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    carefully about it, loudly to the old man said: "The winning, and a motorcycle." Suddenly, the car has a stir. Can be a little while, Shorty seemed frustrated and says that he is working out a local account did not, two did not carry identity cards, three to the motorcycle can not afford even the oil are burned, this prize is the money Well. Everyone that said it. Silent a moment, the car just do not know how tall ears long, staggered came over to discuss with: "Since the motorcycle is harder, not cans low-priced line to sell me?" Shorty looked carefully up and down the tall, are not practical, some reluctantly. His mind to the old man sitting next to see through, kind of the old man earnestly to do a lot to enlighten, tall short man with this bargain up. Tall said, with only $ 1,500 more than afford. Shorty said too little, at least, was $ 2,000. Struggle to compete to go to each other. Just then, a middle-aged man staggered away over the same, very seriously, said: "fifteen hundred, to sell I Zeyang? Plus a watch, but I not?" Shorty shook aside Lang drum head general. Middle-aged man had no option but blushing back seat. Soon, an old man wearing glasses difficult to move inside out, he let the diminutive heart to say the dig, then the minimum amount of money. Shorty weigh, said: "Minimum eighteen hundred, curbing to prevent." nfl jerseys from chinaJia has been pregnant when eyes closed, and the jar of winning the event the transaction did not when the same thing, so he is definitely interested in the car mirror , sitting in front of the second row of the left eye wear sunglasses that wearing white girl was dressed the same good face. How to see how he was this beautiful girl some look familiar, like a dream seen in general, but where is seen a second dream, a moment to remember. Bargaining continues. Car drivers in the mirror smile of disdain, so obsessed with wistful when Jia Huai seemed to understand what he was winning the cans does not seem so authentic. Suddenly, Jia Huai so surprised when the scene appeared, dressed in a beautiful girl who suddenly stood up, she went to Shorty flickered around and solemnly asked: "seventeen hundred for sale? "Shorty was hesitant at first, after the old man by the side enlighten the wound and said:" If it was unfamiliar, in front of approaching stations, and only quit the expense of this thing. "so decisively to the black girl package withdrawals. Trading turnover is about seeing, suddenly, a big strong hand to seize the diminutive pair of pliers Side stretched over hand-pick money. Jia Huai face red Shorty said with a smile: "Brother, I had this jar, eighteen hundred how?" Short man with a beautiful girl looked at each other. Jia Huai When added: "However, I did not so much ready money now who, with us in front of Sioux City station and get off, go to my friend there to give you money right?" Shorty surprised a moment, see the back row has to stand the tall, sat down and immediately smiles and said: "OK, OK, but the little sister you can talk with others about yo." he finished, his face crimson girl training and preparation of a grimace. Girl looked with disdain about Jia Huai when, although Yibiaorencai see the young man, but the old wrinkled clothing, Mianyoucaise, snakeskin bird look very angry and immediately carried to a fit of anger to the price of one thousand nine, Having said and also money. Jia Huai when smiled, squeezing a red girl facial features, said: "I'm sorry, I had a two thousand of." Angry girl, pregnant as a hard stare Jia, wholesale nfl jerseyscontemptuously throwing one: "What the hell." Having said, angrily back seat. Shorty music, and see the girl away, whispered when Jia Huai, said: "get off in a hurry, if the body has eighteen hundred, let's sell it to you." Jia Huai when spoke slowly: " I'm sorry, who did not so much money, must get off to a friend there to take, two thousand to two thousand, to ensure that a lot of penny. "cars into the boundary of Sioux City, Jia Huai when the driver said loudly:" Master, trouble at the station you pause in front of the police station, where my friends work. "driver laughed, smiled again and again replied:" OK, ah. "diminutive one, look up and look dull, immediately behind the tall to wink. Car stopped in front of the police station in Sioux City. I do not know when, but also walked tall car door. The door opened, which the young people of high and one low hurried off, without waiting for Jia Huai and the crowd react when they swiftly vanished without a trace. Jia Huai immediately smiled when the driver said: "Master, thank you, let's go." The immediate scene, see a car people confused, so are all stunned to react, praised Jia Huai when. Jia Huai when just smiled. Other people down does not matter, but the girl who cheated almost startling endless, do not sit there and half do not rise to speak, ashamed aside, glanced from time to time with peripheral vision when Jia Huai. In order to prevent too embarrassed girl, Jia Huai red when she walked over with a smile said: "The right of the little sister, things have passed, do not think, and the money put away in the future it wants to be careful." Middle-aged and wearing glasses of the same old man in shock. The