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  1. My F1 2010 game is on its way yay!

  2. Eric's location is Karun Chandhok and his interests are Karun Chandhok too. Eric; you're so gay.

  3. The banker from deal or no deal said i was foxy!

  4. does not recommend dehydration as an experience worth having.

  5. can't wait to be shown a time! California rocks, Brucie baby!

  6. by 1-2 months I was really just rounding 5 days up.

  7. it's bad when a spambot is tied for today's most active poster.

  8. can't wait till September 24th!

  9. can't wait till September 24th!

  10. Thanks for dropping!

  11. somebody make a new thread

  12. can't wait till September 24th!

  13. went to work on his bike this morning... feels FIT! VIBRANT! ALIVE!!!. Shame about the sweaty nuts and sore crotch.

  14. beginning that 12-page economics paper.

  15. beginning that 12-page economics paper.

  16. Has been laying awake all night. Insomnia please release me and let me dream.

  17. True or false; Kevin Bacon's brother is called Liverun?

  18. has officially become a true American teenager: I've driven a 20-year-old POS Buick.

  19. just LOLed so hard at the last comment Jay left on her last status. I can't seem to add comments.

  20. Thinks Craig is attempting TF1's first ever ouija there anybody there....

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