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  1. So.... just joined.

    I'm from Sydney (with Italian background) and I'm an old fart like some others here.

    Clearly a fan of Dan Ricci and Ferrari.

    Sydney is a gigantic hole, Ricciardo is a talent-less loser and old farts aren't welcome..... is what SOME people will tell you. I on the other hand say I live in Sydney too and enjoy it, although I am a Kiwi (less and less now), Ricciardo is THE F&CKING MAN and Ferrari is ok, but I wouldnt want to be seen in their road cars for fear of looking like a w&nker.

    Welcome to the forum.

    Oh, watch out for WebRic. ALWAYS say you love Alonso cause if you dont he crashes the server with his long winded come backs, eh WebRic ;):P

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