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  1. Back To The 60's

    Ahhhhh the good ole days , not having to wear a condom while driving drunk and speeding , dman dems was da good ole days !!!!!1 On a side note being born in 1956 my time during the 60's were fun but , the 70's OMFG what a great decade !!1
  2. Here in this great nation of ours people are all to willing to gave up everything for peace of mind , they would rather call the cops then settle something , let the government handle it so that their purty hands don't have to get dirty , no one here wants to be a ditch digger , America was built on strong backs but , them backs have gotten weak and less sure of themselves , now they look to a black man with a Muslim name to make things right for them so the world will except them again as a great nation , that is pure BS , take action stop the madness , stand up for what is right and let the chips fall where they may , stop letting someone else do the dirty work , roll up your sleeves America . PS I am all about change , Obama is the right choice for the next leader of America I just feel people are to worried about how the world views us and not how we view ourselves !
  3. Alonso's Comments

    Youse guys are crazy you sound like a bunch of twits , tyres who the hell cares what tyres they use get over it , all the teams had plenty of time to figure out the tyres its not Ferraris fault they had them before some other teams , give me a figgin break all that money all that know how and the tyres are the problem , I say they got soft using launch control and ABS and any other drivers aid and some are slower then other to catch up . I say they go back to a clutch and shift lever and but , stick with the 2.4 liter engine rules with the exception any 2.4 liter can be used , up to 8 cylinders . let them have their AREO and what not , and stop bytchin about s##te that if your a good driver you can over come a few weak links and drive the car 10 10ths . By the By Bridgestone used to make some really slick tyres for highway use, the S0-3's , great tyres in the summer months and in the wet , none better well that I had used, well maybe the Hankook RS-2's , they are schweet in the street . Its snot the tyres its up to the driver to use the equipment he has at his disposal , you really think different tyres would get Sutil into Q3
  4. Ah yes Homeland security gotta lover it , I love my country its that dman government I don't trust !!!!1
  5. Could This Be "it" ?

    Its only "cheating" if you get caught .
  6. Jimmy Buffet, Eat Your Heart Out!

    Ya know having a hawt sexy woman that close wood make a man smile all day , very nice .
  7. Speak You're Branes

    OKOK you came to America to escape all that , man did you come to the wrong place, better brush up on your E-bionics ....... LOL !
  8. Gtr Beaten!!!!

    I see "Vette's" all the time mostly old guys drivin them slow in the right lane on the highway and if its a rag top gawd for bid the top should be down , his white hair will get messed up along with his white haired woman sittin next to him , I've only met one guy who drove his ZO-6 the way it was meant to be driven and I have to say it was fast as hell but , he also had an SRT Neon which he drove in SCCA races . ANyway the vette is an American Icon , its fat low and only good in a straight line and a good way to compensate for the lack of a big penis if your not out drivin around in your huge SUV or pick-up truck .
  9. An American race date is whats missing from F1 !!!!!1
  10. Hmmm it was a dry sunny day the birds were singing the cars were roaring down the front straight at Indy on the friday morning practice , I watch as the cars leave pit lane and get excited seeing M. Schumacher heading out for some hot laps , he comes blastin by with that ever so schweet soundin Ferrari , as he enters turn one he's doing good , than along comes turn 2 , as he flies through the P gravel the car is shot , no more practice today . I have pix of him and his car on the flatbed as it rolls into pit lane . To be fair he did come back out for staurday qualify P1 and won the race on sunday .
  11. Cool Revetech Engine

    Last time I check for an internal combustion engine to work it needs a 14 to 1 air fuel mixture , so this engine uses 40% less air and fuel ? And is the rotating mass that much lower then say a rotary engine ?
  12. Massa Wdc For 2008

    Watch out folks Rubens is on a charge !!!!!!1
  13. Dope Testing

    Man I sure hope that wearin a "Breath right Stripe" is allowable , Massa has been wearing one almost every race . I guess it helps him breath better when he is yellin expletives about his car .
  14. Rip

    So in 2005 when Ralf Schumacher was left sitting in the middle of turn 13 at Indy , F1 safety is that much better , it took them minutes to get there , if you watch a nascar or Indy car race they are on the job in seconds , hell our local dirt track has better response then they did in 2005 . America is not lagging behind anyone they have different rules for their cars and racing . If you ask me if F1 doesn't watch out they will become "spec" racing as Indy cars have done .
  15. Motogp

    Anyone here planning on attending the US MotoGP at Indy this year , I was thinking of going but am still holding out hope for a return of a USGP .
  16. Hello mikethegreat I see your an SR-71 fan , if you do alittle research you'll see that they weren't called "blackbirds" well not the squadron on Okinawa but , rather Habu the snake with the deadly bite , we used to sit at the end of the runway at night and watch them take off , bestest AB section of any plane . Also you like the YF-23 as well to be honest as a former jet mechanic I thought it was a better choice then the YF-22 but being only a Phantom phixer what do I know .
  17. Australian G.p. Confirmed Till 2015

    Good for Australia glad they got a new contract , shame the same can't be said for Indy .
  18. Here's Some Interesting Numbers

    I'm not sure what it shows either but , as far as talent goes maybe a WRC driver would be more representative of a drivers skills then say , driving on a road in the summer .
  19. Pics Of U!

    Well I was gonna put a photo of myself here but , I only have nekkid pix of me and my sexy hawt girl friend and since this is public forum we thought better of postin any pix here .
  20. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    OKOK you want me in your mouth , sorry but I don't play on that team nothtattheresanythingwrongwiththat .
  21. The Offical Welcome Thread...

    Hiya folks new here and sayin hello , Hello !!!!1