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  1. So it's more beneficial not to make it into Q3, becuase you get an extra pair of softs for the race over those that make it into Q3. Scrub them in in Q2 by doing one flyer, then you have a spanking new set for the race, and a three lap old set on hand too, which is no different to how the tyres were for the top ten drivers last year (except they didn't have another set of green tyres).


  2. Well for starters he is a rookie, he came accross to me as a veteran making a statement about a fellow driver he has come across numerous times. He should have respect for any driver in this category he is stepping into, after a bit of experience under his belt, then statements like this would be a bit more acceptable.

    So he's never watched the tele then? Never read an Autosport or a Motorsport? Hmmmm....eusa_think.gif

  3. Yeah well true, Ericsson would have to bring money, he already sounds like an idiot, saying that Pastor has a reputation of taking people out and he will stay out of his way, shouldn't be much of an issue where the Caterham is running.

    Where's the idiocy in that statement? Maldonaldo does has his fair share of "racing incidents" (of which he seems to never admit to being his fault, something Nigel Roebuck has said). I too would be trying to stay out of the way, especially as the Marussia is "likely" to be lapped by the Maldy-one, and he hasn't shown too much patience in the past in terms of trying to overtake.

  4. Well, if you are looking for historic miscarriages of justice with racing, you need look no further than here:


    At 3 mins 20 seconds in you can clearly see how the driver turns in and causes an accident... I demand an investigation!

    (actual race footage, true story!) smile.png

    Where was the FIA on that, aye? Shocking I tell you! A travesty of justice!! Next you'll be telling me the men wore skirts too!!!

  5. Did you know Jack's grandson Sam Brabham is on the motorsport ladder too? Stepped up to cars from karts last year. Came 4th in the 2013 british formula ford championship.

    I was actually surprised to see Jack Brabham is still alive, cos you never really hear from him. Mind you he is 87 now. The oldest surviving f1 race-winner (thanks wikipedia!)

    Shame to see Josh Hill (Damon's son) gave up racing last year, it wasn't for him.

    Saw some of Josh's races when he came here to do the Toyota Race Series last season (or was it the one before? Been working too hard, missed too much of life...haha). He was capable, but was not close to (or looked like getting close to) the guys up the front. A couple of them have made it to F Ren3.5 etc since. Perhaps for him it was a case of too young, too early. Perhaps we'll see him back in something when he is a bit older.

  6. Mario and Michael Andretti?

    The Magnussens.

    The Nakajimas.

    Good feedback...wasn't going to mention Jan and Kev-mate yet, since Kev-mate hasn't done diddly yet to be allowed to say he is good, bad, or indifferent.


    Mario and Michael: An amazing driver, could drive anything, and was a very personable and well like fellow, and he triumphed in more than one category of racing, and in F1, in more than one team. Mick, on the other hand, thought he could just fly over every race weekend, get in the car, and drive having expected the team to have set the car up for him. Wasn't helped by the crappy engines McLaren had at the time, but his whole work ethic sucked, and trying to live on the other side of the Atlantic was never going to work in the early 90's. Pappy managed it, because back then, you raced every weekend, in pretty much anything you could get you hands on. Mario the Great, Michael the Small.

    The Nakijima's: Can't say I can say much off the top of my head for these two likely sushi conniseurs (like me tongue.png ). Daddy, Satoru drove the lovely Camel Lotus'. The Camel Lotus was the first car I ever really paid attention to in Formula One. I think up until that stage, F1 was only highlights on TV in NZ bundled together at the end of the month (though not far off getting full race coverage which started in 1990), and fit around the All Blacks trouncing the Wallabies in the Bledisloe Cup. Up till then, I was more interested in going to watch Formula Pacifics race around Pukekohe than being an avid follower of F1 (wasn't too much to follow, obviously). Junior, otherwise known as Kazuki, made a go of it with Williams. That's about all I can remember of him, as he was that influential on the racing. Final scores, Senior amassed 16 points (when points were very hard to get), and had a single fastest lap. Junior scored 9 points, when points were much easier to get, and didn't get any fastest laps (or anywhere near if we are being honest).

  7. I have to applaud Ferrari for their genius nose design for 2014. The car is so damn ugly, that people will refuse to look at it and won't notice how poorly it is performing. It will save Ferrari countless hours having to make up excuses to the public and crying for relief from the FIA rules committee.

    Haha...those sneaky Italians with a cunning plan...

    Welcome to the forum by the way.

  8. Of second gen drivers, Nico is still missing that WDC thing...

    Graham and Damon Hill; both WDC

    Gilles and Jacques Newtown; should have won in 76 (??), got damn close anyways, and rebel junior clinched it (got damn close to losing it - some sort of symmetry there with Pop's)

    Keke and Nico Rosberg; smoker, moustachioed and drove round Pukekohe raceway like a demon in a Ralt Atlantic, went on to win the WDC. Junior, whilst I rate highly doesn't seem to have that certain edge as Pappy had.

    What other Dad and Son combo's were there?

    Ralf was Michaels son wasn't he???

  9. Well, suddenly he has a car that appears to be mid-field'ish, if it even finishes. However, in saying that, one can not excuse the fact that RBR will turn the car around, and this is just the first week of testing with brand new cars with a whole new design philo...phee...filofos....idea as the starting point. The cooling aspect would be the first to-do for Newey and co, and frankly, the easiest to address.

    Renault, however, have a few more issues, and if these are not resolved, then it is going to be a long season for anyone with French horses behind their heads, not just Seb.

    We do not know if the chassis, suspension, and aero is up to snuff on the car, as frankly, they just haven't done any laps yet, thanks mostly to those damn Frenchies. What we do know, is that Newey is the man you'd want right at this juncture; he is the best there ever has been in F1, and probably no other designer will emulate him again (they simply don't have the same grounding as Adrian had as he moved up through the ranks of motorsport).

    At Leyton House he designed a car that at the start of the season (think from memory it was their second season), that didn't perform as expected. But come mid-season, they were challenging at the front again (will have to find the Motorsport interview again to go over some of the details) becuase Adrian figured it out. And on a next to nothing budget too.

    So, Seb will get a good car. Eventually. And that "eventually" will depend lagely on Renault, and not the car I feel.

    Seb (and Danny Bhouy) will need to be patient. And that is about it, for I have a good feeling the chassis itself is not the issue.

    Seb can't lose. His image won't be bent out of line in the slightest. If the car remains a dog, Renault will get the blame for the most part, and what can a driver do if the engine keeps breaking? If Renault sort the engine, and the chassis isn't half bad, then Seb stands an equal chance of winning the title alongside Hammy, Kimi, Alonso, Nico, and Jenson (not keen on thinking Kev-mate can be consistent enough to warrant him staying in touch with their Jense). I do beleive though, engine failures taken out of the equation, that Danny-Bhouy will have a hard time of hanging onto Seb's coat tails when they both finish a race.