1 cars to test engines in rather, er, swiftly.
  19. Ain't no thang. (Well, y'all tell I'm white...)
  20. The bible:
  21. So, you've been beaten by a page? Crikey....that must be demoralising
  22. Prost's kid is pretty good. Though I'm more keen to see young Sainz make it.
  23. Nope. He's patting his doggy woggy, Roscoe
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