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  1. Hi,

    I'm a big F1 fan, watched every race since 1995 season and some odd ones before that. Decided at the end of last year I was done with the sport and went off to watch the bikes of motogp instead. Four races in and I was missing my fix like hell so I'm back to watching F1 again.

    You can see by my avatar who I am a fan of no doubt. Look forward to getting to know you all and chatting about the racing smile.png

    Mitch Evans? Daniel Riccardo? Jerome Ambrosioyoyo? Mark Webber? Kimi Raikkonen when he rallies? Scott Speed?

    Nup...I don't think anyonme around here will guess :P

    Judging by your first few posts you know your stuff, so enjoy the site...we're all thick Richard Craniums, so it will be nice having someone smart around here...lordy knows its been hard with Andres, the balding one, with the most smarts...

  2. Hi James, welcome on board.

    Don't be too scared to post...we all know everything and nothing, and you'll find that no one picks on anyone. And even though we have moderators, we don't really do all that much...we just like our names to be in blue so we can feel speshial :D:P

    Do you have a favourite team? Where are you from in the big round world? (or is it flat....I can never remember...)


  3. Thanks eveyrone for the nice welcome and dont worry steph i wont put any embarrising photos of u as a kid. Mikey does look like u though he has ur eyes and big smile.

    I look forwards to debaiting with u all and Quiet One ur right its a great bunch :) night all. Gray.

    Just what we need...another mass debater....


  4. Welcome to both of you!

    I have a feeling Ikyrotz is a very interesting man; you can usually tell by someone's posts per day. The lower it is, the more interesting they are. :P

    Haha yeah, you're so right...hang on....wait a minute, wait a tricked me again didn't you....bollocks.

  5. I finally found this place. I am a F1 fan since 1977 and have no one that can understand my passion for the sport. People in this area try to compare NASCAR to F1 and it makes my skin crawl. Nothing wrong with NASCAR if that is your cup of tea, but my cup only gets filled with the cutting edge in technology that is F1. I spent the 70's and 80's building and crewing on a variety of cars from FV, FF, small sedans to Trans Am and NASCAR where I burned out and didn't even watch races for 2 years. I am a Lewis Hamilton fan currently

    Gid'day mate, and welcome to the asylum :D

    Look forward to some great posts from you...always good to have someone around that knows a bit or two about racey cars! What FFords did you crew on? My Dad and I race Lola T340's....what were you into? Zink;s? Crossles? VD's?

  6. We "rae" the best?

    Don't you mean we "ear" the best.

    I just wish some people would learn to spell around here so that we can keep up our high standards.

    Sheesh.....can't even spell "ear"...I am ashamed and embarrassed for the both of us, and, quite frankly, for the forum population in general.

  7. Welcome Shani. No one attacks anyone here unless they or you are a fan of any of the below:













    Di Grassi




    De la Rosa







    Red Bull







    Toro ROsso




    Force India

    However, if you like Sutil, then you will fit in even better as we are all gay for him, as he is such a happy, gay driver we all look up to and want to be when we grow up.

  8. Hi everyone!

    I'm Milly and I've been an F1 fan since the mid nineties. I'm looking for some good-natured f1 chat and a bit of banter and this seemed like a good place :)

    Hi Milly. This is a good place. All other places have been spawned by the devil, and henceforth are not good places. If you don't believe me ask Eric...he knows of a really really not nice place :unsure:

  9. Hello Erico. My name is neither Eric or Erico, though people call me Erica alot :P I don't know why, my name starts with a "C" :huh:

    Hello Magus. Watch out for the Lewis haters, miserable lot they are :angry:

    Welcome aboard. Please note our community rules:

    1. Please start a topic on topic.

    2. After two posts change topic.

    3. Repeat step two until you are completely dizzy.

  10. Firstly, what's a hip boot?

    Secondly, who told you about my sheep?

    Support Macca, of course, being Kiwi and all...had Bruce survived, Ferrari would have about a million championships less than they have now... :P

    As for drivers, I support Lewis and Nico, and that Vettel fella is quite the driver too. Used to like Freddy, but he went down a few notches after this year...heres hoping PK Jnr gives him a good run for the moolah...

    Been watching these cars on the idiot box since PK Snr was tearing it up, and now, all these years later, finally going to a race live at Melbourne! Yay!

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