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  1. Again... A Big Risk For A F1 Driver!

    -- the following videos of the Melbourne race (see the videos before FIA removes them) clearly show the big risks for Hulkenberg due to the Kobayashi's car that has flown atop his HEAD at over 200 kmh -- -- -- also this time everything went well and there was not another fatal accident like that happened to Surtees Jr. in 2009, but, it is worth risking the lives of the F1 drivers, since, the solution to increase the safety of their cars, could be so simple ? -- that's why I repeat, again and again, that ALL the Formula cars' teams, should adopt, as soon as possible, m idea of a SAFER roll-bar (perhaps, with a different design) that I've proposed over eight months ago -- --
  2. A Safer Roll-Bar For Formula Cars

    as I've already said, it's just a concept to show my idea, the real roll-bar could be different and I'm already thinking to other possible shapes .
  3. A Safer Roll-Bar For Formula Cars

    yes, it's not sure, but very probable that it would have stopped or slowed the spring .
  4. A Safer Roll-Bar For Formula Cars

    my goal isn't a "zero risk" (that's clearly impossible) but only to better protect the drivers' head so they CAN go back home at race end... I think that Senna and Surtees (both killed by something that hit their head) could approve my idea... if alive... .
  5. A Safer Roll-Bar For Formula Cars

    . my idea of a better and safer roll-bar may help save the driver's life to avoid accidents like those that have killed Henry Surtees, and injured Felipe Massa to avoid other accidents and deaths, I believe it should be added from 2010! in my opinion, all the people that want SAFER CARS should support this idea! of course, the drawing shows a BASIC concept to be made in BETTER ways .