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  1. Really? Aww, how manly of you. Keep cussing, I'm enjoying it. To finally post something meaningful and on-topic to KoolMonkey's comment, I knew Kimi would never return to the sport and he would be a Hakkinen nr.2. He's lost every ambition he could hardly gather last year. In WRC, at least he's shouting more and doing something on the car.
  2. Ferrari To Sue If They Lose Points

    They'll most likely get away with it. Even if they get some sort of punishment, it will either be another fine or something money related.
  3. Who's going straight for the jugular now when you're making assumptions about my life and accusing me of not having motivation? I handled this thread with respect, and while I don't necessarily agree with KoolMonkey's comment, I chose to refrain myself from making his point seem ridiculous, while you did the exact opposite. That's when I chose to drop the sympathy, because I have a low a##hole tolerance and tend to notice a lack of respect when I see one. I actually have the balls to admit that it bothered me, instead of raising my ego and denying that I have any interest towards a random poster's attack, while at the same time replying to it, WHICH is exactly what you did. If I made any false assumptions about your life, my apologies, because I overthought your post (sarcasm). It's not your opinion that upset me, it's your direspect and attitude towards a member's point of view. Since you've reacted to it the way you did, it's safe to say that his opinion bothers you more than your post had bothered me. Since I don't have motivation, please be so kind to finish the dispute for me by making my comments seem inferior and bashing my words while making further assumptions about how I am, what I do and how I live. And please don't forget about the number of posts, because that amuses me. I wouldn't be surprised of a total silence either, because you're good at being irreverent. My last two cents.
  4. I apologize for having a personal life and not spending 24/7 on a forum in search of spending a good old fashion time arguing with ignorants who pollute threads like this. If you have a problem with this topic, take it somewhere else or at least post your opinion on the matter in a way that doesn't bash other people's views. I guess you're not familiar with the word "respect", so there's practically no point starting a discussion with you. Since you've mentioned it, keep looking for my posts/threads in the future, as I kindly invite you to pollute those too. You can wait long and well for replies from my side.
  5. Then you should depart real quickly, perhaps loosen up a bit and shove a blunt fork in your eye. The way I see it, this is a site for F1, about F1 and by F1 fans. Anything that's related to that is good to go and I see no reason why a dark horse should call it off and make his voice heard through bashings of a former driver. Whether he is or is not a hero, that's up to everyone to decide, but there's no point in generalizing something just because you have a different view from others. Go rip a Kimi poster or something and spare your revolutionary thoughts.
  6. I haven't gotten angry, it's just wrong how they diss him now over a few words. I don't want to go all fanboy-ish about it, because I'm cheering for Rosberg, but Kimi's done enough to prove himself. He's good now where he is and most of his fans should accept it. Thanks for the welcome btw.
  7. Obviously I`m new to this place but I`ve been following these boards for quite a while now, especially this thread. To start off: @cavallino: You definitely have posted one of the most idiotic comments on this page. Do us all a favour and get your sources right. You pick quotes from Seriously? Did they actually speak to Kimi face to face about what is good in F1 and what is not? Go head to the autosport interview, put on some really strong glasses and read through the lines. He says "there`s a lot less politics and bulls##t in WRC". Well, took that, formalized it, because OH MY ****IN GOD, it`s such a formal site and transformed it into what you quoted there. And the FIA doesn`t give a Sh#t less about WRC when it`s got its own problems with crashgate scandals and bans in Formula 1, which OBVIOUSLY have a lot of potential in attracting a lot of drivers now, don`t they? On how many occassions was Mosley present at a WRC stage? He didn`t want to get his suit dirty now did he? There`s no crashgate scandal or team principle ban in WRC. It`s not such a big deal and a huge dump of formality like Formula 1. That`s why Kimi chose to go rallying instead. And of course because Ferrari offered him money, bla bla so everyone is going to cry about that now and say he is greedy and only cares about the money. Well I`ve got a newsflash for you now: EVERY DRIVER IS IN F1 FOR THE MONEY besides those who actually pay to get the opportunity to race. You think that more experienced drivers will stay there for flowers and candy? They would pack their bags and rather go to Iraq, where there`s more peace and harmony than in F1. Regarding his attitude, McLaren was just fine with that. Ferrari had a huge problem here. Towards the end of the 2009 season when Kimi was scoring podiums and was appearantly the only one who could keep Ferrari in the top 5 of the constructors, Montezemolo praised him. He tried every way to put his tongue in Kimi`s a##. Then, when Alonso took his place, he changed his attitude and was talking Sh#t all of a sudden. How nice is that? How should Kimi react to those comments now? "Oh **** YOU thank you Luca for those kind words, I promise I will come back to F1, I`m going to run and hug all the reporters now and tell them about my return". He was, is and always will be straightforward and if people don`t like that...oh well, I can`t really say he gives a Sh#t. And I believe it is the right attitude in this category of racing. Formula 1 is not a world full of little girls running around under a rainbow and it`s always sunny. And I dare to think that Kimi has more clue than you about WRC and Formula 1. Seeing that he has done rallying before, has also raced in Formula 1 for 9 years now and has a "bit" of experience under his a## with wins, poles, fastest laps and a world championship, which everyone seemed to have forgotten long ago, I repeat: I REALLY think he has just a tiny bit more clue about these things than you. Before bashing drivers and putting your fingers on the keyboard try hard to think twice about what you`re about to type, ok?