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  1. Ban the BAN MARK WEBBER guy.....

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    2. JHS


      BAN MARK WEBBER!!!!!!!11111 Cuz Tom Chilton iz da best go team AON and frod lol lol lol and tom onslow cole 2 they r the best drivers ever! Dey shud have Tom Boardman nxt yr 2 go Toms!!!!!1111


    3. Eric


      @JHS WAT IS F1 DO THAY HASA A LTO OF CRERHEASHES? do etery reace at daYton B? TOM chlitlont shud go to f1 in 2011 and ber erpelace w/ TOM SAWYER LOL no Jacinne Playdough he sux call txt me

    4. JHS


      I dunno but I hear tht mybe nxt year team AON will enter F1 with their NGTC Frod Focucses and beat every1 and NASCOR too and become drivving champion of everyfing in da world and did u no tht he's the new stig too, lol, he told me over facebook hahahahaha lol I <3 team ON and Tom Chilten!

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