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  1. On 4/8/2021 at 6:36 AM, blackpebel said:

    Aye.. Indeed.

    Yea, there was a time, after his firing from Mclaren, when he was my least favorite driver out there. I wasn’t to impressed with him trying to blackmail Ron Dennis (and I am no Ron Dennis fan). But, in the end all those impressive drives with underperforming cars got my attention. So yea, even if you are not an Alonso fan, you are an Alonso fan. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Sakae said:

    Date 2020.04.10   Time 7:53 (UTC)

    The thread has been moved from a racing section. Its purpose is, as the heading suggests, let you express on these pages what's on your mind (big thanks to Wes for allowing it).

    I have to thank everyone who has contributed in positive manner to earlier thread, and I have to apologies for not being able to transfer all posts. For the record, posts aren't deleted, just out of the way, so we stop adding to it. This was another thing, I could not "freeze it", but that's OK. We can carry on happily in here.

    I have to also thank to my partner Brad (a gentle fellow). 




    Just testing to see if this works:  http://@Sakae

    Not sure how you are linking people's names into the thread.


  3. Well, looks like the forum is back up. I am here to stay....I am not going back (even though I was a moderator there). I gather the same is true for Lyria/Angellica.

    The guy (Mark Karp) closed the forum there for months without warning and would not communicate with us. So......

    At least now we are able to tell the rest of the forum mates where we went to.

  4. Yes, I had a business website with a forum and I noticed that it starting dying off around 2007 or so. The same appears to have been the case later with, although it was with a lot more drama. I gather that this forum is not as active as it once was.

    I do have facebook, linkedin, twitter and a blog, mostly for business. I still prefer the community of a forum and have developed some real friends in the process.

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