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  1. 2017 Indy 500

    Who cares? Just because a current F1 driver is involved does not make it any more relevant to this site. If the site subject is now so tenuous - I look forward to updates on Golf, Triathlons and celebrity soccer matches! We actually have the most interesting F1 season for many a year, yet all I ever read is how much every loves or hates a driver for a low to mid table team. No wonder you can hear the tumbleweed around here. OaO
  2. Teammate War - Who's Winning ?

    Nico just does not have the bottle, balls - call it what you will. On average Lewis betters him 2 - 3 races to 1 over a season. The margin of victory is not as important as the number of victories. Nico will win again, but that will be followed by 2 or 3 Lewis wins.
  3. Redbull In Serious Trouble.

    RBR only ever care about selling god awful fizzy drinks. F1 is just one of many vehicles (pardon the pun) for that. They won 4 titles with an "underpowered" power unit, so they can cope. This seems like a total exit strategy badly managed, the fizzy drink king does not want to pay any more and is looking for a get out of jail card. The proposed sale to VW is on ice now due to fact that VW software may now declare their F1 cars as1 litre diesel! Just the same as the cancer stick makers that used to own what is now merc. As soon as a product pusher does not see the value - they move on. F1 has survived countless teams leaving - and it will survive without RBR,
  4. Where Will Ricciardo Be In 2016?

    He'll stay put, this is just about getting more cash. End of!
  5. I'm Starting To Like Hamilton

    It will all be OK in the end. .... if it's not OK, then it's not the end!
  6. Bahrain Gp Predictions

    The actual answer is NOTHING! Seeing as Ferrari couldn't wait to get rid of him before they produced that car! A more potent question is - Who knows what Hamilton could do in that car?
  7. Could Lewis Be Of The Maranello?

    It's a win - win situation for Hammy. Merc want to retain him and Ferrari have not dismissed the rumours ( and the present Ferrari regime seems more transparent than previous). I'm sure he'll wait until the European season to see where all the teams stand, then he can pick and choose. If he stays with Merc , he'll still get loads of cash and a shot at another title. Should he go to Ferrari, he will get more cash, slightly less chance of titles - but the possibility of being a champ with THREE different constructors may well appeal to his ego. I would love to have his problems!
  8. Ferrari's Restructure Done The Trick.

    This entire thread shows just how irrelevant this F1 forum has become. The same boring few eejots turn each and every pots into Alonso and/or Kimi bashing. No wonder we've lost so many decent contributors over the last couple of years. We've just had one the the most unexpected results in a few years, yet it has hardly been acknowledged. Pretty soon the remaining members around here can hold their Christmas party in a phone box. Not every comment requires a response from the same peeps all the time. There is a big difference between "post-count" and "posts that count". I'm off to find some vodka!
  9. Official - Alonso Will Not Race In Melbourne

    The fact that Alonso is not in Australia speaks volumes. Surely his presence would still be desired by the team and sponsors. He's either much more ill than we think, in which case he's not racing any time soon. Or, he just doesn't fancy that car , in which case he may walk. RD cannot change, he's always been a devious guy. But that is all so 70's now
  10. For Those Who Think Fernando Is Average Relevant! It's 2015 not 2005.
  11. What About Mansell?

    I think Nigel was the last F! champ not to come from the usual crop of "wealthy relatives, famous surname or early corporate sponsorship" . He slugged his way to the top. in truth, I feel he enjoyed the climb, rather than the view. So no need for legacy. He made it, and that was enough for him.
  12. Your Top 5 F1 Drivers Of All Time.

    Here's mine and why (to me at least) 1. Senna - (Best outright racer) 2. Mika - (Simply the fastest when it all went well) 3. Schumi - (Best all round package) 4. Stewart - (first driver to care about safety) 5. Fangio - (all you can do is beat those around you, and he easily did) This is not my list of best drivers, just favs.
  13. Official - Alonso Will Not Race In Melbourne

    Perhaps Alonso will enjoy being away from that death-trap of a car for a little longer. He must be wondering if he needs all this crap. The season's not even started yet, and Ron his back to the dark arts of PR mismanagement. Get well soon Alonso.
  14. Did Vettel Pull Off A Masterstroke????

    The Ferrari certainly looks like it handles quite well, and that's a good start. It's always easier to refine a good car than rebuild a bad one. Neither Kimi or Vettel seem to be wrestling the car. I wonder what Alonso is thinking?
  15. The "real" Fernando

    I think Alonso admires Lewis more for having the courage to jump ship when he did and not hang around until it was too late. While Alonso may bang on about his love for Ferrari (yawn), Lewis was a complete product of Mclaren, so telling them that they were not good enough for his ambitions, actually took some balls. I still find it hard to understand how a driver of Alonso's abilities has found himself in a cul-de-sac at this point in his career.