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  1. Abu Dubby Grand Prix

    No, because he's very slow in this moment. I think Felipe and "Ferrari" can't touch "McLaren" in this race. I want, and i think in this weekend we hear about Kimi come back in formula 1. Vettel can't win. If in really, i think this race win Jenson.
  2. 2012

    I think, you are agains Lewis, and "McLaren", so that is why, i say, maybe you are stupid, it's very funny, read your post, because in your post feel "antiHamilton" illness.
  3. 2012

    You are joking, or really stupid?
  4. 2012

    Very stupid for you. Yes, Lewis in this season not good, but you say what because he in the little war with Massa. Lewis was the great driver, and Lewis is very good dviver. In next year, i sure, Lewis don't lose for Jenson.