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  1. Sebastian Vettel

    I would have to say with the new rules taking affect this coming season , new "areo" and other such rule changes , we will have to see how everyone makes out in the 09 season before making predictions about the 2010 season . With Honda giving up the 08 season to work on the 09 car they just may be the team to beat in 09 ?
  2. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    After watching the GP2 race this should be an interesting one and starting the race behind the safety car should make things that much more interesting .
  3. Oh Happy Day!!!!

    Yes that is what I had meant , Oui Vay !!!!!!
  4. 2008 Italian Gran Prix Thread

    Ron Dennis was "qouted" as saying if theres no rain tomorrow STR will not be as good because of the amount of down force they had during Qualifying in the rain , sounds like sour grapes but we will find out tomorrow .
  5. Oh Happy Day!!!!

    Alonso will be heading to "Spiker" ????????
  6. Live Timing

    PC thats funny why on earth wood anyone own a PC when there are Apples in this world .
  7. Silverstone

    I bought tickets for both the 06 & 07 Indy races and they were the same price as the other , all three day for 150 bucks tho I will say buying from the track I was able to talk with someone who worked at the track and got better seats then if I had gone through the F1 site but if price is the issue they were both priced the same . Try giving the track a call on the phone you may have better luck that way .
  8. Alonso- Ferrari Or Bmw?

    Hmmmmm it seems as though the F1 government is kinda like the US government , always telling lie's and confusing the issues with things that don't really matter so while we are looking the other way they can go about their secret project without to much attention being paid , take this KERS and new areo stuff , while we fight and argue they are pushing what isn't a money saving thing but , rather making the cars more of a spec series then ever before . Think about what has happen with Silverstone and all the other great tracks who have fallen victim to Bernie but , if you create enough diversions everyone will forget the really important stuff .
  9. What Will They Find ???

    Having just read , Ferrari has to give up Massa's winning engine from the Spa race for technical inspection , I wonder what they'll find ? One does have to think how Ferrari feels having to run a McLaren/Microsoft engine management system , or another team for that matter .
  10. Start Your Engines...

    Silly study having grown up during the Muscle car era , every guy knows a hot car with loud pipes is a chick magnet , vroom vroom and the girls dig the sound and feel of power and being a "bad boy" doesn't hurt either .
  11. I was joking about the nascar points system , having been a fan of that car racing I never really understood how they scored points but , a point for getting P1 and fastest lap sound like a good idea . I use "Been" a fan of nascar , up until the mid 90's , its gone in a direction I don' like and the car of tomorrow is something F1 should stay very far from .
  12. The Actual Incident Between Lewis And Kimi

    OKOK theres two laps left you just had to cut a corner short (for whatever reason) and you are ahead of the race leader talk about gettin a rush , you mash the accelerator and then your team comes on the radio let him pass so you take control of you right foot and let him by , being a competitor LH wanted to win as does everyone else on the track .
  13. Why not adopt the NASCAR points system which by all accounts is more cornfusing then and F1 pit stop , well at least its cornfusing to nascar fans , so many people over the wall how in the hell do they jack the car why is there 3 guys to a tyre , and that fuel hose , anyway you get the idea but , beyond most winners starting from pole what more incentive do the others have , and having the fastest lap added nothing to the overall race but add a point or two .
  14. F1 Fans To Boycott Monza

    Sorry but this next race should be a dany with all the drama from the week before , the action should be heated , now if there and official drivers UNION and they had called a "Strike" or a "Boycott" then as a long standing union member I would have no choice but to switch channels but , since there is none of that business going on , I and my sweetie are looking forward to Monza . That rat b#####d Bernie took the USA off the calendar so to get our F1 fix we gotta watch the Tellie . We don't agree with the stewards call but that isn't something we as fans can change , we as fans shouldn't dictate the out come of a race after the fact and neither should the race stewards and the stewards are under the control of bigger bosses who should come down from their throne and take back the sport we all love and admire . As a Ferrari fan I think it was wrong and the race should stand as it had ended or they could declare Kimi the winner and really make some waves .
  15. Is Vettel The Real Deal?

    Vettle may or may not be the real deal but , why move from a team who's engine seems to be working better then the one their sister team runs .
  16. Belgium Gp - Spa-francorchamps

    In as much as I wanted to see Phil win , I can not believe the stewards gave out such a penalty , it is an unfair judgement !!!!1 To be honest at the start it looked as tho the team had traded cars without the knowledge of the drivers , Phil's car was working so much better yesterday and then Kimi takes off like he was in Phil's car .
  17. Spa!

