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  1. The FIA has three changes they want to institute to help lower racing cost , I think that the common engine rule is a ploy so they can get the other two to pass and really aren't worried about the engine rule , they remove to common engine rule if the other two pass making it more palatable to the car builders and teams .

  2. OKOK Toyota made the same announcement and no one made this much fuss , I do agree the two top guys need to be toppled , now if all the teams would stand up and be counted then maybe changes would be made , but that doesn't seem to be the case .

    I say they have a rules freeze , that mite save a few bucks and or euro's turn back the clock to 2004 and let those rules ride for a few yrs , only when it comes to driver safety can a change be made but lets do a little forward thinking instead of a "knee-jerk" reaction to events that happen on the track when making rules to keep the drivers safe , if F1 is so smart why not use some intelligence when making rules .

    Of course Indy car isn't F1 but its looking better and better with all the new rules they keep coming up with , heck I hope they never come back to the states if they keep Fing up the cars .

  3. YA know whenever we watch the podium ceremony and Lewis and Phil are on together we get the feeling that they would make great team mates , and during the interview after you can really see that they both enjoy racing each other without the animosity that some drivers have for each other . We have been Massa fans since he came onborad with Ferrari , he has the fire that some others seem to lack .

  4. Back in the 70's during the fuel embargo CART added new rules limiting pit stops and fuel use during races , it helped spur new ways to run faster and use less fuel but , its racing not everyday folks driving to work or as we did when I was a kid go out for a sunday drive that had to stop because the price of gas out striped the wages of the time and then Jimmy Carter mandated 55mph speed limit all which helped save gas but , to have a sport or entertainment venue to increase MPG or LPK is alittel outta hand , look at IRL teams using Ethanol , thats like taking food and making it into fuel , does that make sense , no we need alternate fuels not raise the MPG of racing cars .

  5. Exactly right, if Felipe wins the WDC it's because Kimi and Lewis lost it.

    Well that wood make sense if they lost it Phil Massa who wood be the new WDC, I mean if both Lewis and Kimi won it then yes Massa wood not win it , or do you mean that LH & KR have given up and are no longer trying to win but rather letting Phil win , either way if Phil has the most points one wood have to say that he is the winner and the others will be the whinners .

    Remember kids second place is really the first loser .

    Maybe KR will set a new record for the most fastest laps in a single season .

  6. I got to watch that style live at Indy in 06 when he took himself and his team mate , oh yeah Kimi out at turn one and two , I do have to admit when he stepped out of the garage with his wife and child the crowd went nutz , OKOK the Columbians went crazy , it was a fun day sitting in that crowd that day .

  7. We met a young race car driver yesterday at an Mazda Atlantic race , he was the star of "Malcom in the Middle" Frank Muntis I think anyway he was a very open and talked with us as long as he could , had to get ready for his race anyway before we met him we watched as he took his Grandfather around the garage showing him his car , taking the time to show his grandpop what is important in his life and making him feel apart of it , Frank didn't win the race but his Grandpop was very excited and happy for that young man , always nice to see a young driver keeping his family as important as his other interest .

  8. I would have to say with the new rules taking affect this coming season , new "areo" and other such rule changes , we will have to see how everyone makes out in the 09 season before making predictions about the 2010 season . With Honda giving up the 08 season to work on the 09 car they just may be the team to beat in 09 ?