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  1. Firstly, what's a hip boot? Secondly, who told you about my sheep? Support Macca, of course, being Kiwi and all...had Bruce survived, Ferrari would have about a million championships less than they have now... As for drivers, I support Lewis and Nico, and that Vettel fella is quite the driver too. Used to like Freddy, but he went down a few notches after this year...heres hoping PK Jnr gives him a good run for the moolah... Been watching these cars on the idiot box since PK Snr was tearing it up, and now, all these years later, finally going to a race live at Melbourne! Yay!
  2. Hello everyone...howzit? Bumped into this forum the other week - hope I didn't spill anyones drinks.... From lil ol Kiwiland, New Zealand - so g'day!
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