    Phil Massa has been on a tear , tho one bad engine and he wood be number one in the points .
  18. A Little Taste

    From the pix shown it looks as tho the "Zero" keel will be lost and Indy cars are coming to F1 .
  19. Cost Of Going To An F1 Event

    Went to see the last GP race in the USA and the cost for tickets was 300 bucks for two seats at the top of the Penthouse grandstand , our backs were to walkway behind us and no big heads in the front , tho we had to sit with people form every nation represented in the race , it was a blast !!!!!!1 , well except the hillbillies from WV who were drunk . Seems the USA race was one of the few affordable races , maybe why Tony George lost so much money . One question what if it rains , will driving lights be required , driving at night is a PITA and add to that rain , these guys will be earning all the cash they get .
  20. Mclaren Conspiracy

    Add to that I just read that the German powered Brit car has 25 more ponies then the rest of the field .
  21. Beijing Olympics 2008

    Funny thing happened at a job site , a friend whom I've known for a long time and had helped when he was an apprentice when he first started in the trade , anyway the gang he was in won a team award for "safety" and the contractor set up a group photo , so he thought it would make for a funny picture if he pulled down his zipper in his over alls and stuck his thumb out the opening , now when the woman who took the pic developed the pic she saw what he had done , needless to say he was fired for sexual harassment .
  22. K E R

    OKOK how does KERS help the teams save money ?
  23. F1 Careers

    YA know its good to read that the "apprentice" is still in used on the other side of the pond , here in the States its not like it used to be ,of course we aren't as "blue collar" as we used to be , I myself served and apprenticeship to become a Boilermaker , 4 good yrs working with some very knowledgeable guys and learning a trade , with that said , how much welding do they us in F1 cars these days , I have training in lots of welding methods , tho it sounds of bragging am a dman good stick welder , as evidence having passed my most recent Xray test , 14 skins were used to Xray the vessel I had worked on and was told that it was the cleanest Xray all the inspectors had seen in a very long time , of course would they even want a 52 yr old guy on their team and American to boot , tho being of English decent . Anyway back to the OP , do what this Dribbler guy said bang on doors and look for any schools near by that work with the different shops but , the biggest is get known , make sure people know who you are and that will open many more doors than a sheep skin .
  24. Honda's Bad Years

    Seems most forget what happen in 2006 , Alonso won the WDC for the second time and bolted from his team to a new one when he wasn't treated the way he should have been he threw a hissy fit the whole season , he took his big bucks and went back to where he won two titles only to find out that in the year he was gone the team took a big s##te in car development has the driver before him and former team mate wasn't that good at car appraisal , now he is being 1 million more the Hamilton and anything he can get that is just alittle better then Hamilton with the exception of a car to beat him on the track with , now its a well know fact or at least its in the papers and on the internet he is unhappy with his current team with whom he had won two titles with and wants to move to greener or redder pastures . If any team picks him up it will only bring the team down , they will have to expend every effort and more time on him and less on the rest of the team in hope's that maybe just maybe he will get his winning ways back but if not for some engine and car trouble he would not have either title to bargain with , Ferrari would have both those titles and he would be a better driver for it , as it stands he is more trouble than his worth . His talent is clouded by his ego , its unable to come to the surface because his ego wants all the attention . You can not compare him to Schumacher because he is no where near that level Schummie had when he was driving . MS didn't leave his team when things didn't always go his way , he drove harder as proof the 2006 season , he kept fighting till the end just like Kimi did last year , tank da gawds Alonsos big head got in the way so Kimi could take the title . I say pair him up with his EX team mate at Force India and let the chips fall where they may , well not the fish & chips .
  25. Trio Back Introduction Of Kers

    Can someone please splain how adding KERS to the car next year is cost cutting ?????? All the money and resources the teams had to expend on this new system would have been better served on the team and cars then exploring this so called "Green" technology . And while we're at it why does racing have to be "Green" , hello what about noise pollution maybe they should add mufflers as well . Maybe they should build the cars from "recycled" carbon fiber , use retread tyres , there are many ways to go "green" adding more parts does not help save cost . All this "green" stuff makes me sick kinda like the Indy cars running Ethanol , taking food and making it into racing fuel is not what we need , maybe a "Fuel cell" car would be better , nah stick with high test gasoline .