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  1. I think my mind about Uni may be close to decided. £25,000 debt after 2-3 years when a degree is no longer a sure fire route to a job? Maybe not. Thanks, Tories.

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    2. Eric


      For the 33rd, on a similar subject, I mailed my uni apps out today. How does that work in the U.K.? Do you mail apps to specific unis or do you just make a profile/form and the unis contact you? Here we mail direct to the unis we want to go to and then choose from the ones that accept. I only ask because I remember something about a UCAS being different...

    3. Eric


      Hey, that all fit!

      And now we have 34.

    4. JHS


      We create a profile/form and then the unis contact us. First you've got to get the form apst your head of year first before they send it off though, I jsut want to be rid of it now!

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