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  1. 2005 was Buttons turn

    All up, the 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010, 2011 word champions have binned it there. That is not to mention the others:

    Rubens, Trulli, Maldonaldo, Montoya, Koybayashi, Gerhard Berger, Christian Albers, David Coulthard and Ralfy boy too.

    Of course Lewis and Kimi have their own thing going on in Canada when exiting pitlanes....

  2. I was thinking...I know Vettel crashed against the wall last year, and I think Jenson crashed too but I don't recall any cashes there by Nando, Lewis or Kimi (the other champions present)


    They may not all be champions but....

    1988 it was Derek Warwick

    1997 and 1999, JV tagged it

  3. Expecting good things from McLaren. Their car seems to be able to conserve tyres well, a small fact that escapes a lot of notice especially since the car is slow by their own standards and general consensus. Fingers crossed that this race will display the side of Perez that mainly Jean-Pierre and I see in him to all of you.

    If the tyre wear is as bad as forecasted, that is.

    Don't count me in with the riff-raff thankyou....

  4. Grosjean, becuase he is ahead of Perez in points. Therefore he is "badder", because "badder" is slang for very good or great, and in this instance Grosjeans points are greater than Perez's so therefore Grosjean wins the "badder" stakes.

    Of course, the badder one of them all is Lewis; but is it because he is black or has a bulldog with him at some races? Or is it the dog called Roscoe that makes him the baddest driver in F1?

    If someone would like to pose "who is the worse driver between Grosjean and Perez", well, then we have something to debate.

  5. laugh.png

    You know I was joking!

    But I am in fact looking for an explanation from someone who knows about this stuff and that would be you.

    And before you thank me for these kind words, remember that I still consider myself a liar tongue.png

    Ahh....but was I telling the truth when I thanked you? eusa_think.gif

  6. Are they important? wink.png

    I'm wondering, from a competition standpoint, how much of a difference engine supplier makes. It seems to me that Ferrari, Renault, and Mercedes are hardly different in performance, while Cosworth might be worse (but only just, as the teams going Cosworth to Renault didn't gain much).

    Williams will move to Mercedes in 2014, and that's probably more of a cost thing than anything. Perhaps, being year one of a new formula, engines will play a bigger role.

    Just curious as to what differences, perceived or real, you see among the different suppliers. Be as technical or as basic as you want to.

    Every engine has it's own personality as it were. Some engines will have a small peak operating area, and others a broad one. The broader the peak the easier it is to drive the engine.

    For example, a Ford Kent Crossflow has an operating band of around 5000-6500rpm. This makes it an easy engine to drive, and is one of the reasons it has been the backbone engine for forty years in Formula Ford. Then you take a Ford Cosworth MAE, and it's operating band is 9000-9500rpm - a very small window and one that makes it very hard to stay on the cam. A driver will always prefer a broad a peak as possible.

    Other differences in engines of course is the weight, but more importantly, where that weight is - the center of mass. You might remember going back a few years and Renault had a very wide V angle in the V10 - this was to lower the center of mass, because obviously, the wider the angle, the lower the top of the pistons will be. Many manufacutrers have tried various piston angles, from flat (Subaru Boxer being possibly the most successful), to H16's of BRM; a very complicated double stacking of pistons, to W16 variants which is where pistons on the crank are cencentrically offset, to inline 4's and 6's where the "V" is basically closed in the vertical plane, and V variants of differing angular piston displacement.

    Every manufacturer has it's idea of the "sweet spot", but it can be anywhere from 60-120 degrees (120 being flatter, and thus with a lower CoG). Renault, from memory, were running 110-112-degs, but the high revs made the harmonics go out the window, and the angle was closed back towards 90 degrees.

    So each engine gives the designer pro's and con's. And from this a different car will emerge, from wheelbase, size of body work, ride heights, etc etc.

    Then this is also not mentioning how thirsty one engine might be over the other to generate equal horse power (horsepower being a (complicated) calculation of engine speed, air flow, and fuel delivery). But sometimes, horsepower can be sacrificed for better torque (and therefore acceleration), and thus improve efficiency. Teams will not know what they really have until they can physically test the cars; computers and dyno charts can only get you so far; there has been many an engine over the years look good on paper, but be impossible to drive (power coming on all at once etc).

    Will we have engines breaking next year towards the end of the races? Probably not. The reason - today's testing of engines is so far more advanced than what it was in the 1990's (the last time engines would blow up), and astronomically advanced in comparison to the 1980's (the last time turbo's were the engine of choice until banned in 1989).

  7. I haven't read it, but most F1 reporters are idiots. Only guys like Nigel Roebuck, James Alan, and a few other select journo's should ever be treated as telling the gospel.

    I don't care what was written in that article, because, whilst a clumsy attempt, I had no problem with him having a go.

  8. Eric, since you're the one with all the time on your hands to work out statistical nonsense, can you work out what the points that Hamilton and Nico would both have, had Ross Brawn not been an idiot and let Nico pass Lewis back in Malaysia? Cheers, little ears.

    As for Perez..yeah, dumb move on Kimi, but at least he was trying. As someone once said "you can tidy up speed, but you can't speed up tidy". This is waht Macca see's in him, and he will come good in time, I feel.

    As for Martin Whitmarsh..it's not him that designs the car, determines the weight balances etc etc...he's just the head on the pratt perch that is there to take the flak. Would you tell Frank Williams and Patrick Head to leave WIlliams? No.

    And Sean, old matey...whats the buzz on the GP2 drivers amongst the F1 people? Who are they watching? Two podiums for Mitch on a track he's never been on before, and Colletti seems a good racer too. Frijns seems good as well, though not such a good weekend for him this weekend. Grosjean out, Valsecchi in?

  9. 1. If you could do any job in F1 except beng a driver, what would you choose and why?

    So I can't be a truck driver, either? Well, then...I choose to be the grid-girl co-ordinator...cars? pfft...spunky grid girls..wub.png

    2. What did you have for your breakfast today?

    Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, on a croisant with avocado slices and a dollop of relish

    3. What is your all time favourite film?


    4. What is the last music you bought?

    What is music? What is "bought"?

    5. Have you ever been arrested?


    6. What is your worst habit?

    I am not a nun, ergo, I have no habits.

    7. Name your favourite Pizza topping.

    First a favourite film, and now a favorite pizza topping? What's with all this ranking stuff...the important thing is to participate...it doesn't matter who wins, you know.

    8. What (if any) pets do you have?

    Black lab named Skecher.

    9. How do you take your coffee?

    Coffee?? Ewww. Vomit.

    10. What is your favourite alcoholic drink?

    Not had alcohol since I was 16...23 long years ago...

  10. The bike races are good, especially this year with Marquez. Just a shame about Stoner. I'm always surprised that people who follow F1 don't follow MotoGP, it seems so natural to follow both. I didn't know the BBC were losing the rights to MotoGP, that's a shame. Streams it will have to be.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Because motorbikes don't have wings, George!

  11. Well, the tires will still change to eliminate the rear tire failures. The FIA won't let changes go beyond those needed for safety, however. It's unclear what that actually means, and Pirelli still insist on making the changes as large as the FIA will allow. So, not quite racing on just yet.


    Personally, I can't wait to just run the race in Monaco and have two hours to not have to think about this situation. The pretty girls are a nice distraction.

    There...fixed it.