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  1. Mika and Coultard predetermined the outcome of a race based on a event in the race, that is called fixing, the race was not won by the faster driver as the result had been predetermined before the race was even run, in my book at least thats race fixing , i haven't made any accusations about anyone being racist i merely asked the question would Hamiliton get the stick he does if he was white, there is a comment on the Mika story featured on the GP main page that basically says its actually hamilton's fault he gets racist abuse online because he hangs out with rappers etc, another on the same article refers to him as "boy" taken within the context of racist over tones Sorry if this upsets folks, but there it is
  2. I wonder if this thread would have so much vitriol if the person in question was white and middle class as it seems double standards are being applied here, i can think of a few current drivers who have acted in a similar fashion yet get very little hatred thrown their way, as for Mika, coming from someone who fixed a race result with a alleged "gentlemens agreement" he is hardly in the position to comment on any drivers behaviour. No doubt my thoughts will upset some people but there is a old saying about caps fitting.
  3. I joined this forum for discussion , its not happening at the mo so i,m going to take a step back for a bit while you lot calm yourselves down, i think some are getting very close to saying some things that should,nt be said and i would rather not be around to see it, no offence to anyone in particular.
  4. Jeez cut the guy some slack, if he genuinely believes Nico did the dirty then i don't blame him i would be p**sed in his position, for what its worth nearly 50% on a poll on another forum think Nico cheated . I was lucky enough to meet the guy when he had a crap car at silverstone a few years ago with my cuz who has Downs, all i'll say was he was golden to my cuz and spent time he did,nt nessercerily have without being condescending and talking down to Russ. I judge on what i see not what the media tells me i see. For what its worth Saturday i was undecided but the more i look at the footage the more doubts i have about it being a mistake
  5. Unfortunately the web is a open playing field for those inclined that way, fortunately almost every person i have ever met is not like that, muppets in every walk of life
  6. Now now, no gloating please, its very unbecoming lol
  7. Well I have to say I am hugely disappointed with my fellow F1 fans to day, LH may be a muppet and this weekend has been disturbing for all fans to say the best but on a few of the other forums that are lightly moderated the term "N****R" has been extensivly used as it also has been on facebook. I have said I am not a particular fan off LH but racism is totally unacceptable. Big congrats to Marussia on getting their first points, delighted for them
  8. Sorry did I miss something, were folk actually expecting LH to jump up and down for joy and scream whoopy whoo, thanks Nico for screwing my qualy lol. I,m not a particular LH fan but for gods sake who in his postition would be jumping for joy. It a real pity tat Nico overcooked it, its also real pity he did,nt put his brain in gear an stay put so everyone else could have a fair shot at a decent lap
  9. I think they have set a precedent here, I doubt if Nico is dirty for something like this, however reversing back up the escape road was dangerous to say the least, I fully expected a reprimand or warning ,
  10. Yep, Nico under investigation, either way this is doing to rumble for a long time, I think the commentators on sky are the telling point, most seem to be convinced it was deliberate, the reversing back onto the track could be the clincher, that was just friggin stupid
  11. My my my , I think the proverbial is about to hit the fan, I would hate to think that Nico would be that dirty but he seems very smug and the concensus in the pit lane seems to be Nico did a Schumi
  12. Let RB suit themselves, at the end of the day it says more about their attitude to F1 than anything else, lets face it when Matschiwitz or whatever his name is thinks it won't sell any more of his teeth rotting obese making drinks he will walk away from F1 with no thought to the fans who have loyally supported his team and golden boy. Its a open secret from what I gather that RB will walk away if they have a prolonged period of failure,
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