old man sitting next to sigh, he kept repeating: "I did not expect so many bad guys these days, stitched nfl jerseysbut it is also a lot of good people." Sioux City car to the bus station, get off more and more people, Jia sitting altogether when pregnant to empty the second row with the girl talking. Conversation that, the girl was Yan Jiao Wu, Ching Ming town neighboring townships, Qinzhou nursing school student, his father is the town's civil judicial assistant, working mother in the supply and marketing cooperatives. Jia Huai did not see at first when the university, that migrant workers into the city. Half an hour later, Yan Wu was in Qinzhou off. Red Hat to help the station move Yan Wu has some of the big black box, she was carrying a small bag, carrying the little password box, smiling and waving goodbye when Jia Huai. A short journey, the magic of fortune, so that the two young leave a good impression. 3 terror strange disease Morning, when out of breath carrying Jia Huai snakeskin Agriculture Jiashu three struggling to climb the fourth floor. Pressed the doorbell several times, are not responding. Just think of the opposite military, just listen to "squeak" sound, just open the door. Fat white woman with small eyes looked a bit when asked whom Jia Huai. Jia Huai When that bell to find a teacher. Plump woman said coldly: "sick, hospitalized many days." When he finished he turned would close its doors. Jia Huai wipe the edge when the edge of asking a woman: "Will the aunt, a teacher living bell Which hospital?" False brow wrinkled woman shook her head and said: "do not know." "Bang" slamming shut the door. Helpless, Jia Huai Kangshang again when heavy snakeskin had difficulty down the floor, and so came through the hostel, is exhausting toil. After a simple scrub, Jia Huai immediately to the college health clinic when he gave Bell the case of the teacher. When the doctor on duty told Jia Huai Zhong teacher mini-stroke, mouth crooked, and live in the First People's Hospital of Neurology. Jia Huai when wonder, cheap nfl jerseys before the holidays is also good, how sick it was sick it said. Jia Huai When hastened by the same quarters Wu Wenbin students on the bike, bought two bottles of canned loquat, hastily rushed to the bell tower is located near the First People's Hospital. Zhongguo Ren is the promotion of the organization in Jiangnan Nong College associate professor at the defense collapsed, and said the situation was very critical, also began to answer properly, can look after a while it becomes wrong child, first sweating, chest tightness, shortness of breath and then, Then there dizzy, tossing the hospital half a day, with great difficulty to stabilize. Made a number of checks were not found in great condition, two days after returning home in the hospital for observation. To the fourth night can suddenly feel uncomfortable, wake up at three o'clock at night and found the left ears of the Okanagan tendons do not know how to throbbing thump thump gust up, pull the entire head was buzzing bulging splitting. Finally coming to dawn, is preparing to go to college out-patient clinics, may reduce the symptoms seem to have a little, but not sleepy. So, simply fell down and sleep. May be several days, drowsy during the day, night, trance, not only failed to ease symptoms, but look more and more haggard, almost off the human form. That morning, Zhongguo Ren Sishuifeishui, who can find time to go to the farmers market Ai. An annoying "cicada" seems to always call and keep in mind, jerseys from china the endless ringing in the ears preventing Zhongguo Ren upset, he sat up heavy Qiaoliaoliangxia head with his fist, has been "creak" sound stop seems to have a little break. Can not lie down, and then lie down to this sooner or later to be only "cicada," arguing the mental illness to. He works slowly dressed, were top-heavy underground bed, the solution after complete hand wash. I do not know why, he felt a little strange, but just do not know where the blame, right, like around the mouth Wood, toothbrush stabbed to feel like nothing, not even drink cold water does not go down hard with great difficulty Yangqibozai into a little water, white toothpaste foam and cold water flow to the chest and down his neck, put wet clothes into a large area. Zhongguo Ren seeing, privately ask yourself, how is this, this is simply notthe ability of water year-old child. Even more incredible is that, when he face, the left eye closed how are water, tie painful death. Worse still to come, when to drink milk, usually flexible Zuiba stiff as iron, how to lose control, Yang milk poured into the neck, the white milk that actually flow from the mouth a sparse one place. This time, Zhongguo Ren panic, can not help out in a cold sweat, subconsciously felt wrong, he quickly ran to the first full-length mirror, not according to the do not know, according to surprised, usually somebody from a nerve, actually skewed down overnight Debu became wrinkled look. Terror, absolute terror. Zhongguo Ren suddenly scared to sit on the edge of the bed paralyzed, mouth kept repeating: "finished, over, finished it the next ..." Ai no other had to go home, Zhongguo Ren left a note, hastily rushed to the college clinic, and then go to the City First People's Hospital.