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  1. Next y'all be saying that George Dubya flew the planes into the towers, Lee Harvey Oswald was watching a movie when JFK was shot, man never walked on the moon, crop circles are made by aliens that have Chinese looking symbol shaped thrusters on their spacecraft, and that Colonel Mustard did it in the lounge with the candlestick.


  2. Went to the Tasman Revival at Pukekohe Raceway yesterday to watch the historics racing...some beautiful maintained old-timers there....one of the largest ever Formula Junior fields in the world since the '50's - over 35 entrants in Brabhams, Lotus', Elva's, Coopers...so much power from little 1000cc powerplants.

    Also there were the "Historics" which is basically all the cars that aren't Formula Junior, F5000 or Formula Libre, so there were classis Formula Fords (look so much nicer than today's breed of FF), Formula Atlantics and the like. Lots of March's. Lola's, FFords, and one hell fast Ralt RT1 - final race was handicap and they gave him a 2min 20sec handicap in a 7-lap race.....took him two laps to get back onto lead lap, then by race end he was in 5th, pipped from 3rd by too short a front straight.

    But we were all there to see the F5000's - the 5-litre formula that used to have McLarens, McRaes, Beggs, Talons, Lola's, and other marques racing in. (Bruce McLaren made two "true" McLaren F5000's then sold the manufacturing rights to Trojan to manufacture the rest). F5000 was setup as a 5-litre formula for those not able to afford F1, but it ended up costing just as much as F1 in the end due to the amount of work being done on the development.

    Here is some footage of last seasons F5000 race at Puke....this field was only half the size of that yesterday....damn these cars sound and look nice :)


  3. Just for the record, Alonso used to be my number one driver until last season. And it wasn't because of some Ron Dennis / Lewis Hamilton plot against him that I no longer think of him as my number one. He acted like a prat - yes he is 2x WDC, but that does not give him the right to act as if he is the second coming. He is still one hell of a race car driver, but when you look at the facts, there were no teams clamouring to snatch him up into a race seat for 2008. Even the Renault deal would have been painful, and very obvious a driver swap by Briatore.

    Here's to the new season, and some fantastic racing in store for us...the fans.

    And yes....a goldfish once won a race....his name was Jenson Button :P:P :P :P :P :P :P :P:P



  4. Its not that bad of an eyesore to look at but in the top picture it is understeering quite badly.

    So with that being the case, and with Honda's biggest problem last season being understeer, it looks like another battling season for Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello, in car Number 16 and 17 Respectively.

    How do you tell it is understeering from a still photo?

  5. Alonso is not commenting because he has no media chasing him and asking the same dumb questions, because ALonso is yesterday's news. He has dropped so many notches in so many peoples eyes, it's not funny. Everyone knows that the Renault will again not be competitive enough for him to challenge for a championship, let alone some race wins, whether or not he brings his half second he carries up his bottom. If I was Alonso, I'd be VERY afraid of a certain second generation Brazillian driver sitting in the team briefing next to him.

    Lewis is a fantastic race car driver - you just have to watch some of the GP2 races he had, and with a certain second generation Brazillian driver that Alonso will be crapping his boxers about.

    To say that Alonso was the only person helping him set up the car last year is obviously coming from the mouth of people that do not understand F1. The TEAM has huge amounts of data for every single race track, and the good teams could put a trained goldfish on the front row of the grid if they had to. Alonso was in a new car he had hardly driven, so any input from him would have been severely watered down as to be negligent. They were fairly even going into it, and Lewis, whether you like it or not, is simply a better driver than Alonso.

    Will he continue to break records? Of course. Will he beat Schumi? Well, with long term deals with McLaren he has every opportunity by being in a top team for so long. Time will tell if he is as good as Senna, or Prost, or Schumi....instead of bagging the guy, just be glad you are watching the rise of possibly the best driver of his generation.

    Alonso could very easily not have had a drive this year, and frankly, who the hell would have cared?

  6. F1 Current - Lewis, Nico

    F1 Past - Piquet, Prost, McLaren

    V8 Supercars - Greg Murphy, Shane Van Gisbergen (s##t team but great young driver)

    Mountainbiking - John Tomac (the man), Tinker Juarez (the hair), Thomas Frischknecht (the god)

    Pro Cycling - Cadel Evans, Lance Armstrong, Alberto Contador

    NRL - Stacey Jones, Wade McKinnon, Steve Price

    Rugby Union - Jason Eaton (the mountain man), Frank Bunce, Joe Rokkococo

    Tiddlywinks - Me :P

  7. Giants to win 31 to 28...yes...missed field goal by the Pats, and then it will be perfect-season-what?

    But then the Pats have got Welker and Moss.....

    Maybe 31 - 28 to the Pats then...

    No...wait.....31 - 28 Giants...

    Ah farck it....they'll be some hooping and some hollering and some rubbing of the pig skin...oo er....

  8. I think it will be the (ahem) dark horse of the year....I don't think BMW will be as good as they hope this year, and with RBR and Renault more than likely to stay about the same as last season, Williams are primed for third in the WDC, and the car looks the part.

  9. It looks like the Harvey postlewhaite still-born Honda from years back....and the lap times seem to confirm as much.

    Maybe the livery was inspired by a Japanese snow storm or something?

    One has to wonder, for such a huge manufacturer, that had such successful engines in the 80's, why they can't design something better...a damn Robosapian would probably go faster....

    Brawn San has lots to do.....no saki for him....

  10. Bruce McLaren first discovered how good a hole in the bonnet was testing an M7 canam car when the fuel filler cap came off at speed. After getting back to the pits they replaced the cap but left the hole in the bonnet, only to have Bruce return and enlarge the hole as it was allowing the air that was travelling under the car to escape rather than lift the car and thus reduce downforce over the front axle.

    This idea is not new, but it does work - certainly on bigger cars. The question would be does it add enough extra downforce on a narrow nose of an F1 car? For high downforce tracks like Monaco it may help keep the nose going in the right direction.

    I'd say Colin Chapman was onto a better idea having the hole in the main body of the car as there is more lift being generated there, but with the advances of aero and computational fluid analysis the engineers have these days, they'd more than likely make it work better than Chapman ever did. His idea was probably more miss than hit. That and it was in a more neutral area of the car - you need the most amount of downforce over or near as damn it to the axles...not under the drivers bottom...

  11. Firstly, what's a hip boot?

    Secondly, who told you about my sheep?

    Support Macca, of course, being Kiwi and all...had Bruce survived, Ferrari would have about a million championships less than they have now... :P

    As for drivers, I support Lewis and Nico, and that Vettel fella is quite the driver too. Used to like Freddy, but he went down a few notches after this year...heres hoping PK Jnr gives him a good run for the moolah...

    Been watching these cars on the idiot box since PK Snr was tearing it up, and now, all these years later, finally going to a race live at Melbourne! Yay!